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  1. Rainy Story (Part 1)


“Yawn…so sleepy…” Early in the morning, I rubbed the dark circles around my eyes and went into the classroom to lie on my desk to sleep.


“Hey! Get up, the teacher is coming!” The class monitor, seeing me, came over and warned me.


“Even if the world is ending, I still need to sleep…” I didn’t pay attention to the class monitor and continued to lie on my desk.


“You can’t do that, so quickly get up!” The class monitor grabbed my arm, trying to pull me up. The class monitor was so adorable, I just can’t bear it! But right now, no matter how moe you are, I can’t bother. As for why? That is because yesterday night, during the live stream, I discovered a game recommended by a fan on the top comment, so I had to play it. I had to live stream after school after all, and I had to have a basic understanding of the game or I might be trolled? In the end, I played without stopping. I didn’t realize it was time to get up until my alarm clock rang….


“Stare~” The class monitor stared me with a moe gaze and the whole class also looked at me. There was some envious, jealous, and even murderous looks… I hastily got up and the class monitor stepped back in fright, then saw that I had gotten up so she went back to her seat. Sigh… I originally was going to persist for a while longer but I felt my personal safety would be threatened if I didn’t follow what the class monitor said…


“Alright, everybody return to your seats, class is about to begin.” The class monitor had just returned to her seat as the chemistry teacher walked in.


“Today we’re going to go over some major principles…” The teacher in front of the classroom talked about the chemistry formula vividly. My classmates were seriously taking down notes. And I was currently playing chess with the God of Dreams.


“This question will be answered by Ling Yan.” The teacher wrote down a chemistry formula.


As I was about to checkmate him, I heard my name all of a sudden and I reflexively stood up.


“Ling Yan, come up and answer the formula.” The teacher pointed to the formula written in white chalk on the blackboard.


Eh…what is written….it didn’t make sense at all…I was okay in all subjects, but I was worst in chemistry, so Teacher I don’t understand what is written on the blackboard! In addition, I’ve been sleeping since the beginning of class! I was preparing myself to accept my punishment, and write the formula until I could remember it. As I prepared to sit down, Cheng Zixi beside me opened his mouth.


“The answer is H2O.”


Good brother! I didn’t treat you well for no reason!


I walked up to the blackboard and wrote down “H2O” for the answer. At first, I thought there was no problem and prepared to walk back but the teacher called out to me.


“Ling Yan, it seems like you have been listening half-heartedly? For this, come to my office after school and copy the formula a hundred times, you cannot leave until you finish!”


Fuck me! Cheng Zixi, you finished me, is there no basic trust between us! And I had thought we were good brothers!


I gave Cheng Zixi a cold look as I returned to my desk gloomily. And he was laughing, I really want to beat him up.


“I finished copying!” I took the notebook with a hundred formulas and brandished it into the sky towards the teacher.


“Good, not bad, you remember now right?” The teacher took my notebook to look and asked me.


“I remember,” I replied. I did just write it a hundred times, after all. If I still couldn’t remember, my IQ had probably been eaten away.


“Spsh…” The teacher had just let me go and a heavy rain poured down outside. Sigh…How could I have such bad luck…


“Raining? Ling Yan, did you bring an umbrella?” The teacher saw my depressed expression and already knew that I didn’t have an umbrella.




“I still have an umbrella here from when I forgot it a while ago, you can use it but bring it back tomorrow.” The teacher gestured towards an umbrella.


“Thank you,” I thanked the teacher. Usually, the teacher has a cold face, and I thought it would be difficult to get along, but it seems she’s still good to be worried about a student.


I kept the umbrella and exited the office to leave. As I walked towards the gate, I saw a familiar silhouette.


“Senior Sister?”  I called out to Senior Sister.


“Yes? Little Brother.”


“Senior Sister, why are you still here?”


“As you can see I don’t have an umbrella and am waiting for the rain to stop.”


“Is that so…I have an umbrella, how about leaving together? We go the same way anyway.”


“Alright! Thank you Little Brother!”


Wait, wait! Take back your thank you, please don’t come over! Men and women shouldn’t touch each other!


I pushed Senior Sister and opened up the umbrella. Due to Senior Sister being higher than I was, I had to lift it higher to not let it hit her. My wrist began to ache.


“Little Brother, why don’t I take the umbrella?” Senior Sister, seeing me struggle, took the umbrella.


“Okay.” I gave the umbrella to Senior Sister.


Just as we approached Senior Sister’s house, a car drove past us and water flew up towards me and Senior Sister. I stepped forward and all the water splashed on me. Although Senior Sister was fine without a drop of water on her, my whole body was drenched….


“These drivers just don’t know how to slow down!” Senior Sister complained, helping me wipe some water off.


“You’re drenched through, if you go home like this you’ll get a cold.” Senior Sister saw my drenched, bedraggled state and said.


“Don’t worry, I’m a guy, aren’t I? How could I be afraid of a cold?” I said dismissively.


“No, taking care of your health is not a laughing matter!” Senior Sister looked at me and said angrily. “Come into my house to take a bath, alright. Your house isn’t far, I can also let your clothes dry.”




Go into a girl’s house?! Who would’ve thought a loner like me would also have a day like this! What was Senior Sister’s house like? I’m looking forward to this a little….


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