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  1. Culture Festival (Part 1)


Our school’s culture festival was to commemorate the establishment of the school, so the school was in favor of it. The culture festival was like the Japanese culture festival. There were many shops that people from other schools could come and go to. Besides, there were all kinds of raffles, so the festival was very lively.


“Hey…Senior Sister…how long do you still want to walk around for…” Right now I was with Senior Li Xue, strolling and looking at the shops. Why are Senior Li Xue and I walking around together? Of course it’s because she had dragged me along…


“How much longer? You can’t take it,” Senior Sister looked at me in disdain.


“It’s been more than two hours… I met my limit a long time ago…” I powerlessly said. I’m a deadbeat who doesn’t leave his house, of course I would be exhausted after this long.


“It’s only been two hours! Then accompany me a little longer o(≧v≦)o” Senior Sister, seeing my half-dead appearance, directly killed me with a moe appearance.


So cute! This was breaking the rules! Senior Sister acting spoiled is too cute, it’s breaking the rules! No, I must protect this smile!


“Then alright, just a little bit!” I replied.


“Little Brother is the best!”


Ah… I’m dying….so moe….


The two of us strolled around and went to the raffle booth, wanting to try our luck…


“Congratulations to these two! You have won first prize!”




Seeing Senior Sister’s happy appearance while holding the jumbo-sized rabbit stuffed animal, I felt my heart almost hive out and melt from the moeness.


“Senior Sister, shouldn’t we go back to rehearse?” I asked. We had only rehearsed once this morning. Even though our members were ready, I still felt a little anxious.


“Don’t worry. We rehearsed this morning, and it already wasn’t necessary,” Senior Sister said. “Also, it’s the culture festival for the students to enjoy! If we rehearsed more, they wouldn’t be able to go around, such a waste.”


“That’s right.” I nodded. I hadn’t expected Senior Sister to take everybody into consideration.


“Now then, Little Brother, let’s go eat dinner!” Senior Sister suddenly turned to me and proposed.


“Eh? What time is it? We’re eating already?” I looked at Senior Sister quizzically.


“It’s not early, you take a look.” Senior Sister put her right hand with her watch out and pointed at it with her left hand.


“Indeed.” I saw the time on her watch. It was already half past 5. “Where are we going to eat?”


“There!” Senior Sister pointed to a Japanese restaurant that had been advertised. The shop had a sliding door and the inside was like a ramen shop, except there were more things to buy.


“Boss, Salmon Sushi!” Senior Sister yelled to the boss as they entered.


“Alright! A platter of salmon sushi!” The latter responded promptly and went to his kitchen to prepare the named food.


“What do you want? Little Brother?” Senior Sister asked me.


“I umm.. I’ll also have salmon sushi…” This was my first time having Japanese cuisine and I didn’t know what to pick, so I had the same as Senior Sister.


“One Salmon Sushi coming!” The boss shouted from the kitchen.


After a couple minutes, the sushi was here.


“Ah! It finally came, I was so hungry!” Senior Sister looked at the sushi like she had seen the light, very excited.


As I looked at the little pieces of rice wrapped in seaweed, I lost my appetite. Perhaps after having Chinese food after so long, I had become too accustomed to it. As  I picked up a piece of sushi and placed it in my mouth, a new taste attacked my taste buds. First, the taste of seaweed spread throughout my mouth, then the fragrant rice flooded my taste buds, and soon after the salmon and wasabi taste hit….!


Alright….this flavor was unendurable…I can’t say this is good, but how would I know….earlier I should’ve asked if there was any other food….but the money had already been paid and I couldn’t just waste it! I could only cry on the inside while eating!


“Little Brother, you don’t look so good? Is the sushi not good?” Senior Sister noticed my abnormality.


“Not to say that it’s not good, but I’m just not used to it…” I replied.


“No problem, eat more and you’ll get used to it.”


More? This expensive stuff is three days of instant noodles! I can’t afford to eat this!


After we ate, the school was a clamor. The crowd was filled with students and also other people who had come out to hang out. There were also, of course, middle school students coming out after being dismissed from school.


“Little Brother, it’s about time for us to start!” Senior Sister said.


Senior Sister said the evening was the most important part of the festival, we were also performing on stage. Looking at the time, it was about to begin. We went to go prepare.


“Ah, Senior Sister, we should go then!”


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