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  1. King’s Game


Today is the day before the culture festival. Every class was actively preparing for tomorrow’s events, the school was full of nervousness, and in the drama club…


“Ah! Little Brother, come over here for a hug!” I didn’t respond quickly enough and Senior Li Xue jumped onto my back, hugging me.


“Senior Sister, please don’t sneak attack me! Quickly get off me!” I hastily pushed Senior Sister off as she looked at me miserably.


“Little Brother, you’re too much…”


“Senior Sister, don’t tell me you don’t know men and women should keep their hands to themselves?”


“Hey! Looking at my cute adorable little brother, how could I even consider you a man.”




This was the current affairs of the drama club… because our leader didn’t have a brain, our members were also messing around….isn’t this the so-called injustice?


“Senior Sister, are we not practicing today?” I looked at the time. It was already half past three, but Senior Sister hadn’t started rehearsals.


“Tomorrow everybody will be nervous, so we’ll let everybody relax,” Senior Sister smiled and said. But when did she coming over and continue sticking onto me like glue!


“Then, can I go home early?” I pushed Senior Sister away again.


“Out of the question!” Senior Sister waved her pointer finger side to side, “It’s still class time. Even if I do let you go, the security guard won’t.”


“Eh….Then what can we do? It’s so boring….” I complained.


“Then how about we play a game?” Senior Sister said.


“Oh? What game?” I suddenly heard the word game, it might be a streamer’s occupational disease….but I will also agree to play this game at any cost…


“King’s game.”


“King’s game? We only have the two of us?”


“Zixi, Shiyue! Come over here!”


Senior Sister shouted out at Cheng Zixi and Qin Shiyue who were playing on their phones. Cheng Zixi, my bad friend, and Qin Shiyue, a member of the drama club, and also a black belly girl*.


[ED: *A “black belly” person is one that’s secretly evil/sly/manipulative, apparently.]


“The four of us play the King’s Game?” Senior Sister asked the two.

      “Alright, it was getting boring anyway,” the two of them answered.


“Great, we have people, let’s start.”


“Oh yeah! I’m the King! Number one, princess carry number three!” Senior Sister excitedly pointed at the three of us.


I looked at my number, and… was three…..who was one?


“Hey? I’m number one?” Cheng Zixi briefly noted. “Who’s number three?”


“Me…” I slowly raise my hand.


“Oh? So…Hey!” Cheng Zixi came over to me and scooped me up into a standard princess carry.


“Ah!!” Cheng Zixi’s motions made the members behind us to shriek. Senior Sister and Qin Shiyue were among them.


“Hey! Quickly put me down!” I struggled, embarrassed, in Cheng Zixi’s embrace.


“Okay, okay, okay,” Cheng Zixi agreed and put me back on the ground.


“Who knew that Chheng Zixi was so daring!” Senior Sister teased Cheng Zixi.

“Since it’s the rules of the game, you have to obey them or the game would get uninteresting,” Cheng Zixi scratched his head, embarrassed.


“Good, I think highly of you!”


“I will not fail to live up to the president’s expectations!”


For a split second, I felt like the two had reached a bad agreement…


“Who is king!”


“Finally, I’m king! Three and two kiss!” Qin Shiyue evilly laughed as she said it, her two-faced personality had come out….


Three? Wait, it can’t, let’s look….it can’t! How can I be three?! God, do you want to kill me!


“Well… I’m two, who is three?” Senior Sister turned red and asked weakly.




I didn’t reply but I dumbly raised my hand.


“Then let’s start!” Senior Sister said as she walked towards me. No way? My first kiss that I have preserved for sixteen years is going to be gone like this? Although I’m not really losing a lot since it’s a beautiful girl.


“This… Senior Sister… it’s just a game, you don’t need to take it so seriously..”


“No way! Like Cheng Zixi said, if you don’t follow the rules, the game won’t be interesting!”




Why was Cheng Zixi always such a busy body….


“Kiss, kiss!” The members behind us chanted.


I don’t know when, but Senior Sister’s face was already very close. I just wanted to push her away, then suddenly a soft sensation came from my lips…..hmmm….it tasted like strawberries….and was so comfortable…I want to continue…! When had she kissed me! This was my first kiss!


I promptly pushed Senior Sister away and tearfully looked at her: “My first kiss…”


“I don’t care, why would you care?” Senior Sister indifferently said. “And it was my first kiss too!”


“Is this okay..”


“It’s a game, so it doesn’t count!”


Twisting words to force logic? You steal somebody’s first kiss and don’t take responsibility, it made my heart hurt….


“It’s about time now.” Senior Sister looked at her black watch, “Who knew we played for so long…”


It was already half past five now, the four of us actually played for a long time.

“Everybody is now dismissed, everybody should go home and get ready for tomorrow!” Senior Sister announced.


“Okay!” Everybody responded.


Seeing the members so enthusiastic, I also looked forward to the festival tomorrow…


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