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  1. Why Do You Always Target Me?!


“Ah~” After class, I was weakly lying on my desk.


“What’s up? This morning you looked okay, without any problems?” Cheng Zixi, seeing me like this, asked me.


“That’s because of….” I weakly replied.


Yesterday evening, after sending Senior Sister home, I was naturally late for my live stream. This problem had already become a common occurrence. But because of how my fans had risen, there were obviously trolls too. Yesterday, when I was streaming, trolls were trolling and some fans also followed the heckling and requested me to extend the stream. I complied and was forced to wait until one o’clock to finish the stream…


“That’s why it’s like this…” I roughly told Cheng Zixi.


“Tsk tsk tsk, so evil…” Cheng Zixi sympathetically looked at me. “But I really want to see you in women’s clothing…hehe…” Finished speaking, he immediately had a vulgar face.


“Go to hell!” I cried out, sending my foot towards him.


“Sigh~, obviously when you smile it’s so cute….” Cheng Zixi dodged my kick and sighed. I saw him dodge and turn, adjusting his figure. Wasn’t he like a dog thrown a treat…


“Are you joking with me?”


“Of course not, I came to check if you’ve memorized your lines.”


“Why do you sound like Senior Sister? My problems are your problems?” I snappily said.


“Of course it’s my problem. The president is making me supervise you.” Cheng Zixi put away his irritating vulgar face and earnestly looked at me. “The real thing isn’t far from today and if you can’t remember your lines, it won’t go well for me either….” He finished and miserably looked at me.


Seeing his expression, I felt a sliver of pity. We were all friends, after all.


“The lines are not a problem,” I replied.


“That’s good…” Cheng Zixi relaxed. “Then let’s go to the cafeteria.”




In the bustling cafeteria, we stood in line for about ten minutes before we got our food. It was rush hour in the cafeteria and every table was full, so we had the problem of not knowing where to eat. Then I heard a familiar voice.


“Little Brother! Zixi! Over here, over here!” Senior Li Xue stood up and beckoned us towards an empty table to eat together.


“Thank you very much President. If it weren’t for you, we might’ve had to eat outside.” Cheng Zixi smiled and expressed his thanks.


“No problem, everybody’s friends.” Senior Sister replied, embarrassed. “You two better be familiar with your lines, you are the leading roles and cannot be negligent!”


“No problem, absolutely no problem!” I replied affirmatively.

Do you know how many sleepless nights it took to remember those lines? I would usually go home to stream at ten o’clock. After streaming, I would do homework and at twelve o’clock I now needed to remember the lines and was sleeping in class.


“How about you?” Senior Sister turned to Cheng Zixi and asked.


“Don’t worry President, absolutely no problem!”


“Good, no problems are good. Now it’s time to countdown. The culture festival is just around the corner, are you ready?”


“I know, I know.”


Of course I knew, if I didn’t, you would kill me…


“Good, did the suit yesterday fit?” Senior Sister asked Cheng Zixi.


“Then, this afternoon wear it during rehearsal.” Senior Sister finished and looked at me with an evil smile, “Little Brother, you also have to~”


“…” At that moment, I wanted to cry without tears. My face didn’t know what expression to show. ‘Fuck’ flew around my weak frail heart. Why do you always target me!


But that was not what x used….


[TL: No idea about the x, so I left it as the raws have it.]


“Okay, change your clothes in the utility room.” Cheng Zixi had already changed and was sitting across from me, looking at me with a vulgar face. Cheng Zixi was dressed in a western suit, making him look mature and handsome, but his vulgar expression betrayed his inner thoughts…


“Sigh…” I sighed. What comes will come, so I went into the small room.


After changing clothes, I looked at my delicate figure, spotless white skin, and the white lace dress in the mirror. It was fresh and adorable. It made people want to safeguard this little girl… ptooh ptooh ptooh! I’m a teenager! I walked out of the utility room nervously….


“How is it a boy, it’s so cute!” “It makes people want to commit a crime!” “Come, come over to Big Sis, I have candy, quickly come to Big Sis!”….


Why are you touching my clothes? What are you doing! I’m not a girl, why are you touching my body?! Men and women shouldn’t touch each other! A group of female hoodlums besieged me as I was powerless. Cheng Zixi was unexpectedly taking a picture! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t take advantage of the confusion! You better be careful I don’t break your phone!


“Everybody quiet down, quickly do your job!” Senior Sister finally said something… I don’t know how to defend my moral principles anymore, even though, after wearing women’s clothing, my moral principles had already dropped down very low.


“Ah! So tired!” After I finished rehearsing, I went to change my clothes and came back to lie on the table. The mental and physical exhaustion really wore me out. Now I don’t even have the strength to walk…


“Little Brother, you acted really well today! I hope you can do the same thing during the actual performance,” Senior Sister said to me from the podium.


“It isn’t even the actual performance yet and I already feel tired…”


“Don’t be so disheartened. If you wear women’s clothing for rehearsal, I’m sure the members will have ample enthusiasm!”


I listened to her sentence and felt a weird premonition….


“So, how about you wear the dress for rehearsal from now on?”


Knew it! I knew it!


“No way!” I refused.


Senior Sister showed an evil, smiling expression, “Hehe, this is out of your control~”




Why do you always target me?!


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