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  1. Why Am I Always Unlucky!


“Na, na! Little Brother, how about this?” Senior Li Xue held a white lace dress, looking at me with an excited expression.


“Pretty good…” I answered half-heartedly.


Sigh…didn’t you say you were coming to buy clothes for the club? Why are you picking out random clothes?


“How about you repeat those words, I feel like it’s so half-hearted…” Senior Sister muttered unhappily.


Senior Sister had a doll-like face and now it was pouting. It’s simply unexplainable! It really made people lose control!


“That is… Senior Sister, did you forget why we came here?” I asked tentatively.


“Of course I didn’t forget, do you think everybody’s like you?” Senior Sister looked at me.


I feel like Senior Sister is too fond of me…


“Hold this.” Senior Sister took the dress and threw it at me. I hurriedly went to catch it.


“Senior Sister?” I asked, question marks floating around in my head. I was unable to make sense of what was happening.


“Sigh…Aren’t you just stupid?” Senior Sister remained silent for a moment and then stated, “Of course it’s to wear! Aren’t you the female lead? Are you not coming?”


“Female…” I whispered and Senior Sister rolled her eyes at me.


“Don’t speak nonsense! Hurry and go!” Senior Sister pointed her finger at the fitting room and commanded me.


“This is unacceptable…”


“What’s unacceptable? Hurry and go, you’ll have to wear it either way.”




“What else? Don’t tell me you don’t want the leading role?”


Hey, hey, hey! Who was it at that time that made me this role?


Finally, Senior Sister forced me to grudgingly go into the fitting room.


Inside the fitting room, I looked at the white lace dress in confusion. How do I wear female clothes? While I was searching on Baidu, Senior Sister suddenly opened the curtain and came in.


[TL: Baidu is like the Chinese version of Google.]


“What are you doing? Why haven’t you tried on the clothes yet?”


“Eh…actually…I don’t know how to wear it…”


“So stupid! You can’t even put on clothes.”


I’m a guy! I don’t know how to wear a girl’s clothes!


“Looks like I need to help you, hehehe…” Senior Sister stared at me, revealing an evil smile. My body shook as I felt an unclear premonition…


“Ahhhh!!!” From the fitting room came a shriek.


“Wow! So cute!” Senior Sister stood in front of the fitting room, looking at me with two shimmering eyes.


Because I was unlikely to wear the dress, Senior Sister had come into the fitting room saying she was going to help me, and then she was pulling the dress onto me….

“I feel like I just lost something important…” I said, feeling grief.


“Ahh, you’ll have to wear it during the play so you’re just getting used to it earlier.” Senior Sister, seeing my dazed look, comforted me.


You say it so easily…if you were in my place, you would be the same. I wouldn’t throw my integrity away to wear women’s clothing!


“Hey! Don’t get distracted!” Senior Sister finished speaking and threw clothes of different colors at me. “Try these.”


“Why do I need to try them….”


“Try them out to see if they fit you!”




Clearly you’re leaving me no way out! But I can’t resist her, what is she becomes unhappy? Who knows if my little scandal will come out….


Therefore, I entered the fitting room…


“Finally done…” I finally sat down on the chairs outside the shopping mall.


After spending a very long, painful amount of time trying on clothes, I finally understood the female life form. Senior Sister kept having me try piece after piece of clothing, I don’t remember how many sets of clothing I wore this afternoon. Finally, we bought the first pure white lace dress…after I sat down to relax, Senior Sister came over with two cans of Coke.


“This is your reward for this afternoon.” Senior Sister gave a can of Coke to me.


“I was bustled this whole afternoon for a can of Coke?” I quietly grumbled to Senior Sister.


“Don’t push it! I wasn’t going to even give you a can of Coke!” Senior Sister pouted and turned away.


That movement was so moe! I want to hug you! No! What do I want! Wicked thoughts disappear…


“That being said, I still need to buy something. Senior Sister, are you going back?” I said. The thing I needed to buy was instant noodles, my dinner.


“Buy what?”




“That’s right, it’s about seven. Forget it, then this will be your reward for this afternoon,” said Senior Sister as she pulled my hand. “Let’s go, KFC. I’ll treat.”


“Long live, Senior Sister!”


I didn’t expect Senior Sister to be so generous! Then I will just respectfully accept!


At KFC, we each ordered a set meal and found a corner to sit in.


I didn’t expect to eat with a pretty girl instead of at home in my quiet house. It made me a little excited!


“Have you finished reading your lines?” Senior Sister said, destroying my delusions.


“Most of it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“Needless to say…there aren’t any problems?”


“No problem!”


“That’s good. Soon it will be the culture festival, you need to take rehearsal more seriously.”


“I know, I know.”


I impatiently replied. Was I not taking rehearsal seriously? But when I think about it, I didn’t know if I really was taking it seriously….


Because it was still early spring, the sky became dark relatively early. When we finished eating, the sky was already dark.


After exiting KFC, I said to Senior Sister, “Then I’ll go back first, goodbye!” After all, I still had a live stream. After that little event, my subscription count was many times bigger and I couldn’t be late too much now or they would be angry….


“Oh? Wait a minute, you’re just going to leave a girl in the dark to go back home alone?” Senior Sister suddenly called out to me.




“Take me home.”


Alright, I’ve lost to her….


We walked while chatting and we finally reached Senior Sister’s home. However, the world really was small….Senior Sister’s home was only a street away from mine…


“Little Brother, today was great!” Senior Sister, at the door of her house, said. “See you tomorrow! Bye-bye!”


“Bye-bye!” I responded.


Watching Senior Sister enter the door to her house, I looked at the wrapped-up dress in her hand and sighed. Today really was a hard day….


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