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“Why are we putting on makeup? Isn’t the culture festival several days from now?” I looked at the excited face of Senior Sister and asked her.


“Because the makeup artist had a little mishap and won’t be here at the culture festival. I have to put the makeup on.”




“So today I’m experimenting on you.”




Why do you always do this to me? I don’t remember when I offended you!


“Okay, don’t say anything else, go quickly!” Senior Sister used her president’s attitude and shouted at me. No, you can’t surrender to her tyrannical abuse, let me think…


“Wait, isn’t there a teacher? Aren’t there teachers that can do makeup?” A light bulb turned on over my head.


“Do you think a teacher will have time? The teachers are already in charge of their own classes’ events, how would they have the time to put on makeup?” Senior Sister looked at me like I was stupid.


Well…I can’t discard my pride as a man, there has to be hope! I stopped and saw Cheng Zixi wink. He caught my gaze and gave an understanding look. Without any hesitation, he moved towards Senior Sister.


I was so moved, there was still friendship that couldn’t be explained with words.


“President, how about I help you tie him to a stool?” Cheng Zixi said to Senior Sister. His expression towards me immediately turned wretched.


I take back what I said, I didn’t say anything…


“Yeah, if you could tie him up!” Following Senior Sister’s order, Cheng Zixi took out some rope and came towards me. Before I could react, he had already tied me up.


Now I had to accept the reality…I was being taken to the cosmetic table by Cheng Zixi. Senior Sister excitedly ran over. She picked up something from the cosmetics table and started to brush over my face…


“Okay, you can now open your eyes.” I don’t know how much time had passed, but Senior Sister had finally completed this big “project.”


I opened my eyes and saw a cute person in the mirror! Delicate facial features, spotless white skin, coupled with light makeup and a kitty ornament in my hair, this was an adorable and pure girl….no no! Is this me? Why do I look like this? Now I look even more like a girl! And what’s with this kitty ornament, who put this on? You said it was only makeup! Where is the basic trust between people?!


Everybody in the drama club saw me with the makeup and gave an ear-piercing shriek.


“So cute!” “Ah! I can’t stand it! I want this loli!” “I want to take it home!” “So moe!” Then I was ganged up on by a bunch of girls again….


Isn’t it just light makeup? What was this?


“Looks like my makeup skill hasn’t regressed!” Senior Sister said proudly, looking at me.


Sigh…Why is it always me….


After rehearsal finished, I immediately ran to the bathroom to wash the makeup off. I don’t want this makeup to be on my face for even a second more. I ran into the bathroom and a boy was washing his hands. Seeing me, he panicked.


“Eh….This….this is the male’s washroom…” The boy saw a girl run into the men’s room and stepped forward to give me a reminder.


“I know! Do I look that much like a girl?” I furiously asked the boy. If you went into the men’s room and somebody asked you if you were a boy, would you be able to stand it?


“Yes,” the boy replied.


For a split second, ‘fuck’ dashed through my mind. I really wanted to ask him: Are you a *beep~*?


I no longer looked at the other boy and went to the sink. I splashed water on my face and struggled to get every inch of it. After a couple moments, I came out of the bathroom.


“Hey? Isn’t it Little Yan?” A familiar voice entered my ear. I turned to look and it was Li Ming.


“The class chorus practice is finished?” I asked.


“Yeah, how else would I get out of the classroom?” Li Ming answered.


“Also….” The teacher in our class was pretty strict. There were no special circumstances. Basically, you have to go to class and practice no matter what and can’t take any breaks of leave.


“Are your rehearsals finished?” Li Ming asked.


“Of course. I’m going home, want to go together?”


“Not yet, I still have something else to do.”


“Alright, I’ll go back home myself.”


“What about Cheng Zixi? Why isn’t he going back with you?”


“Him? He should be in the infirmary lying down.”


Cheng Zixi, because he joined the evil side and tied me up to let Senior Sister handle me, was finally shown justice…..actually, during rehearsal, I had kicked him and sent him flying…


“So…” Li Ming was speechless, “I have something to do and will leave first, take care of yourself. Bye!”


“Bye.” Finished, Li Ming walked to the other side of the hallway.


At this moment, a sinister silhouette drew close to me…


“RAA! Little Brother!” Senior Li Xue charged behind me and suddenly jumped in front of me, scaring me into retreating back a couple of steps.


“Senior Sister, don’t scare me like that…my heart can’t take it…” I covered my heart and said.


“Little Brother, why are you so timid?” Senior Sister assumed an innocent expression. No matter who you are, you could still get scared!


“Okay, what are you looking for me for?” After so many days of contact, I already had a rough understanding of Senior Sister’s nature. If it wasn’t important, she wouldn’t have looked for me.


“Little Brother understands me the most! We’ll go out to the mall to prepare the play’s costumes, okay?”


“It’s just us two?”


“Right, it’s only us two!”


Two people going out shopping? Isn’t that a….date?!


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