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15.It’s Makeup Of Course!


Walking to my classroom, I had some restless thoughts as I opened the door.


“Excuse me, which class are you from?” A beautiful girl with long black hair that reached her waist asked me. She was Zhang Xiaoya, our Class C monitor. She was very popular on campus and was in the top 10 of the cutest girls charts. But who made this list? They must’ve gotten bored.


“Eheh…This…class monitor…’s me….”


“Oh! Ling Yan! Without your glasses, I didn’t recognize you.”


Later, the other students also reacted…If I don’t wear my glasses, you won’t recognize me? Didn’t I not wear glasses before?! That hurts me…


“Then quickly go to your seat and get ready for class.” The class monitor pointed towards her wristwatch, reminding me. A moment ago, Senior Li Xue and Qin Shiyue took up a lot of my time….


“Students, quiet down. Class is starting!”


I finally sat down and the teacher walked in and stood in front of the podium to speak. That said, Cheng Zixi and Li Ming were not here yet? Forget it, who told Cheng Zixi to talk about me, he deserves it! Furthermore, Li Ming and Cheng Zixi didn’t help me at all! They both deserved it! Hmph! o( ̄ヘ ̄o)


The teacher began to lecture, and Li Ming and Cheng Zixi finally arrived to class ten minutes later.


“What did you two do?” The teacher asked the two with a face of contempt.


“That’s…..Actually, this happened,” Li Ming said. “We were walking and then met an elderly man crossing the street. The light was going to turn green so we stepped out to help him. The elderly man wanted to thank us, but we evaded it and he finally gave up. Afterwards, we hurried to school and here we are now.” After he finished speaking, the whole class looked at Li Ming in disdain.


To say this kind of rubbish, just listen to it yourself first, okay? Could it not be more fake?!


“Since that’s the case, I won’t ask anymore. Take note of the time later and don’t arrive late again. Take a seat.” The teacher didn’t believe them completely but still chose to let the two off.


I’m done….how could the teacher believe this? It was clearly just an excuse Li Ming made, right? The teacher actually believed that? Are teachers so foolish nowadays?


The two took their seats and then turned towards me with peace signs….I really want to hit them…


Class time flies by so fast. I love to study, and it was practically like a snap of my fingers. Alright…I admit that I was sleeping in class…..I slept the whole morning….


In the afternoon, Cheng Zixi, Li Ming, and I went to the cafeteria.


“Little Yan, have you remembered your lines?” Cheng Zixi suddenly asked me while we waited in line.


“I remember….but I’m not used to them yet!”


Yesterday night, I memorized my lines but I wasn’t used to them yet.


“Well, try to not make a mistake during rehearsal.”


“I know. But why are you asking like Senior Sister Li Xue?”


“Because she asked me to make sure you remember your lines. She said you won’t make the effort to remember them.”




Senior Sister doesn’t trust me….but that isn’t anything special. I also don’t want to remember them. If it weren’t for her threatening me, I wouldn’t even be acting in the play in the first place…


“Don’t leave me out of the group…” Li Ming said, feeling wronged.


“Okay, okay. How is our class’s chorus going?” I asked.


“What about the chorus? We just follow the accompaniment.”


Indeed, if everybody sings in the chorus and follows the accompaniment, then it was very simple. No wonder there were so many classes doing the chorus in the culture festival.


The three of us chatted, got our food, and went to a corner to sit down. We had only been seated for a few moments before we saw our class monitor walk towards us.


“Is it just you three? Excuse me, may I sit here?” The class monitor pointed towards an empty seat on my right.


In the past, I’d see the class monitor and a group of other female students sit together in the cafeteria. It seems today she had been called to the office, and there were a lot of people in the cafeteria today so there weren’t many empty seats. That’s why she sat with us. Therefore, the class monitor was sitting with us because there was no other alternative…but that doesn’t seem so….


“Please,” I said to the class monitor.


“Thank you.”


How could I refuse our class monitor? Moreover, the class monitor was still a cute girl!


But why does the atmosphere seem so awkward…after the class monitor sat down, we didn’t say a word until we had finished eating…


“Class Monitor, we have other things to do. Enjoy your meal,” Li Ming said as he looked at the small mouth of the class monitor eating.




But the class monitor’s appearance while eating was very adorable! It made people unable to control themselves…I really want to go up and hug…no no no! Why am I thinking of this kind of thing…


Cheng Zixi and I had rehearsal for the drama club, so we said goodbye to Li Ming and hurried to the drama club room.


“Yo! Little Brother finally came! Come let Big Sis hug you!” Li Xue looked at me with a silly expression.


“Senior Sister….can you just let me off… Didn’t you hug me this morning?”


“Hahaha, I’m not joking. Little Brother, come sit here.” Senior Sister pointed towards the corner of the classroom. I followed her finger to see there was a table with a mirror and an assortment of bottles and jars.


“Senior Sister, what are you doing?” I was a little overwhelmed.


“It’s makeup, of course!”



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