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  1. A Chance Encounter with a Drama Club Member


“Ah~” I stood up stretching before I left for school.


While I walked, I took out my phone to open an app called xx livestream software. That’s right, it was the platform that I was streaming on. I opened my profile and looked over my messages. Sigh… I had guessed right, all of the messages were discussing my gender… For example: “Lao D is certainly a cute boy!” “The Weibo says Lao D is a boy, but for some reason I don’t believe it?” “Lao D is clearly a loli, no question.” “Lao D, I want to tease you!” ….


The person who said they were going to tease me, what kind monster are you? I’m not gay! No! Way! Seeing this really made me annoyed…


“Yo! Isn’t this Little Yan? Good morning!” Just as I closed the app, Li Ming and Cheng Zixi called out to me. But wasn’t their relationship together really good? We all went to school.


“Good morning,” I weakly replied to them.


“Little Yan, your stream yesterday had a lot of people! About 20 thousand! Your ranking flew straight into the top 15!” Li Ming said excitedly.


The ranking rising was pretty good, but I remembered only seeing 10 thousand viewers. How did it go up to 20 thousand? Could it be when I was playing the game I didn’t notice?


“Sigh….What about it? The audience thought I was a girl…” I said, sighing.


“That’s not important, that’s your selling point. A cute adorable loli……Oph!” I didn’t wait for Cheng Zixi to finish and sent him flying with a kick to his abdomen.


“Tsk tsk tsk….sinful….” Li Ming sighed and looked at Cheng Zixi, who was lying on the ground a few meters away.


I went to school furious, leaving Cheng Zixi on the ground. Li Ming jogged over to Cheng Zixi, picking him up and bringing him to school with difficulty.


I can bear being called a girl, but what the hell is this about being a loli! Is it because I’m short? Let alone that I’m a guy! The people on my channel leaving a comment don’t know and couldn’t possibly understand. After all, I look like one and sound a little bit like one. But Cheng Zixi knows! He clearly knows and he’s joking, which is normal since we’re friends, but I still don’t like being called a loli!


Walking up to the school gates, I saw a familiar figure. Li Xue and her classmates were walking in front of me. Although she looks like she was easy to get along with, she was really a two-faced demon! I once again emphasize that she blackmailed me into joining the play…


I pretended to walk normally behind her, hoping to not get discovered. After all, I was with many other students and if I tried to hide, she would easily discover me. The school block was in front of me, victory was coming!


“Hey! Liu Xue, Liu Xue!” At this point, I don’t know who had called for Li Xue, but when she turned around, the first thing she saw was me…


Fuck me! Why did this happen! Wasn’t the timing just perfect?!


“Isn’t it Little Brother? I don’t usually see you behind me.”


In my head, the word ‘fuck’ came across my mind so many times…


“Ha….haha….I just got here and saw Senior Sister, and wanted to say hello!” I made an excuse, hoping she would let me go without any delay…


“Umm, Little Brother is really obedient!” She came over and hugged me. I was shorter than Li Xue by a head, so when she hugged me, my head was buried into her oppai….


[TL: If you don’t know, oppai is the Japanese word for breast. The author put oppai so I kept it as is.]


So soft, that language just couldn’t describe it, I really wanted to star in Senior Sister’s embrace a little longer…No! No! What am I thinking! Let go! I’m being suffocated! Release your hand! Don’t touch me like that!


With my struggles, Senior Sister finally released me. I breathed in deeply before I was finally okay…..


“Oh, sorry Little Brother. Because you were so cute today, I couldn’t help it,” Li Xue smiled and said.


“I felt like just a moment ago, I visited the gates of Hell…” I was still frightened by Senior Sister’s brazen actions… Senior Sister’s chest didn’t look like much, but it could still be used to commit a crime. I’m talking about suffocation….


“Little Brother, remember to come to rehearsal. You can’t be late! If you’re late, there’s a little punishment…hehehe….” Senior Sister gave me a wicked look. Seeing this, my hair was standing on end…


“I know, I know! When have you seen me late?”


“Knowing is best. Then I’ll see you in the afternoon, bye bye!” Senior Sister waved to me and walked to the school building, I can finally relax….


“Yo, my goodness? How long have you been with the president?” An unfamiliar voice spoke to me. Turning towards the voice, I saw a girl. How can I say this? She seemed a little familiar? Who was it? I don’t remember….


“One night and you already can’t recognize me? I’m one of the drama club members, the one that plays the female lead’s foster mother.” The girl looked at me unhappily.


Oh, so it was her. But because of how the story goes, she only comes up in the play once, so I didn’t know her that well.


“Oh, I have a question. What do you mean by how long have you been with Senior!”


“Isn’t that so? The president was hugging you, can you explain that?”




I can’t refute it…


“It’s just that Senior came up and hugged me! I have nothing to do with it!” I hurriedly explained.


“Oh? Really?” The girl looked me in the eyes and asked.


“Really, really, really!” I nodded crazily.


“Haha, forget about it, I’ll stop teasing you. But you look so cute when you panic, no wonder the president hugged you.”


“Hey hey hey! You said you were teasing me?”


“Exactly what it means.”




“Alright, class is about to begin, I’ll be going first. Oh, My name is Qin Shiyue, what’s your name?”


“Ling Yan.”


“In that case, see you this afternoon. Bye bye, my, cute, little, junior!” Finished speaking, she walked towards the school building.


Sigh…I feel like my pure feelings are being deceived…right, today I forgot to wear my glasses….it always feels like something’s about to happen…


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