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  1. Buying a Webcam


“Oh, ah, Little Yan!” In the morning while I was going to school, Li Ming suddenly came over and scared me into retreating a few steps.


“Scared me to death…” I saw Li Ming take a breath. “Don’t scare me like this, my heart can’t take it…”


“Eh? What’s wrong today, Little Yan? That’s not like you?” Li Ming looked at me with a questioning expression. That’s right. Usually, if he scared me, I would just kick him a couple of times.


“That’s because…”


Because yesterday when I was streaming, I said I would show my face today. So I have to go buy a webcam today. When I bought my computer before, I didn’t think I needed a webcam so I didn’t buy one…however, after yesterday’s incident, now I was thinking of where to buy one. I didn’t really know much about this webcam stuff…that’s right, what about Li Ming? He might know.


“I’m sorry Little Yan, I don’t know much about webcams.”




It seems like I was thinking too much…


“How about after school I’ll go to a computer store to take a look?”


“This afternoon I have rehearsals, and I don’t have time.”


“Then I’ll wait for you. Either way, I have nothing to do after school.”


“Alright, rehearsals shouldn’t go too late today.”


“Little Yan, can I go watch?”


“If you want to come just come, but don’t you need to practice for the class event?”


“It’s nothing. It’s just the chorus, there isn’t much. The most would be getting it organized?”


That’s right… the class event is just a chorus. There’s nothing new, it couldn’t be any simpler!


“Well then thanks!” I said to him.


“What are you talking about, thanks! How long have we been together?” Li Ming patted my shoulder and said.


“Average friends,” I flicked his hand away.


“Eh? How can you be so cold?” Li Ming looked at me with puppy eyes.


“Stop looking at me like that, it makes me sick!” I hit him. This expression really didn’t suit him and it gave me goosebumps!


We messed around on the way to school and we arrived quickly.


Everything was the same pattern in the morning as before, but after the morning ended, the pattern was thoroughly broken…


“Ah! Our female lead is coming, quickly, come give Big Sis a hug!” “Come over here, Big Sis has a lollipop!” “Don’t you guys dare get in my way, today I must take him home!” …


I had just recently finished eating with Cheng Zixi and was entering the drama club classroom and I was surrounded by girls… But this is just too much! I won’t be tricked by a lollipop! At least have two of them… in short, I’m still a guy!


“Okay okay, everybody quiet down, let’s begin practice. Hurry and go do your job!” I was surrounded by girls and being suffocated, then Senior Sister finally spoke.


In the evening, the rehearsal was finally finished. Everybody took their bags and left. I did the same.


“Senior Sister, I’ll be going first.” I turned while taking my bag and said to Senior Sister, who was still packing up.


“Okay, take care! I don’t want anything to happen before the culture festival, otherwise the play will be ruined.”


I say, Senior Sister, aren’t you more worried about the play than my safety? That makes me sad…


“I’ll take note of that, goodbye!” I bitterly laughed in response.


After walking past a few buildings, I saw Li Ming waiting for me. It was because we were both going to go buy a webcam. As for Cheng Zixi, he had something else and had already left.


“Li Ming, didn’t you say you were going to watch the rehearsal? Why didn’t you come?” This afternoon at rehearsal, I didn’t see him in the drama club.


“It’s because today the teacher was there supervising so I couldn’t leave…” Li Ming scratched his head and laughingly said.


“Alright…then let’s go to the computer store!”


“Oh…that…I wanted to ask you something…”


“What, just say it.”


“Do you know how to go to the computer store?”


“I don’t know…”


Suddenly, I realized my embarrassing mistake…


Afterwards, I followed Li Ming to the computer store. It seems the computer store was on the east side of a commercial street. I usually go on the south side, so I didn’t really know about the other sides.


After about ten minutes, we reached the computer store. Actually, I really haven’t come here, even the buildings were strange. I need to come out here to walk around later. If it weren’t for Li Ming, I would already be lost…


Even though it was a computer store, they also sold phones. They even repaired computers and cell phones. We entered the computer store and the store’s clerk came to greeted us. The clerk asked us what we needed, then showed us the webcams with their information and features. Finally, we chose a decent webcam to buy.


“Right, Little Yan, why are you buying a webcam?” Li Ming asked me while we were heading home.


“I have to use it for today’s live stream…” I bitterly said. I didn’t want to show my face, but I had to for the sake of my channel…


“Oh, is that so.” Li Ming had a face of realization, “So nowadays you’re a xx streamer? No wonder, almost every streamer shows their face nowadays. It’s very hard to keep streaming without doing it.”


“Yeah, that’s why I need to show my face to keep streaming…”


“Well, do your best! I think when you show your face, your subscription count will go up. Cause nobody can dislike such a loveable loli…ah!”


I didn’t want Li Ming to finish and with a kick I splendidly knocked him to the ground.


Whenever I hear him say this, I always have a weird premonition…

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