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  1. Senior Sister Is A Fujoshi?!


I felt like the word “fuck” crossed my mind about a thousand times…


“Zixi, what’s happening? Explain to me.” I used a good-natured facial expression as I watched Cheng Zixi, but it couldn’t cover up the murderous aura around me.


“This is because of many reasons, listen slowly to my explanation…Ah!” I didn’t wait for him to finish and kicked him.


“Well, why didn’t you tell me when it happened?” I felt better after kicking him a couple more times, and I asked Cheng Zixi as he rolled around on the ground.


“Actually, it was the drama club’s president that asked me to.” Cheng Zixi slowly stood up and said. “She said that I had the image of a male lead…”


“So you agreed?”


“I didn’t want to at the time!” Cheng Zixi solemnly said to me.


“Then why did you agree?”


“She started to bother me, and followed me around, so I just patiently agreed…”


I didn’t need to think. Senior Sister was this kind of person…doing all of this, what was she trying to do? Why did she want Cheng Zixi in the play? Sigh, I really don’t know what she is thinking…


“Sigh, forget about it, forget about it. Seeing as you didn’t want to do it, I can let you off,” I sighed and said.


“Many thanks, Your Majesty, for giving me your favor.” He finished speaking, dusted himself off, and then took his seat.


Ding, ding, ding…..Along with the bell, the originally noisy classroom suddenly became quiet. The students took their seats and the teacher finally came.


“Everybody, I think you already know but the Culture Festival is almost here.” The teacher in charge, Teacher Liu, announced within a minute of entering the classroom. “In order for everybody to have more time to rehearse and plan for the festival, from today until then, the afternoon class will be canceled and used for you to rehearse and plan. We hope you will all create some wonderful events.”


“Oh! That’s great!” Hearing this, the class almost all stood up. Excluding me…because most of the people excited had no event! Sigh, to think this deceptive stage play would be so troublesome, having to remember the lines and act… Oh, why do I have to be so miserable?! Wasn’t there only a little problem after school started? Why?!


“When are you going to rehearse?” Cheng Zixi came to ask me during lunch.


“Of course I’d go after I finish eating and taking a nap…why are you so energetic now? What are you thinking of doing?” I said impatiently.


“I also don’t want to go, but I already promised. It’s not good to go back on the past…”


“Sigh, you really haven’t changed much,” I sighed. The Cheng Zixi from my childhood was really honest and considered other people. Perhaps because of that, he was the only one who was willing to befriend the lonely me.


“Alright alright. At least eat your lunch first,” I told him.


“Alright, we’ll eat first.”


Thus, we went on a journey to the cafeteria. Why is this a journey? Because…when we arrived at the cafeteria, we were met with several dozen meters of shady trees with a long queue coming out of the cafeteria door. Yep, there was already a line several meters long!


At last, we were finally able to eat, but rehearsal was only ten minutes away…


“You eat so slowly, like a girl.” Cheng Zixi sat across from me as I ate and said.


“Don’t you understand you need to eat slowly so you digest your food properly!” I retorted.


“Okay, okay, okay. You’re always right. I’ll just wait.”


“You seem really impatient.”


“It’s absolutely nothing!”


After I finished eating, we both walked to the drama club classroom.


“You two finally came!” Senior Sister suddenly rushed towards the two of us. “We’ve been waiting for you two for a long time. You both have the leading roles, and we can’t start without either of you. Hurry and prepare, we need to rehearse.” Senior Sister said while she pushed us towards the platform.


“Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to begin. We finally have everybody. Furthermore, the male lead has come today. Everybody, these are the two leads, understand?” Senior Sister stated to everybody.


“Understood!” Everybody faced Senior Sister and answered.


“Oh right, Little Brother…”


“Eh? What’s up, Senior Sister?”


“I’ll help you keep this!” Finished speaking, Senior Sister took off my glasses and ran towards her exclusive seat. Why did this seem so familiar? Oh well, forget it. When the official play starts, I won’t have my glasses, so I might as well get used to not having them.


“Wow! So…so cute…” “My God, why did I not see such a cute girl yesterday? Such a pity…” “The director really picked a good female lead! So cute!” Such a familiar scene…


“Everybody, quiet down,” Senior Sister called out. “Actually, as a matter of a fact, this junior is a boy.”


“President, you’re kidding. So cute, how could they be a boy!” The person that was playing Passerby C was the first to question it.


“Exactly. Exactly. President, stop joking! That’s foul play!”


“Exactly, exactly!” Everybody else agreed.


“Sigh, Little junior, you explain.” Senior Sister helplessly said to me. I really didn’t understand her…


“Hello everybody, my name is Ling Yan, and I am the female lead. As the president has said, I am a boy,” I walked up to the podium and said.


“It’s true…”


“I didn’t expect that….such a pity…it’s only a boy, if it was a girl, I would’ve already started.”


Hey hey hey! What did that last one mean? What did you mean start? High school students matured so fast?


“Alright, everybody quiet! Now let’s begin the rehearsal!” Senior Sister immediately quieted everybody down and sent them to work. Sure enough, the president really had good control…


Because the male lead was now here, we could finally rehearse the last scenes, so we did the last scene…


“Little Brother, you can do it! You can act it out!” Senior Sister was pointing at the script where the wedding scene and the kiss were.


“How am I supposed to do this!! I clearly remember there wasn’t a kiss here!!” I called out to Senior Sister. Clearly, she had added it afterwards! Senior Sister can’t be a fujoshi?! I say this, but Senior Sister was looking at our rehearsal with a hint of madness!


“Of course you can do it!” Senior Sister had an evil smile blossoming on her face.


I have an ominous feeling…

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