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  1. Goodbye Old Friend


“Hello everyone, my name is Cheng Zi Xi. From now on, I’ll be your classmate. I ask for lots of advice.”


I was currently half-awake. The name sounded familiar…as if I’d heard it before…


While I tried to remember, the boy looked over at me. He saw me and looked stunned. Then he stepped down from the podium and walked to where I was seated.


“Are you Little Yan?”


“Eh?” I foolishly looked at him.


“Of course you can’t remember me, after such a long time…”


Little Yan? How did he know my nickname?


No, there was one person other than my parents who called me that. Who was it? How could I not remember?


Oh~ Right. I used to have a good friend in primary school. They were also my only friend. Because I had a withdrawn personality, there were only a few people who would get close to me. But he always stuck to me, so we became friends. I had begun to doubt and think he was with the others, teasing me, but we got along for some time. I found out that he really wanted to become friends with me. Because he had a strong sense of justice, he was a kind person and didn’t want to see anybody isolated or excluded.


He helped me out a lot, and now I still have a few friends. But during the fourth grade, his parents moved away because of work. We hadn’t been in contact each other since then.


It seemed he was called Cheng…Cheng…Zi…Xi.


“Zi Xi, is that you?”


“Of course it is. So you do remember me, I thought you forgot all about me…”


“Hahaha, how could I forget you? You used to be my only friend…”


Crack! Crack! Crack!


Teacher Liu knocked on the podium. “Sigh! Now we all know Cheng Zi Xi. He is one of your classmates from now on. If you see him not knowing something, help him out, alright?”


“We know!” The class answered.


“Well, sit next to Student Ling Yan for now. Cheng Zi Xi will sit there temporarily until we change seats. Now let’s begin class.”


In class, we spent time talking about what was roughly arranged for us to learn over the semester. We were dismissed at 10 o’clock.


“Little Yan, you should cut your hair…it covers your eyes…”


“I don’t want to!”


I was walking home with Cheng Zi Xi. According to him, his home wasn’t far away so he was walking back. As for Li Ming, he seemed to have something at home so he went back first.


“Why not?” Cheng Zi Xi asked.


In fact, there was a good reason. My hair was long so it could cover my face. My face caused me so much suffering and also was an important reason why I couldn’t make any friends. If I lift my hair you’ll find that I, a boy, look like a girl. Also, because
I was always at home not exercising, I’m only 4’ 10” at sixteen years old with abnormally pale skin. If I didn’t keep my hair longer, I may be considered a girl…


“There are good reasons…”


I was interrupted by the ring of my cell phone.


I picked up the phone and felt scared after seeing the contact. Unexpectedly, it was Teacher Liu calling me. It was probably to ask why I hadn’t turned in the winter assignment, right? …I obviously would say I forgot it…


I nervously pressed the answer button.


“Teacher Liu, hello. May I know what you’re calling for?” I directly used honorifics, hoping he wouldn’t punish me…


“Student Ling Yan, I forgot to tell you during class—your hair needs to be cut. It exceeds the length that the school allows. If you don’t cut it, you won’t be allowed into the school. So tomorrow, come to class after cutting your hair, okay?”


“How about…Teacher, is it possible to not cut my hair…”


“That won’t do! The rules need to be followed. Unless you don’t want to come to class anymore? Oh, and bring your homework assignment to my office when you go to school.”




“You, do, know, right?!” Teacher Liu growled at me.




“Good~ Knowing is good, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“Teacher, good bye…” I hung up the cell phone.


The Heavens are leaving me to die! How am I supposed to live after cutting my hair! Maybe I could buy a big pair of fake glasses, it may be a better choice…


“What happened to you? After that phone call, you look like you’ll never be able to love again.” Walking next to me, Cheng Zi Xi seemed to notice my expression.


“Umm…The teacher told me that I need to get a haircut…”


“Tsk, aren’t you just cutting your hair? What are you making such a big deal for?” Cheng Zi Xi clicked his tongue.


“Don’t you know, after my hair is cut… If it’s too short I’ll look like a tomboy and if it’s too long I’ll look like a girl…” I said desperately.

“If you were to be recognized as a girl, you’d need to cut your hair like a little girl, so they can think you’re cute…Ack! Ack!” I didn’t wait for him to finish and kicked him again and again.


“It’s like this and you can still joke? You have no conscience! Hmph!” I finished speaking and kicked him more.


“Ouch, spare me, spare me, I know I’m wrong…” Cheng Zi Xi begged.


“Do you know how to get it done?”


“Well, tomorrow I can take you to cut your hair. I know a good barbershop. I guarantee they’ll cut your hair to fit you.” Cheng Zi Xi suggested.


“Alright, for now, I have no other choice.” I had a strange premonition…


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