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A series of rings from my alarm clock woke me from my dream.


I wrapped myself in my blankets and slowly reached my hand out to turn the alarm off.


“Ah~~” I stretched, sitting up in bed. I opened up my curtains and sunshine fell onto my body.


“The weather seems nice today. I should hurry and get up, today’s the first day of school and I shouldn’t be late. Who knows what my teacher would do…” I said to myself.


I swiftly changed into my school uniform and went to the bathroom to wash up.


Looking at the mirror, my glazed eyes were lined with dark circles; they were like the eyes of a dead fish. This was coupled with my long hair, and my bangs covering my eyes. Yep, that’s right. I stayed up all night playing games, and I didn’t cut my hair over winter break.


As you can see, my house was lacking any life.


Why am I staying in this house? Well, I don’t remember…


I slowly washed my face, then rushed to the kitchen to grab some bread and milk before hurriedly exiting the house.


Because my parents are currently abroad, I’m alone at home. There was nobody to prepare breakfast for me so I had to do it myself…


Walking out the door, the sunlight streamed over my body. It was still early spring so the sunshine was warm and comfortable.


“Hey! Ling Yan! Ling Yan!”


“Ha…a…I…called you…ah, why…didn’t you wait…for me…exhausting me…”


A person ran up from behind me from not too far away.


“Ah sorry, I didn’t notice you,” I answered.


This guy was my best friend, Li Ming. His appearance wasn’t good or bad… in short, he was an ordinary high school student.


“This winter vacation you stayed home to play games, didn’t you? Your hair is longer than before, you don’t plan to cut it?”


“My hair is so long, you can still recognize me?”


“Tch, we’ve been friends for years, how could I not recognize you?”


“We’ve only known each other since high school started…”


He and I talked as we walked, arriving at the school gates in no time.


“I heard there’ll be a transfer student this semester!” Li Ming looked at me expectantly.


“And this concerns me how?” I answered heartlessly.


“Don’t you think… It could be… What if it’s a girl…”


“What about it? You can’t be thinking you have a chance.” I destroyed his delusion. There’s no way a girl could possibly want this vulgar guy.


“Don’t think that. We need to have a little bit of hope, right?”


Sure enough, this guy will never change…


Whatever, forget it, I’m too lazy to tell him…


“Students, quiet down! I have an important announcement.” Teacher Liu tapped his podium with a pointer. “We have a new student today, get along well with him~ Now please introduce yourself. Welcome~”


Clap, clap, clap… Teacher Liu finished speaking, and everyone welcomed the new student with applause.


A handsome shining boy came in.


“Hello everybody, my name is Cheng Zi Xi.”

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