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☆ Entering the Tiger Den


Chen Ruoyu looked at her watch and hurriedly contacted a customer. She was still trying to make a living. Gao Yulan couldn’t say anything else to her other than encouragement.


Chen Ruoyu held Gao Yulan’s hand. “Once I finish this month’s assignment, let’s go out to eat.” She waved her hand goodbye.


Gao Yulan smiled and said goodbye, and watched her figure disappear out of the store. Then she let out her breath.


She sat, looking into the air blankly. Then she heard a sharp noise come from the oven timer. Gao Yulan’s spirit returned to her body and she saw the lady boss open the oven door with a thick glove. Inside the oven, there were two oval cheesecakes. The cheesecakes’ fragrance floated throughout the store.


Gao Yulan finally woke up. She had been sitting in the lady’s shop for quite a while, and if she left now, she didn’t feel it would be fitting. She looked at the bill and heard the “ding ling” of the door. Gao Yulan looked up to see that a man had come in.


This was an elite man from head to toe, tall and handsome, and dressed properly in brand name goods. His face was a bit serious. He came in and didn’t see Gao Yulan, going straight to the lady boss.


Gao Yulan curiously looked at the handsome man and beautiful woman, using all her energy to watch the scene.


But their relationship didn’t look so beautiful. The lady boss held her glove, threw it on the table, and yelled, “I already said you’re not welcome here.”


The elite-looking man frowned. “We need to talk.”


“You have long lost the right to talk to me.” The lady boss was very blunt.


“I turned around.” The elite-looking man seemed to be restraining his anger.


“That is also my wish.” The lady boss didn’t seem to be grateful.


Gao Yulan used the bill to cover her face, watching with interest.


The man and woman argued, and Gao Yulan finally heard something fishy. This wasn’t a lovers’ quarrel—the man was threatening her. She heard him say, “Are you done? My patience isn’t infinite. I don’t want to go to court with you to fight over my daughter. Don’t force me.”


“Force you? It’s you who’s forcing me,” the lady boss said loudly. “If you even try to take my daughter away, I’ll follow you at all costs.”


“Don’t be childish, if only you and our daughter would just come back…”


The elite-looking man didn’t finish his words, and the lady boss laughed loudly. “In your dreams. Now get out, I still have a customer to do business with.”


“Business? Do you even have two people in one day?” The elite-looking man swept his gaze around the store and stopped at Gao Yulan.


Gao Yulan subconsciously withdrew her shoulders. The man said angrily, “There’s nothing to see here, take a hike.”


The lady boss was about to curse. Why pick on her customers? Gao Yulan was also getting angry. While holding the bill over her face, she angrily said, “You aren’t the boss of this shop, why are you telling me to get out?”


The elite-looking man’s face turned black. “I’ll cover your bill.”


Gao Yulan looked at the lady boss and said, “I came here first.”


Dare to mess with him? The elite-looking man took out his wallet full of bills and slammed it on the table. He didn’t speak but the meaning was obvious: I have money. I’m paying for you. Now get the fuck out.


Gao Yulan was actually afraid of rich, overbearing people. Didn’t it seem like they were gangsters? Wouldn’t there be a few hired thugs around? Otherwise, why would he seem to want to fight so much?


Gao Yulan looked at the lady boss again. She had such a weak, delicate appearance. If she left this delicate woman here, would she be bullied? The lady boss turned to look at Gao Yulan helplessly.


Gao Yulan slowly thought for a moment. She then took out a wrinkled purse and fished out a credit card, setting it on the table softly.


The elite-looking man angrily narrowed his eyes at Gao Yulan. She loudly said, “We came here for a party, and my friends will be here soon.”


The lady boss took the man’s money and shoved it in his hands, then shouted, “Leave quickly and take your dirty money away from my store.”


The man glared at Gao Yulan, and Gao Yulan looked back, hiding behind the bill and only showing her eyes.


The store’s door opened and a guest came in to purchase some cake. The elite-looking man pursed his lips and turned to leave.


After he left, Gao Yulan let out the breath she was holding and said, “Too brave, too brave.”


She slowly sat down as the guest purchased some cake. The lady boss came over and placed a slice of cake in front of Gao Yulan. Gao Yulan looked at the cheesecake and the lady boss said, “My treat.”


Gao Yulan blushed at how she had sat there for so long without any reason. “In that case, I’ll get a pearl milk tea.”


[TL: It’s also known as boba, but I like this name more.]


The lady boss smiled. “Do you like pu’er? Pu’er tea with cake is just perfect.”




“Oh, then I’ll get a glass of pu’er.”


The lady boss nodded and went to the bar to make the tea. She chatted while making the tea. “Thank you for before.”


“It’s alright.”


“I’m really sorry you saw that scene.”


“It’s alright.”


Gao Yulan didn’t know what else to say. The lady boss asked, “Was that your friend before?”


“Yeah. She was one of my classmates in high school.”


“She sells insurance?” The shop was calm and not very big. The lady boss had overheard the two.


“Yeah, she sells insurance.” Gao Yulan answered without having to think, a little heated over defending her friend. Selling insurance was just an occupation, it wasn’t like it was stealing and robbing people.


The lady boss was startled by her tone. She looked back at her and smiled.


Gao Yulan bit her lip, realizing she had overreacted. She awkwardly laughed “hehe” and said, “She was my best friend in high school. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, work is hard.”


The lady boss’ hands didn’t stop but she continued to talk. “Working isn’t easy. But to sell to an unemployed classmate isn’t right, now is it?”


Gao Yulan’s back was straight again. “Her product was good, she just doesn’t know about my circumstances. She meant well…”


Nevertheless, the lady boss smiled and brought the tea set over with a slice of cake. She sat across from Gao Yulan to accompany her to drink tea.


Gao Yulan looked stupidly at the woman sitting in front of her. The lady boss saw her expression and couldn’t help but laugh and say, “You are very interesting.”


Gao Yulan frowned. She was interesting?


The lady boss looked at the credit card on the table and laughed. Gao Yulan’s face turned red and she put it back into her purse.


“He has a pretty bad temper, you’re not afraid of him?” the lady boss asked.


“Scared.” Gao Yulan answered honestly.


The lady boss laughed again. “You’re so interesting.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned black. Did she have to emphasize it?


The lady boss continued. “He is my daughter’s biological father. I loved him very very much. I loved him so much that I thought of him as my life. But when I got pregnant, he told me that he loved another. Only that girl loved someone else. He was hurt and I was good to him. He used me, but he did not love me, and would not marry me.”


The lady boss finished calmly and drank some tea. Gao Yulan narrowed her eyes and cursed. “That bastard.” She then couldn’t help but ask, “What happened afterwards?”


“Afterwards? Afterwards, he didn’t marry me, I had my child, and he married the woman he loved.”


“But did I let him go? To tell the woman the true face of that man, and to save her from being cheated?”


“I was foolish back then, thinking of ending it with the child in my stomach and having him regret it for life.”


Gao Yulan breathed in a cold breath. The female boss only smiled. “But I didn’t die. My brother came and saved me, scolded me, and for several years wouldn’t look at me kindly.”


“How could he? You went through that, he should’ve treated you better.”


“No, he’s very good to me. He was just too angry. That guy is always smiling, but when he’s angry it’s quite awful. He saved me back then and watched me every day in fear that I would do something stupid. After my daughter was born, I didn’t know what to do and life was a daze. He invested and opened this shop for me. Now I can take care of my daughter while doing my favorite things. Reading books, baking, drinking tea, and chatting. I’m fine now.”


“That man? Did you teach him a lesson?”


“Teach him a lesson… My brother had found out that the woman still loved that man. He went to find that man, but I’m not sure what happened. Anyway, the woman threw him away and went back to her original lover.”


“That’s great! Such a wonderful solution, let him taste how it feels to be abandoned.”


“That’s right!” The lady boss said with spirit, also relieved. “I’ll tell you—after the man was thrown away, my brother brought me and his child to find him. He told him how I was treated and how he was being treated. He said how well my daughter and I were doing. Then he hit the man and said, ‘Why did I not hit you before? It was to give you time to be sympathetic. Now you’ve been thrown away. I hit you, and nobody loves you!’ After he finished, he took me and my daughter away. The face of that man at the time was the best.”


Gao Yulan listened. “That’s great, I wish I had a brother like that! But I was tricked by a woman. Would he hit a woman?”


The lady boss was happy and laughed. “You’re really interesting, I’ve never told anybody about this before. Talking to you really is fun.”


Gao Yulan nodded her head, then lowered her voice. “I’ll tell you something I don’t tell others.”


The lady boss picked at her eyebrow, leaned in close, and whispered, “What happened?”


“I was framed by a two-timing friend. The friend who framed me later was with my boyfriend, and they were living together. I was really angry, so I bought a bunch of thumbtacks and pretended to drop in to accuse them. I was really talking stupidly to them. However, I found an opportunity and put all the thumbtacks under a towel on their sofa. I’m not to be reckoned with!”


Her tone was so serious and mysterious. Although the revenge seemed like child’s mischief, she made it seem like she’d done something big and stressed that she wasn’t to be reckoned with. This made the lady boss laugh happily.


“So interesting!”


The two women chatted back and forth, unexpectedly talking until the evening.


“I’m Gao Yulan and I live nearby. What’s your name?”


“I’m Yin Ning. If you ever have time, come to visit. Read, drink some tea. I usually don’t have many customers, and it’s quiet and calm.”


“That’s great, can I stay here today? There was a rogue going to my home to play around. I was worried about not having a place to stay.” Gao Yulan was excited, not noticing the other person’s name.


“Alright. After a while, I will be going out. Will you be sitting here? I shouldn’t be out for long.” Yin Ning poured more tea for Gao Yulan, then said, “My daughter was mischievous yesterday and wanted to go out to eat at McDonald’s. We didn’t agree and she ran off by herself to go out and cheat a woman to buy her some. My brother said he would take us to go to the woman’s house to apologize.”




Lied to a woman for McDonald’s?!


In a flash, Gao Yulan thought of everything in short. “Your, your surname is Yin?” She had made a resolution yesterday: if she met any cats, dogs, or children that needed help with the surname Yin, it didn’t concern her. But she didn’t step into that territory today, right?


It wouldn’t happen, right?


“Yes, my name is Yin Ning, what’s the matter?” Gao Yulan’s face turned strange, hearing Yin Ning.


Gao Yulan opened her mouth, but no words came out. At this time, the door opened and the doors bells went “ding ding”. From the door squeezed in a brown puppy with two erect ears. While licking its mouth, it ran towards them briskly on its four short legs.


Gao Yulan, seeing the dog, felt despair.


Then the shop door opened once more with a “ding ding” and a sweet little girl’s voice trailed through. “Mama, Mama, Mantou is bad, it stole my sausage.”


Gao Yulan heard the voice and she felt despair.


Shortly afterward, the store’s door opened and a magnetic voice traveled through, “That’s stupid!”


A “boom” sound and Gao Yulan suddenly lied down on the table, covering her face.


God, have I offended you?


Author’s note: God, Lan Lan has offended you, right? Right?


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