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☆Reunion with Old Friends

Yin Ze was really coming?

Gao Yulan thought hard. Why was she entangled in this mess? Was it because she kicked him, or stole his dog Mantou, or he owed shady money to his quack doctor of a classmate, or was he just evil and liked seeing her like this?

Either way, Gao Yulan loathed Yin Ze! Absolutely hated him!

Not only did she hate him, she was afraid of him. Every time he showed up, something bad would happen. Now that he said he was coming, Gao Yulan couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Gao Yulan passed around her room. She decided to teach him a lesson without showing any weakness. A lesson that would make Yin Ze never dare to provoke her. Then they would never meet again.

Maybe, but how would I teach him?

Gao Yulan walked circles around her rented apartment as she cursed him. She put a bucket of water over the doorway. Putting a newly bought bag of flour to fall on him was pretty good too. If he was covered in powder, he might go home instead of coming in.

Gao Yulan held a rolling pin, looked at the knives in the knife drawer, and sighed. It was unlikely she’d use it. She wouldn’t dare to use these “weapons”. She really was useless.

Gao Yulan sat on her couch and sighed. Whether she used simple or ordinary tricks would be good: don’t install anything, don’t open the door!

Gao Yulan stared at the door blankly and miserably. She had come to this city for 3 years but didn’t have a lot of close friends. Each day she would go to work and then come home, she thought it was pretty good. Free without any troubles to disturb her.

But now that she was alone after something bad had happened, she realized that being alone was terrible.

A few days ago, she had been depressed and gone to City C, but it didn’t take long for her to return. Now she was at a loss with nowhere to go, but being by herself and going around was also foolish.

Gao Yulan was deep in thought when suddenly her cell phone rang. She flinched in shock. It was unlikely that Yin Ze was calling, right? Holding her cell phone, there was an unfamiliar number and she hesitated to answer it.

“Lan Lan, it’s me, Ruoyu.”

Raising the cell phone to her ear, she heard a cheerful and lighthearted female voice. Gao Yulan’s heart burst happily. It was her high school classmate Chen Ruoyu. Three years ago in City C, there was a “two-timing” incident and the two friends had drifted apart. For a long time, they hadn’t contacted each other. Now that there was a call, the former hatred should be gone.

Gao Yulan’s dejected mood improved and she was happy to reply. Chen Ruoyu said, “I came to City A, Uncle Gao gave me your phone number. If you have time, we should meet up.”

“That’s great! I’m free today, is that alright?” Gao Yulan excitedly almost jumped into the air.

“Alright, I’ll come find you. Give me your address.”

Gao Yulan said her neighborhood address and door number as fast as lightning, then suddenly thought what if Ruoyu came to her home, and Yin Ze then showed up. That would be awkward. Meeting outside would be better.

“How about this, my home isn’t very convenient right now, and is messy. How about we meet outside? I’ve been to the place you’re at right now before.”

“I see, anyway I’m nearby and we could meet at ‘Sui Xin Park’. I like the water and books a lot, the atmosphere is very good—perfect for a chat—and it’s close to your home.” Chen Ruoyu said the address and suggested the two meet in half an hour.

Gao Yulan’s mood now was great, meeting an old friend. She wasn’t all alone in the city.

Gao Yulan was delighted by the appointment at ‘Sui Xin Park’. It certainly was pretty close. It wasn’t that far from the fast food shop she always went to, and was only separated by a small street. It just seemed like the shop was too refined for her, so she never went to it.

Arriving at the shop, she looked at one side and saw a water bar selling drinks and homemade pastries. The smell from the oven wafted around in the air. On the other side was a wall full of shelves of books. Chen Ruoyu was right, this was a very good atmosphere.

When Gao Yulan entered, a beautiful refined woman welcomed her. Wearing an apron, with a married woman’s aura, she seemed like the boss. “Welcome.”

Gao Yulan was in a good mood, such a shop had such a good boss. She nodded with a smile and went to find a location near the shelves to sit. The woman holding a drink and pastry menu came to ask her what she would like. Gao Yulan said that she had some friends and was going to wait. The woman smiled lightly and brought a cup of water to Gao Yulan and told her that if she got bored, the bookshelf was full.

Gao Yulan was very cheerful. Why hadn’t she come to this shop before? She took a book and randomly flipped through it in the peaceful shop. The aroma of food drifted about and Gao Yulan sat alone undisturbed. The lady boss, making sure she was still there, went to go bake.

In such a quiet atmosphere, Gao Yulan read the book until Chen Ruoyu arrived.

The two friends hadn’t seen one another in awhile, so this was an exciting thing. Gao Yulan was itching to ask Chen Ruoyu about the last few years. Chen Ruoyu said she still contacted only a couple of friends, so and so married, so and so had a baby, so and so got promoted, so and so…

The lady boss went to fill their waters up and didn’t urge them to pay the bill, seeing them chat, she left the bill and left.

Gao Yulan had started this day with bad luck, but seeing an old friend made it better.

“I went back to City C a couple of days ago. I stayed at home for a couple days but my mom and dad exaggeratedly introduced me to guys, and I was scared away from home.”

Chen Ruoyu’s smiling expression went rigid. “I didn’t think you would go back. Lan Lan, I’m sorry, I owe you. I know you didn’t do it. I’m standing by your side.”

Gao Yulan smiled and clenched her cup. If a friend had said such a line back then, believing she was innocent, and believing her, it would have been alright.

“It’s all in the past.” Actually, how could they blame the bystanders? People made the situation, and how could you stop a hundred bystanders? This wasn’t really a suitable topic for now.

The two people were silent for a moment, then Gao Yulan asked, “Ruoyu, you say, do I have bad luck? Do I look very easy to bully, very easy to accuse of a person?”

”Why do you ask? You have very good, pretty and delicate features. A refined gentle voice. A good looking gentlewoman.” Ruoyu casually joked. Hearing ‘gentlewoman’, Gao Yulan’s face got dark.

To look pretty like a gentlewoman, does that mean I have to be in such grief?

Gao Yulan told her about what had happened in City A and how she had been framed in the company, as well as the rogue who she wanted to kill a thousand times. She asked, “What should I do? I can’t seem to appease it. The company’s benefits were really good, and I can’t go back now. So many colleagues don’t know the truth. Now I don’t know what to do. I gained so many customers, perhaps they also know about it now. With one photo I can’t argue back, I feel that what Wen Sha said also can’t be believed. She was right in the middle of all this. And now there’s a guy that keeps disturbing me from time to time. What do I do? The place I live is not expensive, and the landlord is good. I don’t want to move because of such a person.”

“Then you don’t move. Lan Lan, if you encounter him just call me. I can come help you out.” Chen Ruoyu said, vouching for herself.

Gao Yulan giggled. “Don’t tell me you want to fight him?”

“If I need to, I will rush to you.” Chen Ruoyu said and Gao Yulan laughed. Don’t think that because Chen Ruoyu was talking loudly, she was brave. She was timid and afraid of blood, always studying at school.  One time there was a dead mouse beside the road, and she screamed, causing Gao Yulan to hide from her.

The two people kept talking, consoling each other. Everybody was struggling in their new careers. They poured their grievances together.

Then Chen Ruoyu hesitated, but bit the bullet. She took out a form. “Lan Lan, I’ll go with what you said. I’m currently a financial adviser and every day trying to find customers. Our products are quite good, and I help lots of people. Our business is doing decent. From what I heard of your situation, I think I have a plan just for you…”

Gao Yulan was dumbstruck. From talking casually to selling?

“Ruoyu, I’m currently unemployed. I don’t have any money to invest.”

“Lan Lan, you’re wrong here. Do you think in financial management you need to use money to invest? Wrong! Financial management is to take a part of your income and plan for the future, it’s a safeguard.  Your situation is the most suitable…” Chen Ruoyu pushed the form to Gao Yulan. Gao Yulan looked down to see ‘Insurance’ and was astonished by the word.

Gao Yulan was speechless. She thought Chen Ruoyu had been a bank financial adviser. Now it seemed she was an insurance finance adviser, and she wanted to sell her insurance?

Gao Yulan felt uncomfortable. It seemed Chen Ruoyu was very fluent in describing how good it was. She would look at Gao Yulan’s expression from time to time while listing off the necessities of buying insurance.

Gao Yulan didn’t know what to say. “Ruoyu, what you said is great, but I don’t currently work. I can’t spend two thousand to buy this. I really am powerless about this, sorry.”

“There are cheaper plans…” Chen Ruoyu bit the bullet and came up with more forms, and began to introduce them. Explaining a lot, she finally said, “You also need to consider Uncle and Aunty Gao. You’re working alone, and just in case something happens. What I’m saying is that there is money for any event, just in case. As you can see, every month is less than a thousand dollars.”

Gao Yulan was unable to say anything. These days, why are they so weird? She really didn’t want to buy insurance. She had no money. All she wanted was a friend. She wanted a safe job, and a kind considerate boyfriend. Was that to much too ask for? God, where are you looking?

Chen Ruoyu had more to say but was discouraged. “Forget it, forget it, I was just short this month by one person… but the product is really good…” She finally shut her mouth.

Gao Yulan looked at her, and felt a little apologetic. “Ruoyu, I really can’t buy this insurance. I first have to buy food and pay rent. Now I don’t even have work. Insurance isn’t really right for me.”

Chen Ruoyu was dismayed. “I’m sorry.”

Gao Yulan looked at her old friend and suddenly had a thought. “However, there are two people that I can introduce to you. They both have money, time, and might need insurance. I’ll give you their numbers, you can try to talk to them, maybe you will be successful.”

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes lit up and her back straightened: “Really?”

“Ummhmm.” Gao Yulan nodded her head. Then she took out her cell phone and copied the phone numbers for Chen Ruoyu.

Then she pointed at Wen Sha’s name.“This one has a very special love interest, so life and work are very stressful. Her life is most in need of insurance. And this one…” She pointed to Yin Ze’s name: “…is very rich, more than two thousand a month is certainly not a problem. Fight on, I’m sure you can do it.”

These two evil people made her have a loss. This time Chen Ruoyu can spout everything to them. If they pay, it could be considered her helping out an old friend.

Chen Ruoyu held the notebook with the phone numbers happily. “You’re really a true friend Lan Lan, I can’t lose you.”

”No, no.” Gao Yulan was afraid that Chen Ruoyu would do anything else and quickly waved her hand.

Chen Ruoyu did not seem to see, she took out a big box of stuff and passed it to Gao Yulan. “Besides being a financial adviser, I’m also an insurance product agent. This box I will give to you for free! If you run out, come to me, and I’ll give you the price. If you don’t want it, advertise for me and help pull some business my way.”

“What things?” Gao Yulan was puzzled. What could be in the insurance box? Is it not another insurance policy? She looked more carefully at the packaging and called out in fright.

“What are you making a fuss about? It’s a condom—this kind, nice thing is insurance and very essential.” Chen Ruoyu gripped Gao Yulan’s hand. “This is a safeguard for women, old friend. Don’t be embarrassed! Don’t be so formal, take it!”

Gao Yulan’s chin almost dropped, surprised. She didn’t have to be formal! She didn’t have to feel embarrassed!

Do you have to be so reckless! Seriously, holy shit!

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