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☆Accepting Hits


Gao Yulan didn’t have time to react before Yin Ze had arrived in front of them. He looked down at the messy tray and then at Niu Niu’s face.


Gao Yulan saw a reaction. Sure enough, Niu Niu made a begging call, “Uncle.”


Yin Ze, expressionless, said, “Quickly apologize to Aunty.”


“Apologize?” Gao Yulan was startled. “Apologize for what? A child got lost, and I picked her up to help her find her Mama. She didn’t do anything. Why are you so hard on her?”


Yin Ze looked at her eyes, and once again called out to the little girl. “Niu Niu…”


Niu Niu’s head dropped down and she got off her chair. In a low voice, she said to Gao Yulan, “Big Sis, I’m sorry.”


So wrong!


Gao Yulan’s sense of justice provoked her into standing up. “You’re a big man, what are you doing scaring a child? Niu Niu was waiting obediently and almost taken away. She came to the nearest McDonald’s waiting for her family to pick her up. An adult like you can’t even look after a child, then you lose her and then come to rebuke her. Truly horrible.”


Niu Niu looked up at Gao Yulan with shining eyes. Gao Yulan drew in Niu Niu. “Adult’s also can’t speak reasonably.”


Yin Ze didn’t say anything but calmly watched Gao Yulan. Looking and looking, then laughing. Seeing his ruffian, funny smile, Gao Yulan couldn’t help but think it was dazzling. Laughing? Annoying!


“Why are you so interesting, every time we meet?”


‘Interesting’ your ass! Gao Yulan ground her teeth, reminding herself she was in front of a child and needed to remain poised.


Yin Ze continued, “Originally I didn’t want to say so much, but you misunderstood me. In order to maintain my good image, I’ll explain things clearly!” He finished speaking and turned towards Niu Niu. “Little Demon, explain yourself.”


Niu Niu blinked her eyes and leaned close to Gao Yulan, hugging her leg with an innocent expression. “Uncle, you want to have a good image with sister, I also want to leave a good impression on sister. Don’t you have a heart? I’m a weak child.”


Yin Ze thought for a moment and said, “If you were an innocent child, Uncle really wouldn’t have the heart. But Uncle has a bit of confidence in you.”


Gao Yulan listened to the two and felt like something was fishy.


Niu Niu lowered her head, put on an emotional voice, and said, “Uncle, you make Niu Niu very sad.”


“Niu Niu, you also make Uncle very sad.”


One adult and one child acted exactly the same. Gao Yulan began to feel restless.


“Niu Niu, you need to tell Aunty clearly or Uncle won’t take you out to play.” Yin Ze could see Gao Yulan’s patience waning and applied pressure on Niu Niu.


Niu Niu looked at Gao Yulan and then at Yin Ze, stalling. “Sister, Niu Niu likes you.”


Seeing her innocent cute little face, Gao Yulan patted her head and said, “Sister likes you too.”


Niu Niu, in Gao Yulan’s embrace, spoke playfully. “Niu Niu didn’t get lost.” ·File·Write·Judge·Leave·Think·Rabbit·Do·Wire·Review·Network·Friend·Edit·Order·First


Gao Yulan didn’t react, responding with, “That’s good, you should be more careful later on. Don’t wander down roads you don’t know, okay? Let your family know where you are, don’t let your parents worry.”


Niu Niu nodded her head and said, “Niu Niu knows.”


One adult and one child finished their conversation harmoniously and both turned to look at Yin Ze. Gao Yulan was puzzled by Niu Niu’s pitiful look as Yin Ze tapped his foot.


“That’s it?” Yin Ze asked.


“What about it?” Gao Yulan asked back.


“I’m not asking you, I’m asking her.” Yin Ze pointed his chin at Niu Niu.


Niu Niu responded, “Sister thinks I can’t find home, but I can. I tricked Sister, I apologize to Sister.” The child put on an obedient appearance.


Gao Yulan hurriedly said, “Niu Niu knows her wrongs? I don’t blame her.”


Yin Ze held the two of them and suddenly laughed. He tapped Niu Niu’s forehead lightly and said, “Naughty Demon, I’ll tell your mother about this.”


“Uncle, don’t, Uncle, I love you, Uncle, you’re so handsome. You can’t do such a cruel thing.” Niu Niu let go of Gao Yulan and pounced on Yin Ze.


Gao Yulan saw this and was going to ask for leniency, but Yin Ze spoke first. “This little devil wanted to go to McDonald’s after eating lunch. We said no and she ran away quietly. The store is only 300 meters away from her home. She can’t possibly get lost so close to home—she only came to eat McDonald’s.”


Gao Yulan nodded her head “Oh,” thinking the child went to McDonald’s, running away from home. Then she didn’t tell her mother.


Yin Ze looked at her expression and laughed. “Do you not understand?”


“Clearly this child is very headstrong. Niu Niu, you can’t run away from the adults to go to McDonald’s, it’s very dangerous.” Gao Yulan kindly helped educate the child.


Yin Ze laughed, “You’re so funny.”


Gao Yulan’s face froze. To say that she was interesting again—was she really that interesting? This man was so cheap, ridiculing her in front of a child.

Niu Niu then said, “Uncle, I like this sister.”


Gao Yulan listened, pleased with herself. Kids really were great. Yin Ze watched her and laughed. “She’s like Mantou, following you.”


Gao Yulan’s smile became rigid and Yin Ze spoke again. “Why would you buy her McDonald’s?”


Gao Yulan subconsciously answered, “It doesn’t matter, I only bought some chicken wings and french fries…” She suddenly looked down at the girl while she spoke.


Niu Niu exposed a big smile and with a clear bright voice said, “Thank you, Sister, for inviting me to eat.”


Gao Yulan was dumbfounded, thinking about Niu Niu pretending to be lost in the city. Thinking about how her parents told her to go to the nearest McDonald’s so they could pick her up. Thinking of her holding her hand and saying “Sister, come with me to McDonald’s to wait for my Mama.” Thinking of her pitiful look as the other children ate, and then how she had been softhearted and, not wanting to hurt the child’s self-esteem, had carefully coaxed her to eat chicken wings and fries…


Now the child smiled like a fox.


Gao Yulan finally realized. She had been tricked? She had been tricked by a little girl. That really made a person angry.


Provoking her, Yin Ze quietly whispered into her ear. “This little devil cheated you, don’t you think? Don’t worry, your IQ is normal. You aren’t the only person she has tricked. Don’t worry, I’ll lecture her better.”


Lecture her? Who’s going to lecture him?


Gao Yulan looked at the man’s smiling face, trying to find a garbage can to put over his head. This man was so annoying!


Niu Niu pulled on Yin Ze’s clothes. “Uncle, what are you telling Sister? I want to hear too.”


The two adults looked down at the little demon, Niu Niu’s innocent eyes reminded her of the puppy Mantou.


This whole family was like pets. How could she take care of all three? The big one scares her for amusement, and the small one cheats her into buying food.


What was with this family!


Gao Yulan held Yin Ze’s hand and sincerely said, “Mr. Yin, I need to ask you something.”


Yin Ze answered seriously. “What?”


“Your family—both animals and humans—if they see me, please avoid me okay?” She really was a weak and frail person. Ah, she needed to live!


Yin Ze controlled his smile and quietly answered, “I’ll take this little demon back home. You think about this, and we can talk about it later.”


Gao Yulan glared, wanting to say something, but Yin Ze was already holding Niu Niu’s arm and standing up. “Niu Niu, say goodbye to Aunty.”


“Sister goodbye!” Niu Niu smiled and waved her little hand at Gao Yulan.


Gao Yulan stomached her anger as she watched the two leave, then heard Niu Niu say to Yin Ze, “Uncle, this sister can never grow old with such little world knowledge, as you can see…”


Gao Yulan sat down and rubbed her forehead, speechless. Even the child was so special. Yin Ze was such a mess. She really wanted to stay away from them!


Gao Yulan promised herself if she saw any kitten, puppy, or child that needed help, she would make sure if they had family or friends with the surname Yin.


Gao Yulan left the McDonald’s and, while returning home, her cell phone rang. She took it out to look. She didn’t recognize the number and there was no contact information on who it was.


The text message was written like this: “You stole my dog, picked up my children, hit me, and you want to never meet again? Tomorrow I’ll see you at your home!”


Gao Yulan was flabbergasted.


Could it be? Was the devil coming to me?

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