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Gao Yulan thanked her colleague for the information, but was surprised and shocked. “You already have Mantou.” She hung up the phone and quickly returned to her former company.


The receptionist saw her and her eyes sparkled. She shouted, “Yulan, Yulan! Your boyfriend came.”


Gao Yulan heart shook, and she lowered her voice. How many people knew about it?


“Where is Wen Sha?”


Gao Yulan asked calmly. Nobody asked about her boyfriend, and nobody knew where he was either. Right now it was imperative to find him before more damage could be done.


The receptionist woman returned a quiet answer. “Wen Sha is with your boyfriend.”


Gao Yulan’s eyes flashed. “Where is he?” She clenched her teeth, trying to be polite.


“Wen Sha’s office.”


Gao Yulan moved to go to Wen Sha’s office. After taking two steps, she couldn’t help but turn back and loudly explain, “He’s just pretending, I don’t even know him!”


The receptionist covered her mouth, laughing. “I know, I know, just go.”


Gao Yulan saw the smile and became more sullen. “I really don’t know him!” But the receptionist lady smiled even more, leaving Gao Yulan hopeless. Without any other choice, she turned to leave.


She hadn’t walked far before the receptionist made a phone call. “Look, look, the main heroine has come. I told you Yulan was adorable. She’s not used to having a boyfriend yet. You should’ve seen her expression, it was so shy and bashful…”


Gao Yulan didn’t hear the receptionist’s words that would’ve made people to vomit blood. She walked into Wen Sha’s office and looked to see Yin Ze sitting together with Wen Sha, talking happily.


It was currently noon. The gentle sunlight streamed through the huge French windows into Wen Sha’s office, onto one man and one woman. The man was dashing and handsome, and the woman was beautiful and alluring to the eyes. The two were having a conversation in complete harmony; with the sunlight, it was like a beautiful painting.


A perfect couple!




Gao Yulan’s anger fumed, and she couldn’t wait to trash the office, but one person made her hesitate.


She didn’t know why Yin Ze had come, nor did she know what they were chatting about. She didn’t know what to do. She looked to her left and right; everybody was watching her. Well, it was a good idea to not run in scolding. She stood still and watched the two to check for any changes in the status quo. It was clearly very good.


She couldn’t move.


There were people that picked up their phones. “Hey hey, the main heroine is here right now. She isn’t moving, just looking at the other two. It’s also pretty interesting since the other two have been talking for a long time and haven’t noticed. Yeah yeah, I don’t know what’s happening to tell you.”


“…really, really, I’m not kidding you. I just saw one man and one woman kidnap someone. No, no, there’s no fighting, I’m waiting to see….”


In the strange atmosphere, Gao Yulan’s hearing ability went up to 200%, surprisingly hearing 70-80% of the whispers. Her heart faltered. Alright, they really weren’t giving her a chance.


Gao Yulan strode towards the two people with momentum!


She opened the glass door. The two people turned simultaneously to see her smile and loudly say, “Honey, you came.”


Her voice was sweet and magnetic. Gao Yulan’s momentum left her as she went through the doorway. She didn’t dare to look back outside at everybody’s reaction, and quickly reassured herself. Then she strode forward and dragged Yin Ze to leave.


Speaking a lot made many mistakes nowadays; the people’s imaginations were already flying up into space. Her talking had made an unimaginable plot happen. She didn’t speak and dragged the guy away!


Gao Yulan made up her mind that silence was golden, but Yin Ze was grinning while he was dragged away. He arrogantly turned to Wen Sha and stated, “You look, Lan Lan choose me.”


Gao Yulan almost staggered. Hearing him, she threw his hand away and turned to fiercely look at him. “It’s really fun, isn’t it?”


Yin Ze raised his arms in surrender and cried out, “Okay, okay, don’t be angry—I heard you were bullied and came to take a look, okay? Not telling you was my fault, alright.” He said to Gao Yulan softly, “Either way, I already came. Take advantage of it.”


Gao Yulan glared and warned him in a low voice, “Listen, this is probably amusing to you, but it isn’t to me. If you act recklessly, I will kill you.”


Yin Ze smiled, put on a helpless look, and stated, “Okay, okay, just don’t be angry.”


The two of them were close together, whispering into each other’s ears. To others, it looked like they were really close.


A male colleague then sarcastically said, “Usually seeing such an indecent scene—who would’ve thought people would be like that? Seeing men and women together really is crappy.”


These words were clearly a stab towards Gao Yulan and Yin Ze. Hearing the words, Gao Yulan stiffened and clenched her fist. She controlled herself to not turn around and see who it was. Instead, she looked in front of her at Yin Ze’s face.


Yin Ze’s smile vanished and he turned to look at the man.


Gao Yulan’s face turned red and she didn’t know what to do.


She was full of regret. She shouldn’t have come back; this time it was more humiliating than the last. Why was she so stupid to have come back? Why hadn’t she just quit? Why had she been so stupid to come here to hear these embarrassing words?


Yin Ze pulled her hand, leading her, as she struggled with her emotions. She lowered her head, blocking her face. She really shouldn’t have come here.


Yin Ze came to an abrupt halt, and Gao Yulan stopped with him. She looked up to see they’d stopped in front of the person who had insulted her. The person had been cheap; others weren’t rude like he was.


Yin Ze suddenly attacked by picking up a chair beside the trash can and smashing it over the man’s head. Everyone was shocked into an uproar, and Gao Yulan was too stunned to react. He then picked up the trash can and threw it over the man’s head and yelled out, “My dear!”


Gao Yulan strode forward in the excitement and ruthlessly knocked the man down! He hadn’t even been able to get out of the trash can from before. Gao Yulan then cursed, “You’re a rotten person, a bad person!”


Yin Ze clapped and cheered after beating him up, he removed Gao Yulan to move away and said, “Okay, now that that’s resolved, let’s go.”


After beating somebody up, Gao Yulan felt much happier. They really hadn’t held back, beating up the cheap person with all their strength.


They had only taken two steps before a burst of violent screaming came from behind them. The cheap man had taken the trash can off his head and stood, cursing Gao Yulan. Yin Ze turned around and shouted, “You want to fight?”


Yin Ze forcefully stepped forward with cold eyes—his tall figure and ice cold look were very fierce. Seeing this, Gao Yulan thought back to the plastered covered man. The man she saw now was really a changed man!


She followed him, and he rolled up his sleeves.


If there really was a fight, she’d be cheering loudly!


The cheap man saw the violent man and fierce woman. He was sensible and didn’t dare to fight.


The hostile scene was secretly watched by the frightened company employees as they squeezed together in a circle for a better view. Even Wen Sha stood by the door of the office to quietly watch it unfold.


The clamorous office finally drew the attention of the higher-ups. The bald manager took the lead and asked, “What are you doing? Do you all have nothing to do?”


Yin Ze loudly agreed. “Yep, Leader, they’re all slacking!”


Gao Yulan was shocked by how fast he had changed his tone. He was dangerous.


She was afraid that Yin Ze would make matters worse, so she quickly pulled him to run away. Yin Ze, running beside her, turned around and yelled, “Leader, they’ve been a little unruly and need to get their wages cut!”


Gao Yulan’s face got dark as she used all her effort to drag him into the elevator. After watching the elevator door close, she finally breathed a sigh.


“Why are we running? We need to make sure you’re innocent.”


Gao Yulan glanced at him. If it weren’t for him coming to make a disturbance, her rumors wouldn’t be so extreme right now. She turned to stare at the elevator floor panel and planned what to do next.


“Well, I apologize. I was too curious and came to check it out. I didn’t think you’d come and I’m sorry for the embarrassing scene.” Yin Ze had an honest expression but Gao Yulan felt it didn’t have a lot of sincerity.


The elevator doors opened and Gao Yulan walked out. Yin Ze chased after her, silent. Gao Yulan violently whipped around and asked, “Where’s your cast? And weren’t you supposed to stay in your wheelchair for a month?”


Yin Ze gave a roguish smile. “My ability to recover exceeded what the doctor thought it would be.”


“Swindler!” Gao Yulan scolded as it was made clear. “You’re a swindler right? The cast was fake? Were the medical expenses also false?”


“You beating me up was all true!”


“Then what’s going on?” Gao Yulan’s anger was starting to flare.


“My classmate was a quack doctor and had checked that I had a sprain. Then he checked my whole body. He exaggerated the plaster and used the most expensive medicine.”


“Does he hate you?”


“We’re brothers with an iron bond, but he conveys his friendship in a special way.”


Gao Yulan growled. “You only have have sprained ankle. Why are you finding me with the police?”


“Oh, Lei Feng is also one of my classmates. When I went to find you, that was true. I wanted to take back Mantou and needed somebody to push me around while I had the cast.” Yin Ze waved his hand disapprovingly. “The police help the people, and when people are in a cast and a wheelchair, policemen help push. Yep, yep.”


“‘Yep’ my ass! You just wanted to mess around! Why are you messing with innocent people!” This bastard was a mess. Gao Yulan was fuming.


“How am I messing around?” Yin Ze clutched his heart with a hurt face, “You’re shaming my sense of humor.”


“Nope, I despise your moral principles!” Gao Yulan gnashed her teeth and didn’t want to see him anymore. She turned, walking away and yelled, “I take that back, It’s a waste to even disdain such integrity.”


Yin Ze stared at her back and yelled, “Lan Lan, we had some fun and can be considered friends, right?”


“Get lost!” Gao Yulan turned her head to look at him, still walking forward. She despised him so much but couldn’t bother with trash like him.


She finished yelling and turned back, only to walk into pole. She clutched her forehead as she squatted down to the ground.

Behind her, Yin Ze laughed. Gao Yulan cursed in her heart. Such a waste! She despised this rogue!


Author’s Note:

Cover your mouth, you will not question me, right?!

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