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☆ Meeting


They drove straight to “Food” and since there was no place to park they moved onto “Sui Xin Park” and just as they were arriving the door opened up. Yin Ze had already been waiting by the door and after finally seeing the vehicle he darted towards the car and pulled Gao Yulan out.


“You’re finally back, we’ve been away from each other so long, isn’t that right?” He pulled her into his embrace scaring Gao Yulan into calling out “Let me go”.


Yin Ze laughed loudly and let her go as she wished, but kissed her on the lips.


Niu Niu hearing the noise outside also came out, she rushed toward Guo Qiuchen and hugged his legs shouting: “Uncle Guo, let’s go to the amusement park.”


After shouting out, seeing her uncle and Gao Yulan kissing, the little baby decided to let go of Guo Qiuchen and jumped at Yin Ze: “Uncle, I also want a kiss.” After saying that she pucker up her lips and looked up.


Yin Ze was in a good mood, lifting up the little girl he gave her a kiss. Seeing Gao Yulan giggling to the side he held her and kissed her again.


Niu Niu opened her eyes and asked: “Sister, are you fighting over with Niu Niu?”


Gao Yulan looked at the child not knowing what to say. Mantou jumped into the fun and held onto Gao Yulan’s calf and looked up with his little head.


Yin Ze took her place and kissed the child before saying: “Fight over what, that’s your aunt.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned red, and hit Yin Ze: “Don’t talk rubbish.”


Niu Niu’s eyes widened while looking at Yin Ze and Gao Yulan, then twisted out of his embrace onto the ground. Yin Ze let go of her and she ran towards Guo Qiuchen’s side and hugged his leg: “Uncle Guo My heart’s broken, I just had my uncle stolen by sister, I’m so sad. I’m so heartbroken, the only thing that’ll cheer me up is taking me to the amusement park…”


Mantou didn’t understand what Niu Niu was saying but seeing the circumstance, also went over to Guo Qiuchen’s leg as if he would also get something.


Guo Qiuchen looked at the two around his legs, then took his left hand to pat Niu Niu’s head and his right hand to pat Mantou’s head for a moment and said: “Be good.”


“Yeah.” Niu Niu nodded her head: “Niu Niu will be good. Uncle Guo lets go to the amusement park.”


Mantou wrapped his front paws around Guo Qiuchen’s legs even tighter thinking the rubbing on his head meant he was getting something to eat.


Guo Qiuchen looked at the two not knowing what to do, he couldn’t move either of his legs either. He could only look at the others for help. Yin Ning crossed her arms enjoying the scene while leaning against the door. Yin Ze went off into telling telling Gao Yulan a story and they went into their own little world. Niu Niu held onto Guo Qiuchen and shouted out: Amusement park, Amusement park…” giving Guo Qiuchen a headache.


After a while Guo Qiuchen felt dead inside and could only agree: “Niu Niu ask your mom, If your mom says it’s okay uncle will take you to the amusement park.”


Niu Niu hearing this turned her head towards Yin Ning, and Yin Ning chose to lift her eyebrow, her opinion quite clear. Lunch is ready, where do you think you’re doing?


Niu Niu pursed her lips and pouted, she turned back to Guo Qiuchen and said: “Uncle Guo, aren’t you a man. My mama isn’t your mama, you don’t need to listen to her.”


Guyo Qiuchen couldn’t comprehend what the child had said, but quickly picked up what was said and replied: “I don’t have to listen to her, but you have to listen to her.”


Niu Niu looked at him then turned and said loudly: “Mama, Uncle Guo said he isn’t going to listen to you.”

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After saying that she turned back: “You said you need to listen to my mama, then you said I need to listen to my mama, now are you going to listen to my mama?”


Guo Qiuchen was left speechless, Yin Ze benevolently at this time helped Guo Qiuchen out of the embarrassing situation. He took her and gave her to Yin Ning and said to her: “You shouldn’t use Uncle Guo, you have to get your mom first. That’s the key to everything.”


Niu Niu argued for herself: “I can’t get mama to do it, so I get Uncle Guo, and then Uncle Guo can get mama, and then couldn’t I go?”


Guo Qiuchen’s face turned red as he stealthily looked at Yin Ning. Yin Ning knocked on Niu Niu’s head: “We have stuff to do today, if you keep being naughty, mama won’t pay attention to you.”


“Why can’t we go today? It’s already been a while since we’ve gone to the amusement park.” Niu Niu kept complaining.


“Uncle doesn’t have time and mama doesn’t have a car.”


“Uncle Guo has time and a car.”


“In short, I can’t go today.” Yin Ning pulled the little girl back into the store, while calling out to a red faced Guo Qiuchen to come in and sit.


Guo Qiuchen really wanted to move but Mantou was still on his leg. Yin Ze pulled Gao Yulan: “Let’s go, take the dog leash, I need to go back to work and you’re going with me.”


Gao Yulan muttered that it wasn’t her dog, but still went to get Mantou to leave. Mantou reluctantly looked back at Guo Qiuchen , and Guo Qiuchen touched his face wondering what made the dog attracted to him so much?


Gao Yulan went with Yin Ze to “Food” and asked him: “What dog is Mantou?”

“A stupid dog.”


“How old is he?”

“I don’t know.”


“How much was he?”


“I picked him up from the street.” Yin Ze chuckled: “Back then I had a Mantou in my hand, he followed me down a street so after I got home I called him Mantou. Luckily on the street I also found you.” He wrapped Gao Yulan in his arms and kissed her face.


As the two people were getting further and further away Guo Qiuchen looked at them enviously as he heard a couple of words they said. He suddenly remembered why Mantou liked him so much, he was carrying some beef jerky on him that was for Niu Niu.


According to Niu Niu if she can get Uncle to get her mama then she would succeed, but what if he used the daughter to get the mother, wouldn’t he succeed then?


A woman that was older than him and even had a child. Somebody that had a painful past, but looked like the prettiest flower hidden in a greenhouse. Simple, cute, and a mature woman.


The contradiction captivated him.


Guo Qiuchen sighed, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he also couldn’t stop his own feelings. He looked at Yin Ze holding Gao Yulan and entering “Food” then straightened his own back before entering “Sui Xin Park”.


“Food” was currently in rush hour. It was about time for guest to come so every worker was preparing to begin.


It was the first time Gao Yulan had seen so many people at “Food” she felt somewhat out of place and asked Yin Ze in a whisper: “Since you’re so busy I’ll just leave first and wait for you at home.”


“Don’t go. I want to see you.” Yin Ze confidently brought her to the lounge and in front of her changed into his work clothes. Gao Yulan played with Mantou: “Won’t I be a bother being here since it’s so busy, You’re going to busy and since I’m just here I’ll also get bored.”


Put Mantou back into this cage and I’ll go get something for you to eat. Read a magazine and help me deliver some food for my sister.” Yin Ze boldly ordered her around.


Gao Yulan looked at the kitchen and the staff sneaking glances at them. She blushed at their glances, and thought twice about refuting him, but agreed with him and placed Mantou into his cage before going out.


She played with Mantou a moment before coming out to a table with two plates of dim sum, Yin Ze winked at her and pointed to his mouth to eat and at the table. Gao Yulan found his expression amusing, then Yin Ze puckered up his lips and with a wry face blew a kiss. Gao Yulan’s face turned red and she went to the bathroom in a hurry to wash her hands.


She looked at herself in the mirror and discovered her face was all red. She felt like she had seen a smile from the kitchen as Yin Ze joked around with her. She splashed cold water on her face to calm down and went out.


As she opened the door to walk out she hit into somebody. She heard his chuckle and then looked up to see that it was Yin Ze.


Yin Ze blocked her from walking out and then pushed her back in and kissed her.


Gao Yulan was shocked by the kiss. Outside there were a lot of people and they were in the bathroom. Even though the bathroom was clean it was still a bathroom.


She hit Yin Ze’s back, and he just pinched her neck. Gao Yulan opened her mouth to say something but his tongue took the chance and went exploring into her mouth.


This rogue!


Gao Yulan hit his back again, but it only made the hug tighter and the kiss deeper.


This guy really was annoying, too annoying! While thinking so she turned and his tongue entwined around hers, she really wanted to bite it off, but she couldn’t do it as the kiss got deeper and deeper teasing the breath out of her.


Before Yin Ze finished the kiss he gave her pecks endlessly.


Gao Yulan felt bashful, but also afraid that somebody outside would hear it and come in. Using all her strength she pushed him away: “The food is going to burn.”


“Let it burn, I’ll just deduct it from my wages.”


“You’re really annoying.”


“You really are cute.”


“Get out, you’re bothering me.”


“What bother, I’m just getting motivation to do work. There’s a person that I haven’t seen in a long time, and my spirit has all gone, I need to refill.”


“Ptooh, you’re saying nonsense.” Gao Yulan’s face turned red.


Yin Ze laughed, hugged her and kissed her again: “For now it’s temporary, I can fill up completely later. Kiss me, and I’ll go out.”


“Not kissing.”

“Not kissing not leaving.”


“Get out.” Gao Yulan gave this hoodlum a stare.


Yin Ze held her motionless, with a look not leaving. Gao Yulan waited for a moment and felt a little panicky. She pushed him away: “Hey, get out.”


“I’ll leave after a kiss.”


“If you don’t leave, I’ll leave.”


“Alright, when you go out tell them that I’m waiting in the bathroom for a kiss so they don’t worry.”




“Mua..” Yin Ze pursed his lips waiting for a kiss.


Gao Yulan grinded her teeth: “You really are annoying.” She gave him a little push.


Yin Ze laughed and then went in for a kiss, satisfied he left.


Gao Yulan hid inside the washroom, this guy is really unruly.

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