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☆ Gossip is a Horrifying Thing


Gao Yulan hid for a long time before remembering Yin Ze might call back. Wouldn’t he worry if he didn’t know why she wouldn’t pick up.


Thinking of this she turned her phone back on.


As the phone turned on, Yin Ze called. “Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m very well.”


“Where are you now?”


“At home.”


“Did your phone have a problem?” Hearing that she was okay, Yin Ze could finally stop worrying, what was the weird noises that Niu Niu heard “Wuwuwu….Dong…Pshhh…” It made him believe that she was in a struggle with somebody.


“No problem.


“No problem is what problem?” Yin Ze wasn’t quitting, she had nearly scared him to death.


“Sorry, I really have no problems.” If she said she made the wrong call would she be okay? “I was wrong.” Either way no matter what happened just admit it was a mistake to win first.


“What is wrong?”


“Ah, I still need to say what I was wrong about?” Gao Yulan really wanted to lie, she didn’t want to say something so shameful.


“What, you make me worried and you won’t tell what happened? Moreover, you owe me so much. After so long you still haven’t returned a ‘Mua’, you owe me a lot of ‘Mua’…”Yin Ze suddenly said: “Are you giving me a ‘Mua’ or are you giving Niu Niu one?” The sound that Niu Niu couldn’t describe was Mua, Mua….


Gao Yulan sighed inside, how could this person be so smart?


“Yin Ze, you’re so annoying.”


“Hmph, hmph. Don’t change the subject. You may be annoyed of me but you still owe me a ‘Mua, Mua’ you have to return back.”


“You’re not only annoying now, you were always annoying.” Gao Yulan remembered when she was on an impulse making the ‘Mua’ sound and her face turned red.

Yin Ze relaxed and laughed into his phone, his light, soft voice felt like feathers scratching her heart. He deliberately lowered his voice to tease her: “How annoying am I?”


Gao Yulan didn’t answer but yelled on the inside instead: Very annoying, very annoying, very annoying…


“Lan Lan, when you were in school was your language grade good, your irony is used so cleverly, I admire it so much. Hey, You said I was always annoying, does that mean early, early on you were already lusting after me?”




“You.” Yin Ze’s roguish attitude made Gao Yulan want to laugh.


“Yin Ze.”



“Yin Ze.” She didn’t know what she was doing, but wanted to call his name out.



“Yin Ze.”



“Yin Ze.”



“Yin Ze.”



“Yin Ze?”

“How long are you going to say it?”


“Yin Ze.”



“Yin Ze.”

“You miss me right?”


“Yin Ze.” She called out once again, and Yin Ze made another sound of affirmation. The two, one lying down in A City and another lying down in bed in C City. Like two romantic fools they made the most boring thing in the world into something so sweet.


“My mom’s operation went smoothly, you don’t have to worry.”



“I want to stay here to take care of her, so I’m staying here for two weeks.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


“I saw Zheng Tao and Qi Na today.”

“Who are they?”


“My ex-boyfriend and my past best friend.”

“What did you do, were you like a steam bun again?”


“No, I raised my head, straightened my back and walked past them with a clear mind.”


“Stupid, I’ll help you get back at them when I have the chance.:



“Good night, you should go to sleep earlier, or it’ll be harder to go to the hospital in the morning.”


“I still want to talk to you.”


“Give me back what you owe me before you go to sleep. Hurry ‘Mua’.”


“What did you say we were again?”


“Mua is it not loud enough.”


“Do you think you’re my boyfriend?”


The two knew what they were talking about, and didn’t feel anything about it.


“What kind of question is that? Hurry and come back and I’ll tell you if I am or am not your boyfriend.”


“Mua, Mua…I’m done, I’m going to sleep.”


Yin Ze was startled, he was trying to tease her and she didn’t spit at him but instead kissed him? After kissing him just hung up?


“Wait.” Yin Ze pressed urgently: “After teasing me you’re just going to run away again? You bad woman, you’re so cruel. If you leave me like this I’m going to be lost in my thoughts and how would I sleep then?”


“Think, then think some more and then sleep, Mua, Good night.” Gao Yulan firmly hung up and imagined Yin Ze grinding his teeth on the phone, and couldn’t help but smile. He always made her feel happier.


She entered the land of dreams with a smile.


The next day because Mama Gao was in the hospital she had to go from home to hospital a couple times.


Mama Gao had to stay in the hospital for five days, and some neighbors and friends visited. Papa Guo and Mama Guo had also come bringing fruit. During the time, they praised Gao Yulan for her filial piety and seeing a daughter in law like that they were in full support. Everybody was saying that Guo Qiuchen was a good kid, and the two families were blessed with good fortune, and they were a good pair and so on.


The more that it was said, the more it wouldn’t look so good if they said anything, Gao Yulan just looked down and didn’t say anything.


Papa Gao knew that they had come with good intentions and talked to them about somethings, but because they were old friends he couldn’t refute what they said instantly.


After the several days, Gao Yulan, Papa Gao, and Mama Gao could finally go home. One day in the evening the father , daughter pair were on the front porch chatting and finally the question sprang up. Gao Yulan took the chance to explain.


“Dad, I found a good guy. He doesn’t have a high education, he isn’t well of, furthermore he has a sister and niece to take care of. He has a cute puppy, he has a restaurant, and owes money to the bank. But I like him.”


Papa Gao was stupefied: “Daughter, what is this, why did I hear nothing about this?”


“I also haven’t known it for long.”


Papa Gao’s face turned black, all of a sudden he just found out there was somebody else she liked? “Then, have you decided?”


“I’ve decided, he treats me well.” Gao Yulan bit her lip, thinking of Yin Ze’s daily greetings. Recalling those days, and how he made her happy she said: “Wait a little, I’ll bring him for you guys to meet him.”


“Alright, alright.” Papa Gao felt a little happy but also worried about his daughter. She finally had somebody she liked. But how was he going to explain to his old friend Old Guo. Little Guo seemed to have an interest, but his daughter already found somebody, how was he going to explain to his old friend.


“The person you like, compared to Little Guo, what is he like?”


“How are they compared to each other?” Gao Yulan thought for a moment: “Mr. Guo is very polite , but I don’t feel anything towards him. Yin Ze, he…” She stopped for a moment: “Yin Ze has suffered, made fun of, and a little of a rogue, to the older generation he wouldn’t be considered good. His weak points are very clear. However he likes me and I like him. Dad, when I was sad, he always has made me happy.”


The words didn’t make sense, there wasn’t any logic behind it and was chaotic, but Papa Gao understood. This was like this own wife, she wasn’t pretty, liked to nag, and had a bad temper. But would he pass his life with her if he didn’t love her.


Papa Gao looked at his daughter and sighed on the inside before clenching his teeth and saying:  “Lan Lan, the most important thing is that he treats you well and you like him. With what happened before, dad felt sad seeing you, but I couldn’t help you at the time. When you went off to A City to work, dad knew why you did it. Currently dad is standing next to a young woman in love, I’ll speak with Old Guo and finish it, dad also won’t be afraid.”


Gao Yulan felt moved, she knew her father and how he tries not to offend anybody, for so long he had never showed the expression he had now. Now that it was clear, Uncle Guo didn’t know, and Mr. Guo also didn’t know that clearly. Her father after saying so much would be going back on his word. After listening obediently to everything, now that it was ending it had implicated her parents.


She hugged Papa Gao: “Dad, sorry.”


“It’s dad’s fault, dad was to anxious, dad thought he was helping you find a good partner.”


The father, daughter pair sat under the moonlight talking over everything and laughing.


The moonlight was bright, and Gao Yulan felt like her life was also brightening up.


The next week Papa Gao had to go to work, and Gao Yulan stayed at home to take care of Mama Gao. Papa Gao seemed to have run into something not so happy as he returned home with a frown. Gao Yulan suspected that it had something to do with her, but she couldn’t ask herself so she asked her mother to get some information.


Mama Gao told her Papa Gao and Papa Guo were in the middle of something and Papa Guo wasn’t happy. She said that Guo Qiuchen didn’t say much and the two families were in a deadlock.


Gao Yulan hearing this felt unwell and gave Guo Qiuchen a call. She asked him to help make it clear to the families, Guo Qiuchen didn’t know this was happening, and apologized before saying he would explain it to his dad carefully.


The time went fast and Mama Gao was healthy again, the old couple were fine and Gao Yulan was returning back to A City Today Guo Qiuchen was going back to C City to see his parents and then return back to A City, he took the initiative and said he would also take Gao Yulan back.


Having a free ride, instead of a crowded bus, her parents happily sent her to the door.


“Work is hard to find, and although we can take care of you, you should follow your goals.” They knew that even though their daughter was a warm person, they knew she was also strong minded.


Gao Yulan nodded in agreement. Mama Gao said: “Keep an eye on Yin Ze to see if he’s really a good person, and when you have time bring him back for us to meet him.” Gao Yulan nodded with a smile.


While talking Guo Qiuchen had also arrived. Stopping his car he got off to help Papa Gao put the bag into the car. Papa Gao thanked him and he embarrassedly said: “It’s my fault for making trouble for you, my dad doesn’t have the best temper, Uncle Gao please excuse him.”


“No, no. We’ve been old friends for so long, why be so polite.”


As they talked, a mother and her daughter came walking out, the younger one was a classmate of Gao Yulan’s and her mother was a co-worker of Papa Gao’s.


Her mother seeing them chuckled: “Yo, daughter and son in law going to A City. Old Gao you really are lucky, Little Guo is such a good kid, if it wasn’t because you were so fast snatching him away, I would also fight for him to be my son in law.”


Gao Yulan’s old classmate looked away in embarrassment, seeing Gao Yulan she elbowed her mother to stop. Her mother chuckled and took her hand waving while taking her away and leaving the four standing there not knowing what to say.


Finally Guo Qiuchen said it was about time to go, and the four bid them goodbye.


In the car, Guo Qiuchen directly said sorry. Gao Yulan sighed, gossip really was a terrifying thing. She had experienced the same thing a couple years ago.


The original mood was bad, Gao Yulan felt gloomy. Halfway back she received a call from Yin Ze asking where she was, and she should go to “Food” first. He wanted to see her immediately.


Yin Ze’s voice consoled Gao Yulan, she really wanted to see him again.

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