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☆ Embarrassing


Gao Yulan’s thoughts were in a whirl. Papa Guo while driving was incessantly asking about Guo Qiuchen’s work, and indirectly asking about Gao Yulan’s circumstances.


Gao Yulan’s interest was running short and Guo Qiuchen was awkwardly trying to shift the subject with his dad. Papa Gao was also not so thick skinned seeing that his daughter wasn’t very happy, he also tried to shift his old colleagues attention.


The car was noisy with the chatting, so Gao Yulan didn’t want to make a phone call. She looked forward to stopping at the restaurant so she could give Yin Ze and Yin Ning a call.


Finding a place to stop the car, Papa Gao’s phone suddenly rang. Hearing what was said he was startled, Mama Gao had acute stomach pain, their neighbor had helped and sent her to the hospital. They took an examination and she might possibly have acute appendicitis.


This gave a scare for Papa Gao and Gao Yulan, there wasn’t anybody home and if there was a surgery what was to be done?


It seemed like they couldn’t eat, Papa Guo said that they could take his car. Guo Qiuchen said that he had driven to long and it wouldn’t be safe, so he would drive himself. Then he would come back on Sunday by bus so that he isn’t late for work on Monday.


Guo Qiuchen quickly went to McDonalds and bought some food for everybody on the way back , Papa Gao without delay contacted the neighbor in City C to ask what was happening and telling them they would be hurrying back.


Gao Yulan got off the car and went to give Yin Ning a call to tell her what was happening, and apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. She asked about Yin Ze and Yin Ning said she didn’t know, he just showed up and took Mantou to go.


Gao Yulan felt nervous as she dialed Yin Ze’s number.


Yin Ze instantly answered and asked her what she was doing. His tone didn’t show how he was feeling, but it also wasn’t his normal roguish one either. It made Gao Yulan worried.


She stammeringly said that her mother was ill and she was going with her father back to C City. Yin Ze made an “Hm” sound and asked how they were going. Gao Yulan bit her lip and quietly said: “Mr. Guo is taking us back.”


“Okay, take care of yourself going there, if there’s anything just call me.”


Gao Yulan agreed, but didn’t want to hang up, after a moment she said:”Trust me, I’m not cheating on you, I’m with Mr. Guo because my mother really is sick.”


Yin Ze was silent for a moment before sighing: “I’m not like your ex boyfriend that wouldn’t believe you. Do you really not trust me?”


Gao Yulan didn’t know what to say, they hadn’t contacted each other for very long. It seemed like their relationship dropped a little, after all he had gone on a trip. Seven years ago when they had discussed about marriage, it had only been the feelings of one person, because of that slap, love just disappeared. She couldn’t say she believed in him, if she did she was just lying to herself.


Gao Yulan opened her mouth not knowing what to say, then said: “Yin Ze.”


“Since you’re so confident, then I’m going to say I’m going home to see my mom, while I’m gone you better remain chaste and wait for me. If you do anything, I’m going to come back and break your leg.” Yin Ze imitated a arrogant female voice, causing Gao Yulan to laugh.


Yin Ze continued to teach her: “In the end, you’re an idiot to worry about me, thinking you lied to me, you really have good luck to have met me a wise, magnanimous, one in a thousand man….”  His roguish tone came back making Gao yulan smile. ←Think←Rabbit←Write←Wait←Combine←Use←Connect←Review←Read←


“… if it was one of those stupid people, they would think that you’re feeling guilty.” Yin Ze finished, then he changed his tone and said: “Lan Lan,You should have confidence in yourself raise your head, straighten your back, and smile.”


“Yeah.” Gao Yulan nodded feeling emotional. She wanted to say something, but behind her  Papa Gao was calling for her: “Lan Lan, hurry up we’re leaving.”


Gao Yulan agreed with a sound and told Yin Ze: “I’m going now, When I’m gone you better stay chaste and wait for me. If you dare even try, I’m coming back to break your leg.” She imitated a young married woman with a bold attitude copying him.


Yin Ze laughed:”Alright, when you come back you can check my body closely, see if I’m still chaste, you better carefully check.”




“Take care of yourself, stay calm when you get back, take care of your family and yourself, if you need help just tell me. If you need me just call me.”


“Yeah, yeah…” She agreed to what he said.


Papa Gao called out from the car for Gao Yulan again: “I’m hanging up now, if there’s anything I’ll call.” Yin Ze waited for her to hang up first and Gao Yulan in the end said: “I miss you Yin Ze.”


Hey, You, how could you be so heartless saying you miss m….”


“I’m hanging up.” Gao Yulan wanted to continue to listen, but had to go so hung up. Yin Ze stared at his cell phone, even though he knew she couldn’t hear him, he fiercely said: “Flirt with me, and run away. Just you wait when you come back I’ll put you in order.”


Gao Yulan didn’t know about Yin Ze’s anger in the end, but she had a calm peace of mind. The whole journey Papa Gao was uneasy, Gao Yulan talked with him to calm him down.


Guo Qiuchen sped along for three hours before sending the two off to the hospital. Mama Gao did have acute appendicitis and the circumstances were grave, they needed to operate immediately.


Afterwards they had to wait Papa Gao was anxious over his wife. He thought of how he wasn’t near his wife when she was hurt and now was in the operating room, he couldn’t help but cry.


Gao Yulan seeing this took care of everything. Running back and forth she paid the bills, went to thank the neighbors, brought water for her dad, thanked Papa Guo and Guo Qiuchen for going back early, and telling them to leave first. Finally after finishing everything she took a seat with Papa Gao to wait.


In the hospital constraining her emotions she sat for a long time, and then remembered to give Yin Ze a message of how everything was going. She wanted to make a call but thought it was better to send a message saying her mother was in surgery.


Yin Ze quickly texted: “Mua, Fighting!”


Gao Yulan stopped and giggled at the message and replied: “Why are you kissing my mom, my dad will feel jealous.”


Yin Ze almost choked seeing this reply. Alright, this little girl still hasn’t learned, he replied in one sentence: “Hurry ‘Mua’ come back, or I’ll get angry!”


Gao Yulan giggled again, this pervert was always so wacky, but why did he make people so happy.


[TL: Yin Ze’s name sounds like pervert , so the pervert is Yin Ze]


She hesitated on how to return the message and heard Papa Gao’s call, the surgery had finished. Gao Yulan hurried to see Mama Gao and saw Mama Gao being pushed in a wheelchair out by a nurse. Gao Yulan and her father felt their heart relax as they saw her come out fine.


That evening Papa Gao was unwilling to leave, so told Gao Yulan to leave first. Gao Yulan couldn’t resist him pushing her out, and after thinking about it she needed to go home to get some clothes and make some food to bring back.


[TL: So unlike in the United States, in China they don’t serve food at the hospitals and family mainly brings food. I don’t know if any other countries are the same or different, but for people that are confused at why she needs to bring food to the hospital.]


Getting off the bus, she still needed to walk half a block to get to her house. Gao Yulan stood for a while exhausted as she heard Yin Ze’s voice in her mind: “Have confidence in yourself, raise your head, straighten your back, and smile.” Gao Yulan couldn’t help but do what he said, she let out a breath, straightened her back, and smiled taking steps towards her house.


By accident while turning she saw two familiar silhouettes.


Zheng Tao, Qi Na.


A ex-boyfriend, and an old best friend.


Zheng Tao had his hand in his pocket while talking into his phone. Qi Na hooked her arm around his. As they walked closer Qi Na also finally saw Gao Yulan.


Gao Yulan didn’t stop, she raised her head, straightened her back and smiled. She didn’t know that her smile to Qi Na seemed to look sharp, she also didn’t know that her straight back gave her a look of pride.


Qi Na’s face changed as she looked away.


The three brushed pass each other as they never knew each other. It was as if they were stranger A, B, and C passing by each other ordinarily.


Gao Yulan after passing them felt much lighter. She had imagined what it would be like to meet them again, she would turn away and run, she would curse at them in rage, of course they were just what she thought she would do. But who would’ve thought she would unexpectedly just smile.


Although it wasn’t on purpose, she was thinking about Yin Ze, she was thinking about him. So she did what he said and walked proudly in front of the two cheap sluts. She felt it in her heart, so cool.


She missed Yin Ze, she missed him a lot.


After entering her home, she impatiently took out her cell phone, she wanted to call the troublesome ghost a call to pour out her heart. She wanted him to turn on his phone and be scared out of his skin. She sent the troublesome ghost a lot of the same message:” Hurry ‘Mua’ return!, Hurry ‘Mua’ return!”


Gao Yulan laughed at her phone. She took control of her shyness and firmly decided she must take the initiative.


As the phone connected Gao Yulan with all her strength said into her phone “Mua, Mua…” After saying it ten times she didn’t feel like she was saying it loud enough, but she could hear her voice from yin Ze’s side.


She continued, but there wasn’t any reaction from the other side. She stopped the “Mua” and heard a small child’s voice from the phone: “Who are you?”


Gao Yulan froze as the phone asked again: “Are you looking for my uncle? He’s in the shower right now.”


It was Niu Niu.


Gao Yulan closed her eyes, she was screaming in anguish on the inside!


She heard Yin Ning’s voice from far away: “Niu Niu, Don’t play with your uncle’s phone.” And then Niu Niu replied: “There’s somebody on the phone but they didn’t say any words, and were making weird noises.”


Somebody’s “Mua, Mua..”is not a weird noise!” Gao Yulan refuted in her mind as she turned red. She regretted so much that her liver hurt.


She heard Yin Ning say “Give me the phone”, she rapidly hung up and turned off her phone. She jumped onto her bed and buried her head into the pillow.


So, so embarrassing!!!

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