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☆ Misunderstanding?


Yin Ze went on the business trip for a week, Yin Ning and Niu Niu got well and had opened up shop again.


Gao Yulan went to visit them and brought Niu Niu a present. Chen Ruoyu and Guo Qiuchen also went. Niu Niu held the three toys in delight. The little girl wanted to go to an amusement park, but Yin Ning didn’t agree. However Guo Qiuchen said that it’s good to go out to play after being indoors for so long, and he had a car to take them so it was convenient.


Because of Mr. Guo, the three women and little girl were ready to go to the amusement park. The little pitiful Mantou blinked it’s eyes as it watched them leave. Without any option it threw a tantrum swindling food and drink as it was being watched by a shop assistant at “Food”.


Gao Yulan came to A city for three years and had never gone to the amusement park. Today with Chen Ruoyu, Yin Ning, and Niu Niu she could go crazy and throw all the worries to the back of her head to play.


Guo Qiuchen had it hard from the start of the journey. He had to drive, he had to wait in line for the tickets, he had to go buy snacks and refreshments, and he had to be the cameraman for the women. Niu Niu on the spot declared that she was temporarily in love with Mr. Guo today.


Chen Ruoyu found an empty space and dragged Gao Yulan away to ask about Meng Gu and Lei Feng. Hearing that Lei Feng was already taken and there wasn’t much known about Meng Gu, she was a little disappointed. But being in the amusement park was also pretty fun, she quickly threw the thought in the back of her mind. Besides on Doctor Meng Gu’s side there was still a little hope, just have to wait.


After playing for the whole day Driver Mr. Guo  took the women back home. After taking his whole day up, Yin Ning didn’t feel like it was a good idea to tell him to come over when he had time to play. After eating for free, Guo Qiuchen politely thanked them.


Finally in the car, Gao Yulan remembered the mistaken love matter, and asked Guo Qiuchen did he explain to his family.


“Yeah, I called my dad and told him to not make such irresponsible remarks.”


“That’s great, that’s great.” Gao Yulan nodded her head feeling happy on the inside.


“I’m so sorry.” Guo Qiuchen sincerely apologized: “I gave you some trouble.”


“No, no. The older generation makes mistakes easily. My parents are also like this, when I went home last time my mom dragged me out to the park in the morning, where they were practicing Tai Chi for a blind date and then another one at the supermarket. The next day I was so afraid I didn’t dare to go out with my mom and because of that my dad brought a guy in the evening home…” She closed her mouth remembering the night that her father brought the one that was currently here, Mr. Guo.


Guo Qiuchen couldn’t help but laugh: “Lan Lan, Once I got to know you, you really are cheerful.”


Gao Yulan laughed “hehe” embarrassed: “ Really thanks for today, I’m going  up.”


“Yeah, Bye bye. See you some other day.”


Gao Yulan smiled and waved back, then went into the elevator. After exiting the elevator a call from Yin Ze came: “Darling, What are you doing?”


Gao Yulan’s face blushed while opening the door while responding to him: “I just went out to play and am returning home.”


“Play…” Yin Ze dragged out the word, and Gao Yulan remembered his roguish appearance.


“I’ll tell you Ms. Gao, your boyfriend is working really hard and is exhausted! Don’t you dare take advantage of him and get a lover, other wise when he gets back he’s going to smack your butt!”


Yin Ze used a threatening tone which was very hilarious, Gao Yulan furrowed her nose: “Oh, then pass on to my boyfriend that he can’t snatch up a woman outside. If he does, he doesn’t need to come back.”


“Eh, how do you know he would have these kinds of evil intentions? But I heard his girlfriend is very scary so he doesn’t have the courage to be unfaithful. Sigh, tell me if being a man is easy or not? Being managed to death.”


His tone became roguish again and Gao Yulan couldn’t help but smile sheepishly: “Don’t push yourself to hard, if you’re tired go rest.”


“Hey, You don’t have any conscience, don’t tell me you don’t want me anymore?”  


Gao Yulan’s face blushed while lying on the sofa not speaking because she was embarrassed to say it out loud.


“Hm, I get it. You want me, you really really want me. It’s just too much, and your brain can’t process it no matter how long it takes. I’m so touched.”


“What, you’re making something up.” Why was it when it came out of him it sounded so funny, Gao Yulan smiled while purring up a serious tone.


“Does your neck hurt?”


“It doesn’t hurt.”


“Let me tell you, you should go work out. Why are you so frail, just a kiss and your neck got twisted, later when it’s more intense wouldn’t it mean you would break an arm or leg.”


“Ptooh, who’s going to break an arm or leg.”


On the other side Yin Ze laughed loudly: “You’re not focusing on the right point Lan Lan, the important part is the intense exercise.”


“How could you say something bad like that to a lady.” Gao Yulan blushed.


“Where is the bad thing, everything I’ve said has been serious.”


“Say it again, I won’t care about you .” Gao Yulan would always lose these bickers. Yin Ze laughed again: “Okay, okay. But you have to admit that you miss me.”


“I don’t want to.”


“Uh huh, I understand, I understand.” Yin Ze laughed lightly as if catching a small child hiding.


Gao Yulan’s face turned red hearing his laughter, after a moment she asked quietly: “What’re you doing over there? Are you exhausting yourself?”


“It’s alright, I’m not too tired. A restaurant is currently getting ready to plan out a new recipe and I’m conveniently passing by to take a look.”


“Have you eaten yet?”


“Not yet, I’ve been in the kitchen the whole day taste testing  so I don’t really have an appetite. In a while I’m going to go out to try to find some porridge to eat.”


“So you’ve been standing all day.” Gao Yulan thought it would be pretty tiring to be up all day cooking.


“Hm. Does it make your heart hurt?”


Gao Yulan pretended not to hear him and said: “Hurry up and get some rest, alright?”


“I am currently resting, I’m lying in bed talking to you.”


Gao Yulan smiled. What a coincidence, she was also lying down in bed to.


The two didn’t say anything, listening to each other breath over the phone. Yin Ze suddenly softly said: “I really want to come over right now.”


Gao Yulan on the inside also said “Me to” but bit back the words and said instead: “You’re not allowed to be lazy, don’t goof off with your friends when you have work.”


“Oh, you really don’t have any conscience.” Yin Ze called out in sorrow,  Gao Yulan instantly imagined his expression and couldn’t help but giggle.


They conversed idly for half an hour, and finally under the urging of Gao Yulan, Yin Ze went out to get some food.


Gao Yulan hung up her cell phone and after thinking for a while texted: “I miss you”, after thinking about it again she deleted it and put “Don’t wear yourself out, pay attention to your health.” After thinking about it again she deleted it also.


She covered her face and screamed, she clearly just said the same thing on the phone a moment ago, saying it again would be stupid. But she really wanted to talk more with him.


What to do? Suddenly it hit her. She had never thought of dating Yin Ze before, at first she thought he was an annoying  person. Now she had fallen into the trap and was stuck, turning into a fool, what was to be done?


Gao Yulan was at a loss, but there was a way to not let her emotions rise up. There was still finding a job to worry about, after all Hu Tian naturally wasn’t going to contact her again.  Gao Yulan put her emotions into order and then once again sent her resume. Today however she had gotten a call from a magazine.


Originally the magazine publisher had a woman’s salon campaign,to talk about clothing, and cosmetic knowledge. It was free to get a subscription of the magazine and because it was free, they didn’t have much of a budget. So the magazine would request the marketing department to find a place with the lowest cost. The area had to be good, and conform to the magazine’s image.


The magazine publisher put the responsibility on Little Qing, she went from place to place even though the environment was good, the rent was of course high. There were also a lot that were a little too far so it was inconvenient to go to, the members wouldn’t go so far away. There were all kind of factors that made it fail. Little Qing without any option finally asked Gao Yulan for help.


Gao Yulan quickly thought of a place. She then asked Little Qing for the budget before going to discuss it over with Yin Ning.


Yin Ning hearing about the campaign thought it would be fun, and with a wave of her hand: “Alright, They can use this place.”


“Then how much should used for the rent?” Gao Yulan asked.


“Rent?” Yin Ning blinked: “It’s for a friend right? If the budget isn’t enough it should be a headache, so there isn’t any need for rent. But I don’t have any staff, the last server resigned and I haven’t hired another one, either way I don’t have many guest. If they come to help out, I don’t need rent. “


“Out of the question, you have to take rent. Even if it’s a little you have to take it, you can’t give it away for free. Once the campaign is over, the magazine will continue to do it, so your store will have a regular income. Once you let it be free, they will find various reasons to keep it free. Every company says they don’t have a high budget but are in fact somewhat flexible. Your shop is elegantly decorated and fits perfectly with the image of the magazine. Your area is easily accessible from bus, or subway and you have parking spaces outside. Your shop also isn’t small and should be able to fit 20-30 people for the event. These conditions couldn’t be more perfect. The cost of the place can be low but they will also be bringing in guest, which you can use to earn a little more by selling cakes and drinks. If the guest likes it, they may come back.”


Yin Ning’s eyes sparkled hearing this: “Lan Lan, are you saying that I can make some money with the store? Honestly speaking in the many years I’ve had the shop, I haven’t made a monthly profit ever.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned black:” You haven’t made a profit in a couple years? How are you still running the business?”


“Yin Ze has been paying for the rent and other things, while I’ve only made enough to bake bread and for the drinks to pass the time by. At the time I was at the lowest of my life, and Yin Ze gave me the shop. When I first started I was motivated to make money, but there weren’t a lot of guest, which led to now. I didn’t pay attention to the accounts, and I have not earned enough even for the rent.”


Yin Ning said it all calmly, while Gao Yulan listening to it felt distressed. It wasn’t a small amount of  money every month to pay for the store in this district, and it wasn’t a small amount of money to renovate it so well. Yin Ze spoiled his sister so much, to even give her this store just to pass time.


Gao Yulan finally recalled suddenly that she hadn’t told Yin Ning she was dating her brother, but how was she supposed to bring it up? Yep, let’s just let Yin Ze do it when he comes back. Lets just deal with the campaign for now.


“Lan Lan, I don’t really understand much about this kind of thing. I can do some baking and make the drinks, so you can take full authority of this alright. Whatever you earn is yours.”


“No, no. You should be the one taking the money. I’ll go talk to them about it.” Actually Gao Yulan really wanted to say Sis, why are you pushing money onto others, if you can earn it take it. Think about how hard it is for your brother helping you with the store.


Yin Ning was too naive, and Gao Yulan couldn’t say anything about it, doing business isn’t easy and she knew that. She decided she must help Yin Ning with her business.


Gao Yulan set out and with the magazine publisher discussed two times bringing them to the site to look at and introduce the area. Finally the publisher put down their card and money, Yin Ning really wanted to say yes. But Gao Yulan had explained in advance for her to keep her mouth shut. Gao Yulan pretended to feel dissatisfied, and put down conditions to rent out the place , Suixin Park’s most fitting conditions were half its rent, Little Qing persistently agreed on it.


Gao Yulan proposed a long term cooperation. The store would cooperate with the magazine and give priority to their venue, member’s can get a discount, and help them publicize events. After discussing for a hour, the publisher finally nodded and decided on the contract on the spot.


Little Qing persistently gave Gao Yulan a thumbs up, it was finally finished. The publisher person left and Yin Ning stared at the contract for a long time. She eventually hugged Gao Yulan cheering: “Wow, It’s the first time I made any money, I can finally look at Yin Ze now.”


Gao Yulan was very happy on the inside, finally receiving the feeling of having done her job.


Signing the contract was only the first step. Gao Yulan had to focus from start to finish as she ran back and forth taking care of everything. She handled the publisher, Yin Ning made cakes and drinks, and Niu Niu helped.


The event date was on Saturday,the store was cleaned up, Niu Niu wore some new clothes, and Mantou wore some new cute clothes.Chen Ruoyu and Guo Qiuchen went to the store to help out.


The whole event went smoothly, the speaker the publisher invited was extremely good. Mantou acted cute in front of everybody, and the speaker improvised using Mantou’s clothes as an example. Niu Niu spun around like a little fashion model. The mood was perfect with a little laughter.


Little Qing happily told Gao Yulan that the event was one of the best they had. A moment ago they had also talked about the next time, Gao Yulan was happy to hear about it.


The event was estimated to be held for two hours, but was held for three hours instead. Everybody enjoyed themselves before leaving. Niu Niu helped tidy up the store while telling Yin Ning she wanted to play again next time, causing everybody else to laugh.


Gao Yulan stood in front of the store gasping in exhaustion. Guo Qiuchen happened to also come out to smoke, seeing her he chatted with her a little. The two talked about some of the interesting things of the event. A leaf fell onto the top of Gao Yulan’s head and Guo Qiuchen reached forward without a word to pick up the leaf, then all of a sudden a loud laugh erupted: “Look, Look. If we didn’t come, how would we have known?”


Gao Yulan and Guo Qiuchen turned in front only to see Papa Gao, and Papa Guo.


Originally when Papa Gao had heard his daughter dispiritedly, it made him worried. Hearing that Papa Guo was going to City A to visit Guo Qiuchen, without a heartbeat also decided to go to see his daughter. And the result was that before getting to his daughter’s neighborhood, they saw the two chatting and smiling with an intimate mood. The two old men hurried over.


“Dad.” Gao Yulan and Guo Qiuchen called out at the same time, the two old men laughed.


“I say, Old Gao, you said that it would never work. I told you it would be a cinch. My son should be the clearest about it.” Papa Guo was grinning while looking at Guo Qiuchen and Gao Yulan: “You two have done good, if it’s suitable our two families would have a wedding next year.”


Gao Yulan was stupefied, Guo Qiuchen said hurriedly: “Dad, don’t guess wildly, there really isn’t anything.”


“What, don’t have anything?” Papa Guo had a poker face: “Why don’t you think about how you look right now. If you wanted to buy something didn’t I know to buy it, do you think your dad doesn’t know you after so many years?”


After that Guo Qiuchen turned red and speechless. Guo Qiuchen was defeated, Gao Yulan didn’t have the fighting strength to go against these elders and could only stand there numbly. Papa Guo waved his hand: “Lets go, Lets go get something to eat, I’ve driven for several hours and haven’t eaten. We’ll talk while eating.”


Finished speaking, they dragged the two into the car.


When the car started Gao Yulan remembered she forgot to say goodbye to Yin Ning. Looking back at the door she saw Yin Ze who should’ve come back tomorrow standing there with a bag and looking at her.


Gao Yulan turned rigid as the car left, Yin Ze was getting smaller and smaller till she couldn’t see him anymore.


Gao Yulan felt her throat suffocate and her heart flustered.


How much did Yin Ze see? Would he misunderstand?

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