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☆No Discord, No Relationship


The police officer and the plastered man proceeded into the house. Gao Yulan didn’t dare to stop them because the plastered man had offered to either speak at her home or at the police station.


Who would want to drink tea at the police station!? Gao Yulan, of course, chose her home.


“Let me see identification first.” Although bewildered, Gao Yulan pretended to be calm, to try to gain the upper hand and not be tricked.


The plastered man put his ID onto the coffee table and the police officer also brought out his ID, showing it to Gao Yulan. The plastered man’s name was Yin Ze, and the police officer was called Lei Feng.


Gao Yulan returned the ID’s and expressionlessly asked, “What proof do you have?”


As Gao Yulan sat down, she looked carefully at Yin Ze’s face. His eyes were clear and bright like stars and, even though he was in a wheelchair, they shined grandly. His figure was quite tall. Gao Yulan’s brain abruptly remembered last night when she had tried to touch his face, kicked his legs, then picked up his dog and ran away.


When she had been drunk, everything had been crazy and she couldn’t remember anything in the morning, but when people came to calculate her debt, she finally remembered. How was this supposed to help her now?


“Evidence? You want to say you didn’t do it? Then how is my family dog Mantou here at your home?“ Yin Ze asked.


Gao Yulan looked to the ground at Mantou’s tail as it wagged, and said stupidly, “How would I know how it came here? I was drunk and saw it in my home. Perhaps I saw it in my yard yesterday and decided to pick it up? How do you know this is your dog? You call it Mantou, well, I call it Baozi.”


Mantou, hearing its name, looked up.


Gao Yulan imitated Yin Ze and opened up her arms in an embrace, “Baozi, Baozi, come!”


Mantou shook its tail and sat beside Gao Yulan’s leg, rubbing against it warmly.


Gao Yulan raised her head with a “how about this” expression proudly.


Yin Ze laughed coldly. “You trained my dog to follow your orders. Are you proud of that?”


Gao Yulan choked and said, “Anyways, if you come to my home with only spoken proof, even bringing a police officer is useless!” She gestured to her arm. “Look at me compared to you. My slender arms can steal your dog, but to beat you up till you’re in a wheelchair… Who would believe that?”


“Yo, so arrogant. But with reasonable truth.” Yin Ze then exaggerated his stomach wound and facial expression, and took out a leather bag with documents. “Evidence? Why don’t you look at it?”


He reached into the bag, fished out several pieces of paper, and said, “You first came up to me and stroked my face, I asked you to stop but you didn’t listen. Then you got angry and kicked me. I fell down a flight of stairs and twisted my leg. Then you took Mantou and ran. A taxi had pulled over and you jumped in to run. I didn’t have time to chase, but I wrote down the taxi’s license plate number.”


He displayed the pages side by side. “Officer Lei helped me contact the taxi driver, asked about the drunk woman that was holding a puppy, and what address they had gotten off at. Then we came to the neighborhood, and ask the security to find you. You see, the taxi driver has made a testimony, as we were afraid you would not admit to it. I asked for the surrounding eyewitnesses contact details, and three eyewitnesses have also made a testimony of your use of violence and stealing my dog.”


Gao Yulan was flabbergasted, unable to even think. Did he really have to bring so much to support himself? And to have gotten witnesses, and testimonies in such a short time?


Yin Ze continued to say, “These are my medical exam papers, with my injuries that you’ve cruelly inflicted upon me. I have a fractured ankle, ligament sprain, and am now covered in plaster. I’ll have to sit in this wheelchair for about a month and this is the medical bill.”


Gao Yulan looked at the five digit medical fee. Is this a sweatshop?


Yin Ze was not finished, and continued to attack. “You’ve also exposed yourself. You asked how I could be beaten up so badly that I would need to be in a wheelchair. May I ask, how do you know that I wasn’t sitting in a wheelchair beforehand? I had said that you’d beaten me up, not that I was beaten up until I was in a wheelchair.”


Gao Yulan looked at him, and slowly replied, “You’re thinking too much. It was fair to speculate that anybody that came wounded saying I beat them up was injured. Not thinking that would make that person a fool.”


Yin Ze cursed internally and squinted, looking into Gao Yulan’s eyes.


Although Gao Yulan was guilty, she didn’t show any weakness and stared back.


The two stared at each other, and finally Yin Ze laughed. “You’re really interesting, I like interesting.”


He patted the testimonies and medical receipts. “In short, you have to compensate for my medical fees and my mental suffering, or surrender to this police officer and be put in jail.”


Gao Yulan then remembered that there was a police officer sitting in front of her.


The police officer had sat in between the two but didn’t seem to even be there. From start to finish, he had not said a word.


But then, because it was the end, he finally opened his mouth to speak. “The evidence is undeniable and if you cannot reach an agreement with Mr. Yin, he insists on suing you. I will have to arrest you according to the law.”


Real or fake?


Gao Yulan weighed the situation and no matter what, she was in the wrong. They had come prepared with good evidence and she couldn’t settle this dispute. The five digit medical fee was really too high. She didn’t have any money, and currently was unemployed. She seriously couldn’t compensate his losses.


Thinking of this, Gao Yulan’s hate for Wen Sha rose even more.


She had framed her, then got her fired, causing her to go buy alcohol and get intoxicated. Oh! And it was also Wen Sha’s phone call that had caused her to go out and look for men!


How can she have so much bad luck to run into these kinds of things?


Gao Yulan looked at Yin Ze, then at Officer Lei Feng. She couldn’t think of a method and really couldn’t pay either.


She secretly pinched her thighs and blinked. Moisture began to well from her eyes. She gave a pathetic look. “Yesterday night, I drank a lot and don’t remember what had happened. Everything Mr. Yin said, I don’t remember. If it really is like that, I am willing to take responsibility. Having said that, I’m really a pitiful person. I was framed and forced to leave home alone. Then, while living in a city alone, I had the darkest day of my life yesterday. I was framed again and lost my job, the company had set me up. Officer Lei, I ask you here, can I file a case of being framed?”


Lei Feng looked blankly. How did the subject change so quickly?


Gao Yulan continued adding fuel to the fire and talked about everything that had happened yesterday and more. How she was alone in a city with no friends, no parents. All her the hard work for the company, yet they still dismissed her. How the colleagues had despised and ridiculed her. She had a lot of grievances which she spoke of vividly. Half of it was true, and she cried.


She finished, and asked Officer Lei, “Officer, you said that the police would take care of these things right?”


Lei Feng’s face turned dark. This woman didn’t seem to be faking it, and he didn’t know how to feel about it. He looked at Yin Ze, not knowing what to say. Yin Zhe said, “Do you have proof?”


Gao Yulan took out her purse and fished out Wen Sha’s business card: “Look! This is the company and the woman that harmed me. The whole company knows about this. Yesterday I felt depressed so I went to drink at a bar I’ve never been to. Then this woman called me while I was drunk and provoked me by saying she wouldn’t clarify with the company and that the only way for the company to know I didn’t like woman was to get a man. While I was drunk, I made a mistake.”


Yin Ze looked at the business card carefully, then acted out. “Seriously pitiful, as pitiful as me.”


His emotional and smooth voice shut Lei Feng up. This Yin Ze’s words were vicious.


Gao Yulan had seen the police officer’s expression soften, then the victim spoke and the whole situation changed.


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but stare at the loathsome man. He seriously was a horrid annoyance. She cursed in her heart and saw Yin Ze wave to Lei Feng and say, “Officer, I’m not suing her.”


Gao Yulan stared blankly, she couldn’t believe it. A miracle?


Yin Ze then pointed at the medical bills and said, “You still have to pay me back or I will sue you.”


Gao Yulan secretly grinded her teeth together, but Yin Zhe wasn’t finished. He winked and continued. “This affair of yours sounds like fun. After hearing about it, I’ve decided to help you out, alright? You just need a guy to pretend to be your boyfriend, and show off right? How about me? But while I’m pretending, don’t take it too seriously or I’ll be at a loss.”


Lei Feng coughed, Yin Ze and Gao Yulan both looked at him at the same time.


Yin Ze face was full of expectancy. Nevertheless, Gao Yulan resolutely said, “No.”


“Oh! That hurts!” Yin Ze expressed his thoughts. Seeing this, Lei Feng rubbed his temples.


“You have to give me a good reason!” Yin Ze sorrowfully acted. “I’m fairly talented, have pretty good looks, and I’m alright in the kitchen. You’ve had pretty bad luck finding men, and now a guy has fallen from the sky and you ignore it?”


Gao Yulan pointed at his broken plastered leg, and his wheelchair before slowly saying, “A puppy that can’t protect a man and a broken man.”


Yin Ze choked and stared at her.


Gao Yulan turned to look at Mantou’s watery eyes and asked, “Right?”


“Wan,” Mantou barked in agreement.


Gao Yulan laughed and carried Mantou.


A plot!


Yin Ze turned to glare at his dog for acting cute and betraying him, and said to Gao Yulan, “The two of us really are the same. You try to snatch a guy and snatch a dog instead. Interesting.”


Gao Yulan’s smile stiffened on her face and she groaned “Heng,” before throwing Mantou into Yin Ze’s arms and showing them the door. “Officer Lei, he already said he isn’t suing, so there shouldn’t be any problems. You two should quickly leave.”


Yin Ze protested, saying that it was important to get to the truth of the matter, how it would benefit Gao Yulan to have him act as her boyfriend so he can play around, but Lei Feng and Gao Yulan didn’t show any interest. They cleaned up and the two were sent out of the door.


Yin Ze, leaving with Lei Feng, shouted behind him, “You will come and find me, just you wait and see!”




Hearing his voice, she exerted strength and closed the door shut.


Sending them away, Gao Yulan seriously thought about it, and she really did have bad luck. Wen Sha’s matter and then Yin Ze came. Officer Lei Feng’s expression was also helpless. She was on her own.


What should she do if Yin Ze really did come back and demand money?


Gao Yulan thought for a while and couldn’t think of anything. She was currently renting a really good apartment. She didn’t want to move away and escape, so she decided to ignore it. The soldiers will block and the water will flood. If Yin Ze came to demand payment, then she would kill time and discuss it later.


The next week, Gao Yulan was muddleheaded. She didn’t have any bank savings so she had to hurriedly find a new job, but there was no suitable job for her. She bit the bullet and sent out résumés anyway. But after a week, there still weren’t any phone calls back.


Actually, a couple colleagues had contacted her about her situation. She explained how she had been framed and she didn’t like Wen Sha, but no one could help her and the rumor had spread really fast. Even the client company knew about it and had called to ask. Colleagues had asked about the rumor too. This made her sad, knowing it would be known to more people and nobody could help her.


A week later, Gao Yulan received a phone call from a good colleague.


“Lan Lan, come back to the company, your boyfriend went to find Wen Sha.”


“Boyfriend? Find Wen Sha?”




“My boyfriend?” Gao Yulan had a foreboding premonition.


“He’s pretty good looking, tall, and laughs like a ruffian.”


“Legs broken and sitting in a wheelchair, covered with plaster?”


“No, not right.” Her colleague was baffled. “Lan Lan, you have a couple boyfriends?”


Gao Yulan took a deep breath. Although there was no plaster or wheelchair, he laughed like a ruffian and was pretending to be her boyfriend at the company to have a little fun. There was only one person.


“That isn’t my boyfriend, that’s Mantou’s father!”


Author’s Note: Writing and editing has caused me insomnia, my brain is not able to sleep until I finish the chapter. I also think: this author is the best, right???????

Thus you can’t question me!!!!!!!

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