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☆ Unforeseen Accident


That night, Gao Yulan couldn’t sleep comfortably. Her uncomfortable neck was one of the reasons. Besides, it didn’t feel right to sleep, all that was on her mind was Yin Ze.


He meant that he liked her, right? Were they dating now? Or could it be that it wasn’t clear and it was a kiss and that’s all?


Gao Yulan’s dream was confusing, but she finally slept.


The next day she woke up in the afternoon and absentmindedly discovered that her cell phone ringing had woken her up. She checked the number and saw it was Papa Gao. She immediately got up and answered.


“Lan Lan, how are you?” Papa Gao’s voice sounded energetic.


“It’s been alright.” Gao Yulan automatically hid what had happened when she was looking for work so she wouldn’t make her dad worried. It was also to hide the kiss and dating things. It was better to wait until the lead guy came back first. After they both confirmed it, she could then take him home to talk about it.


“Hehe, Lan Lan, do you want to hide something from your father?”


Gao Yulan was frightened. Her father couldn’t be so awesome now, right? Mind reading? And it was even long range?


“You’re dating? Daddy and Mommy already know all about it.”


“Ah? You actually know?” Gao Yulan was being really frightened. She wasn’t even sure if it was real. It hadn’t even been a day yet. Let’s not even talk about the time she had slept. How many hours had it been? Her dad really was too magical.


“Hmph, you kid, we already knew since last night.” Papa Gao grumbled, but he was actually hiding his happiness. “It was Little Guo’s dad that told me, everybody else already knows now and congratulated me. When I asked, they laughed in annoyance. I went drinking with his dad to celebrate.”


Gao Yulan’s mouth fell open. She didn’t understand a word that her dad had said to her. She was out last night doing this and that with Yin Ze, she had been called out in the middle of the night to be schemed against, and then she was with Yin Ze last night. And the people in this matter should’ve already all gone to sleep. So how could Mr. Guo’s father know so fast? He even went out drinking with her dad to celebrate?


Don’t tell me that Little Guo saw them before and thought they were dating, then went home and talked about it?


Gao Yulan hadn’t said anything and Papa Gao continued. “Daddy and Mommy are so happy about this, you should continue carefully. Daddy and Mommy won’t give you any pressure about this, Little Guo is a good kid. Your mother and I are already satisfied, the two of you together is already good.”


Gao Yulan was completely confused. She rapidly called out, “Dad, you said I’m dating Mr. Guo?”


“Of course, who else? His dad went to City A to visit him and asked how he felt about you. He said you were nice, and he said you’d taken him out for dinner, helped him with buying furniture and so on, then took him to meet your friends. His dad said you two were doing okay.” Papa Gao jabbered on, “That kid Little Guo is pretty good. He has a sense of responsibility, can take things seriously, has steady work, and doesn’t have any unhealthy addictions. He’s pretty good and you would fit together. You don’t need to worry and get together, and I’ve been twisting my head around on how to get you two together, haha, it really isn’t easy. We old people are happy seeing this.”


“I’m not dating him.” Gao Yulan felt her heart go cold after hearing what he said. She murmured, “Dad, I’m not dating him.”


Papa Gao went quiet after hearing what Gao Yulan said. Then he made a sound “Oh,” and followed up with, “No problem, no problem, if you aren’t dating, that’s not a problem at all. Just continue being with each other. After a little longer, emotions should be deeper.”


“I’m not dating him,” Gao Yulan said again.


Her tone wasn’t embarrassed nor was it angry. Rather, it was as if she was powerless and in pain. This alarmed Papa Gao, “Lan Lan, what’s wrong?”


“Dad, we aren’t dating.” Gao Yulan couldn’t describe her current feelings. She had just been immersed in sentimental feelings with Yin Ze, and then after turning her head, somebody tells her that she is dating Mr. Guo. It was as if the matter from 3 years ago was in repeat again, she felt a pinching pain.


Mr. Guo’s family thought they were sweethearts, and now her dad and his coworkers also thought that. City C was really small. Her dad’s workplace also had her old classmates’ parents, they also probably know.


She clearly didn’t have anything going on with Mr. Guo, and then when things go smoothly she would bring back Yin Ze, and then, and then….


Who would listen to her? She didn’t have a foot in both camps, she clearly…wasn’t dating Mr. Guo at all.


[TL: Having a foot in both camps is an idiom that means that she’s having an affair.]


“Dad…” She thought of the insults from the past and suddenly felt afraid. She was afraid something like that would happen again.


Papa Gao, hearing her soft voice, felt his heart hurt, “Lan Lan, what happened? Do you not like Little Guo? If you don’t like him, it doesn’t matter, although it’s a pity. It’s alright. Tell it to me straight and I’ll go think of something with your Uncle Guo.”


“Dad, Mr. Guo is alright, but I really, really, really am not together with him. I don’t know what he told his family, or if Uncle Guo was so happy that he didn’t clarify the relationship and misunderstood. But I really, really, really am not dating him. I…” She wanted to say that she was dating somebody else, but also thought of yesterday night’s kiss. It wasn’t even clear if she was with Yin Ze. She didn’t dare tell Papa Gao, what if something happened? Currently, she was like a bird startled from the twang of a bow.


[TL: The bird that is startled from the twang of a bow is an idiom for somebody that gets scared easily.]


She paused then decided to not mention Yin Ze. Instead she said, “Dad, when you have the time, tell Uncle Guo. I’ll ask Mr. Guo and get him to also explain to his family.”


“Lan Lan, you don’t need to talk to them. Dad will go and make it clear to them, don’t worry.” Papa Gao, hearing his daughter’s voice, felt his heart hurt. Even though he didn’t understand, granted they didn’t talk about it in detail, the two got along with each other. They would slowly get closer and closer, right? But since he couldn’t ask now, he would just drop it for now and would understand what was going on when he had the opportunity.


The father and daughter talked a while longer then hung up. Gao Yulan couldn’t sit and she paced back and forth in her room. The happiness from last night was already gone and she was filled with worry.


She thought and thought, then finally decided to ask Guo Qiuchen what was happening.  Picking up her cell phone, there was a list of text messages from Yin Ze. She had just turned on her phone before it turned black. She pressed the power button but there was no reaction.


Gao Yulan felt at a loss for what to do. Clearly, Yin Ze had sent her some messages, but what did they say? Her phone was suddenly broken. How was she supposed to see the messages? She held her phone confused for a while before recalling that it was just out of power.


She hurriedly plugged her charger into her phone, which made a “di” sound. The phone finally had a reaction. Gao Yulan sighed in relief. She hurriedly booted up her phone to see that the messages were still there. This calmed her somewhat.


She sat down on her bed and carefully tapped on the message. “I’m in City L. The weather’s nice. Rest well and wait for me to come back. Mua~”


[TL: The Mua~ is a kissing sound.]


Gao Yulan looked at the message and suddenly didn’t feel as alarmed. She could imagine Yin Ze’s high-spirited appearance. She took a deep breath, telling herself that it was just a misunderstanding, just a small problem. Just explain clear, explain clearly.


She noticed that Yin Ze had sent the message at 8:34 a.m. She looked blankly at the time it took to get to City L. Yin Ze would be taking the 6 a.m. flight, so he would get to the airport at 5 a.m., and he had accompanied her the whole night. So he had left at 2 o’clock.


Gao Yulan looked at her phone. Because of her, he had stayed up all night and didn’t get sleep. She felt moved in her heart. She sent him a message that wasn’t too complicated: “Rest well, take care of yourself.”


Him and her, they could be considered boyfriend and girlfriend, right?


Gao Yulan turned her neck in pain, thinking of how Yin Ze had encouraged her. She dialed Guo Qiuchen’s number.


Guo Qiuchen picked up happily saying that they hadn’t seen each other in a while, and asked if they should go to “Sui Xin Park.” Gao Yulan told him that Yin Ning and her daughter had fallen ill so they hadn’t been open. Guo Qiuchen listened and said that he would bring some gifts over the next time he went.


The two chatted with some conventional greetings and Gao Yulan finally drummed up her courage to discuss the problem. “My dad called me today, he said Uncle Guo thinks the two of us are dating.”


The phone was quiet and Gao Yulan continued, “Could it be that Uncle Guo had some sort of misunderstanding? You know how they are always asking about how their children are. Sometimes they misunderstand, my dad is also like this but I’ve already made it clear now.”


Guo Qiuchen stammered, “Sorry, I didn’t….really sorry, I didn’t think it would be like this, I’ll make it clear to my dad.”


“Yeah, you need to make it clear. Or else they’ll think it’s real and it’ll be harder to deal with later. Isn’t that right?”


Guo Qiuchen repeatedly apologized, promising that he would explain to his family. The two chatted a bit before hanging up.


Gao Yulan felt her mind loosen up, seeing how it wasn’t so hard to deal with. Mr. Guo also didn’t expect his parents to think that, so he needed to make it clear. She also needed to make it clear to her family for them to understand what was happening.


Afterwards, she would wait for Yin Ze to come back to make things clear between them. When their feelings were stable, she would introduce him to her parents. Gao Yulan was thinking wishfully, but she had forgotten that she was an unlucky child.

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