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☆ Continue Kissing


What do a man and woman do after kissing?


Gao Yulan didn’t know.


After so many years, she didn’t remember how it felt when she was first in love. Her shy and awkward first kiss, or when they held each other’s hand passionately, she didn’t remember it. What was imprinted in her head was the sudden painful slap and the cursing.


She remembered the eyes of everybody as they looked at her, her male classmates, her boyfriend, her friends, and her best friend.


It was baffling that she could remember that day so clearly, but she couldn’t remember the taste of sweet romance. One of the deepest memories should be the first love.


Is it because of the pain that took away the feeling, or was it because of time washing it away?


In short, she forgot. She had forgotten the time she had fallen in love.


Maybe having a long distance relationship for four years dilutes the feelings. Maybe the lies came all at once. In only a few minutes, her love of seven years was destroyed.


After running away to this city, she had told herself she would be better, and when she went back she would do so with brilliance, not allowing them to destroy her life.


And she had already forgotten that she had actually wanted a loving husband, a cute child, a nice little house, a simple and nice job, and to go back and tidy up the house after work, make some tasty food for the family, and lead a happy life.


She had already forgotten a long time ago. What was she in pursuit of now?


After so many years, she hadn’t fallen in love, she hadn’t kissed somebody, and hadn’t hugged somebody warmly. She rushed around work without any spare time, she didn’t have friends, she was scared of losing her job, she didn’t have any direction in life. She only wanted to work harder, get promoted and then save some money…


She said she was finding a man. But at every blind date, she felt lost. She seemed to want to go back and gamble on finding a man to show off to everybody. Look, she, Gao Yulan, didn’t like women, she liked men.

So when something happened, she felt like she was rash.


It seems like the kiss was this, that sweet heartbeat was this, looks like, it was because of this.


Yin Ze’s embrace was warm and strong, his kiss was also warm. Gao Yulan suddenly had a warm feeling that she had felt before. A loving husband, a cute child, a small little house, and some simple work….everything would be alright, everything would be alright.


The soft kiss made Gao Yulan’s thoughts turn into disarray as thousands of ideas went through her.


Alright, was it too much to think about sweet feelings as something good was happening? These thoughts, would they pass onto Yin Ze because they were connected together? After all, they were on the same 1.0 frequency….


Wait a moment, how is it 1.0 frequency? Bad thoughts, bad thoughts.


What, what, what are we going to do after kissing? Why is my heart beating so fast?


Muddleheaded, she tried to think but gave herself a headache.


She cried out in pain, covering her head, and then looked up at Yin Ze’s eyebrow go up in annoyance. Gao Yulan whispered, “What?”


“Your mind’s wandering?”


“Oh?” It really was on the same 1.0 frequency?


“What’re you thinking about?”


Gao Yulan couldn’t answer and innocently looked at him. While she looked at him, the air around them seemed to heat up. Actually, it was just a global phenomenon; in the middle of the night, people in the mountain would start to warm up.


Yin Ze grabbed her hand. She blushed and asked again, “What?”


“You didn’t hug me,” he said while moving. He pulled her into his embrace, wrapping her arm around his waist. The two’s bodies stuck close to each other, heart to heart.


“Great, now we’re in the correct position, one more time,” he said and bent his head down again, kissing her. -_-!Think-_-!Rabbit-_-!Connect-_-!


This kiss seemed even better than the one before. As they say, after the first time, the second time isn’t as bad. Gao Yulan wasn’t as flustered this time and responded better to it.


She matched with Yin Ze’s tempo, his lips, his tongue. Contact, coil together, laugh.


The disorderly thoughts that she had after the first kiss were already gone. But the warm kiss put up another problem: what was to be done after the second kiss?


All the way to the end, she couldn’t control anything because she was the one that had turned her neck last.


This kiss, she couldn’t let other people know about it.


Gao Yulan really wanted to cry and then dig a hole to bury herself in. The originator of all this was laughing loudly. She gave him a glare that was like a cut from a knife.


“How could someone be so stupid?” Although Gao Yulan looked pitiful with small tears around her eyes and her head, Yin Ze couldn’t help but laugh.


“How am I stupid, you’re just trying too hard.”


“I didn’t move your neck,” Yin Ze lifted his hands up, accused unjustly.


“It was you moving around…” Who knew the neck would be so weak? Gao Yulan sat in the passenger seat, feeling wronged. So embarrassing. How could you feel so good and then all of a sudden the muscles in your neck would hurt so much after a little twist?


Yin Ze looked at her angry pout and couldn’t help but go over to kiss her on her lips.  Gao Yulan slapped his head. “No more, what if I hurt myself more.”


Yin Ze laughed loudly, “Alright, alright, it was my fault, it was my fault. I should’ve used my hand to hold your neck, not your waist.


“Ptooh, ptooh.” Gao Yulan turned away, her face becoming red. “Pervert!”


[TL: She called him 淫贼, which in pinyin form is Yin Zei. It sounds similar to his name, so maybe a joke from the author.]


“Alright, alright, we can wait for your neck to be better before we do something fun.” Her neck really was pretty, Yin Ze moved over and kissed her on the neck.


[TL: The “fun” here is 淫 which is the same one she used in pervert. It really means obscene, lascivious, etc. but fun seemed more fitting here.]


A slap came again. “Are you finished yet, never seen somebody with their neck hurt?”


“Where else would I kiss?”


“Hey, ouch it hurts.” Turning the part of her neck that hurt, Gao Yulan slapped him. “Stop joking around.”


“Okay, okay.” Yin Ze stopped messing around and propped his head up with his arm to look at her. The more he looked at her, the cuter she was. He reached out his hand to touch her hair.


“Bang!” With a slap, Ms. Steam Bun slapped the hand down and said, “Drive, we’re going back.”


“I don’t want to go back.” Mr. Pervert was in a good mood.


Ms. Steam Bun gave him a look.


In the end, after seeing Ms. Steam Bun’s neck really wasn’t able to hold up, Mr. Pervert started the car to take her home.


[TL: If anybody is confused, Yin Ze is the pervert and Gao Yulan is the steam bun. The steam bun part is from previous chapters when Yin Ze said she was too weak and always ran away.]


Seeing her face wrinkled up like a steam bun, he couldn’t help but smile. He reached over and caressed her neck. “Does it hurt?”


“Um.” Seriously unlucky, she was probably the unluckiest person in the world.

“Do we need to go to the hospital?”


“No need.” Gao Yulan’s voice went up a pitch, she really didn’t want to go to the hospital. What if the doctor asked her how she had hurt her neck? Did she have to say that she was kissing and twisted it? That really was too embarrassing!


“A million times no,” she emphasized again. “I can just go home and rub some medicinal wine on it.”




“Okay.” Yin Ze lightly helped her massage her neck and looked around. They were almost there. He told her, “Tomorrow I’m going out for business, I’ll be back in a week. I can’t come help you if you go into one of your flights of fancy, okay?”


“Oh.” She felt confused, he really was thinking too much.


“You don’t need to care about that bastard Hu Tian. Whether he calls or the company calls, don’t answer. You cannot work there, I’ve already recorded the conversation from today. When I come back, I can go find a lawyer to take care of it. We can see if he’s done anything to any other girls, that kind of person can’t be left alone to do harm to another person.”


Gao Yulan nodded. Nodding her head hurt her neck, making her draw in a sharp breath.


Yin Ze rubbed her head saying, “Stupid.”


After talking about some random things, they were finally at Gao Yulan’s home. Yin Ze delivered her upstairs and helped rub the wine on her neck. Then he sat in her living room, not wanting to get up. “What to do? I don’t want to go.”


Goa Yulan glared at him and hit him. “It’s late, go home.”


Yin Ze looked at her and smiled. “I thought of a way to fix up your neck, it’s better than the wine.”




“Kissing injury, of course kissing it would make it all better.” Then he leaped up, grabbing onto her. Gao Yulan called out, subconsciously wanting to escape but unable to.


Yin Ze supported her neck and lightly kissed her on the mouth. “I’m teasing you, stupid. Hurry and go to sleep. When I come back, I’ll help you out.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned red. The two conversed and Yin Ze was reluctant to leave.


Gao Yulan tidied up her bed and collapsed, she took care not to move her neck. She was trying to sleep but suddenly thought of the problem. If her neck isn’t okay in a week, wouldn’t Yin Ze kiss her again when he returned?

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