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☆ Head Up, Chest Out


Gao Yulan really wanted to flip the table and then beat Hu Tian into the ground, but she couldn’t do anything. As she listened to herself, she was surprisingly calm.


“Manager Hu, are you married?”


“Yes.” Hu Tian looked at the ring on his hand, not caring in the slightest and telling the truth.


“Is she still alive?”


Hu Tian frowned. “Of course. Ms. Gao, I don’t think you understand. This is just some fun, without any love. My family is still my family.”


Gao Yulan burned with range, this was humiliating. His family is his family, disgusting, what did he take his wife for? Other families’ daughters are making a serious effort to make a livelihood, and he takes it as something fun?

Gao Yulan ground her teeth and asked again. “Manager Hu, are you short on money?”


Hu Tian frowned again, beginning to feel that the girl was not as good as he thought. He saw that she wanted the job very much and she was very young. They have things they want and are willing to pay for them. Now that they have mixed into society, they should know the rules. They could accept them and have some fun, and if they don’t accept, there isn’t any trouble. Each person would take what they need, so it was good.


He thought that his terms would attract her. A person seeking a job from a small place is normal, but how could it be so easy to establish oneself in a major city? So he thought she would do it. But now that she said these baffling words, he thought he was wrong.


Gao Yulan said again, “Manager Hu isn’t short on money? If you have money for a room, you should have money for somebody to accompany you. You have a wife, and you can afford it. Why are you doing something so tasteless at work?”


Hu Tian leaned back and said coldly, “Miss Gao, it seems like you are not interested in being hired, such a pity. Since this is the case, you should return early to rest.”


“I’m interested in getting a job, but I’m not interested in having sex with you.” Gao Yulan ground her teeth, eyeing him angrily. “You don’t have a sense of shame, you bastard. What if your wife found out you like to play around? Do you think a woman gets a job by escorting a man to bed? I’ll inform you, your company is good, I would love to join, but you are sickening…” One moment she didn’t know what to do, and another moment she was angrily breathing and clenching her fist. After holding back, she stood. “You’re only just a bug, somebody can step on you. You should quickly scuttle up a wall.”


Hu Tian was humiliated being scolded like this. “Do you think you’re so pure and noble? Me playing with you is already thinking highly of you, do you think you have any other skills, without any connections to lean on? How could you find a job? If you can’t do it, then don’t come out and shame yourself. This is City A, this is the real world. Do you think there is anybody willing to do something for nothing? Get lost, crawl back to whichever trash countryside place you came from and starve, you bitch.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned red and her whole body started to shake. She had never been insulted this much before.


Hu Tian’s last words were said loudly, as if she had come to sell herself and he was not willing to accept it. Two female waitresses looked over and whispered while casting glances at Gao Yulan.


She felt her head hurt and become dizzy. She couldn’t hold it anymore and grabbed her bag, turning to charge out of the coffee shop.


Tears streaming from her eyes, she angrily ran out with her head tucked down. After she had left the disgusting place, somebody called out to her from the same doorway that she had just left from. She refused to acknowledge it and angrily accelerated.


After running out of the hotel, somebody behind her suddenly pulled her wrist back. She trembled and called out. The person that was holding onto her shouted, “Lan Lan, It’s me, it’s me.”


Gao Yulan saw that it was Yin Ze. She foolishly looked at him for a moment before reacting. Right, it was Yin Ze, how could she forget that Yin Ze had brought her here?


She threw herself into Yin Ze’s embrace and burst into tears.


Yin Ze held and consoled her, “Don’t cry, I heard it all, I already know, don’t cry.”


Gao Yulan sobbed, “I just want to find a job, I didn’t come here to sell myself, why was he like that? I just want to find a job, I really want to find a job, I’ve tried so hard. Less salary is fine, overtime, I’ve never complained, and I’ve never recklessly wasted the company’s money to go on a business trip. I would always pick a cheaper hotel. If there was a train, I wouldn’t take the plane. If there was a subway, I wouldn’t take the taxi. I haven’t done anything wrong, why did I get fired…”


She cried and mournfully lamented out her former circumstances. Yin Ze held her but didn’t know what to do to console her.


Gao Yulan cried and cried until finally stopping. Yin Ze took out some tissues and helped her wipe away her tears.


Gao Yulan with red eyes whispered, “Sorry, I dragged you out tonight, the result was bad.” Yin Ze hadn’t said anything and Gao Yulan’s tears came streaming down again. “I’m sad, Yin Ze, I’m sad. I feel embarrassed that he cursed me like this.”  


“I know, I know.” Yin Ze wiped her tears away again, and pulled her along, “We should go.”


Gao Yulan, having somebody to rely on, calmed down. Like a child, she wiped her tears away, not forgetting to remind Yin Ze, “The car’s parked over there.”


“Let’s not go to the car first.” Yin Ze took her shoulders, pushing her towards the hotel. “We should go find that bastard first.”


Gao Yulan, hearing this, immediately put her foot down, unwilling to go. “I’m not going, he makes me sick. I’m not going.”


“Go! You’re letting him bully you.” Yin Ze dragged her with him. He was stronger so was able to get her to move. “You shouldn’t run away, you can’t always run away like this. I’m here with you, what are you afraid of?”


Gao Yulan wanted to cry again. Yin Ze raised her face and wiped it clean. “Watch me.”


Gao Yulan looked at him, tears coming from her eyes pitifully. Yin Ze said again, “Raise your head, chest out. You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just panicked.”


Gao Yulan breathed in and straightened up her back.


“Yes, that’s right. Wait ‘til that bastard is beaten up and crying, you know?”


Gao Yulan nodded. Yin Ze pulled her towards the coffee shop. At the coffee shop, Hu Tian could be seen paying the bill. He hasn’t left yet, just right!


Yin Ze picked up a bucket of ice from the service desk and gave it to Gao Yulan. More than half of the bucket was full of ice and water. Gao Yulan looked down and then back up at Yin Ze.


Yin Ze turned his head towards Hu Tian’s direction. “Go, do it yourself. Let out your courage and deal with this scum. Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”


Gao Yulan carried the bucket of ice and passed him. Hu Tian had just finished paying the bill and was leaving. He hadn’t stood up to leave yet and suddenly saw Gao Yulan charge over with a bucket of ice, dumping it on his head. Hu Tian screamed out and was scolded.


Gao Yulan splashed the water on him while cursing at him. “You’re a pervert, repulsive hoodlum, brute, despicable person…”


Hu Tian responded by screaming out in anger and going towards Gao Yulan to punch her. But as he moved, a fist fell onto his face. This fist threw Hu Tian onto the table and made a flower bloom on his face. Then a person seized him by the collar and another fist came down onto him. The second fist knocked him to the ground.


[TL: The flower that’s blooming on his face is like a bruise is forming. It’s more of a comical thing that doesn’t really translate really well, but it just means he has a bruise on his face.]


Somebody screamed and shouted out for security and two security men ran over from nearby. Gao Yulan heart rate nervously increased, while Yin Ze was calm and composed. He stepped forward, lifted up Hu Tian, and coldly said, “You listen, I won’t let you go.”


Maybe he had a strong pressure, but Hu Tian blankly stared at him, not reacting at all. Yin Ze tossed him away and then took Gao Yulan to leave.


Gao Yulan looked back at the security helping Hu Tian stand up and didn’t know what to say. Gao Yulan anxiously said, “Won’t he have the security come after us and call the police?”


“He won’t,” Yin Ze calmly said. “He thought you were easy to bully, but in the end, you turned back and brought people to beat him up. He doesn’t know anything about your background. In addition, he would be guilty so he won’t bring it up to the public. The hotel doesn’t want too much trouble so they would also turn their faces away from the matter.”


[TL: This is like a fear factor kind of thing. Yin Ze’s saying that because she was able to bring people back, Hu Tian doesn’t know if she’s with gangsters or government or something (corruption, etc.) so Hu Tian would take it as if he was lucky because he got left off with a beating (i.e. he’s not dead and stuff).]


He said these words and took Gao Yulan back to the car. The whole journey, nobody stopped them, nobody chased them, setting Gao Yulan’s mind back at ease. The car quickly left the place.


Outside the car, the streetlights and tall buildings illuminated the city. This was a bustling city, the night was beautiful. Gao Yulan recalled the words Hu Tian said, “If you can’t do it, then don’t come out and shame yourself. This is City A, this is the real world, do you think there is anybody willing to do something for nothing? Get lost, crawl back to whichever trash countryside place you came from and starve, you bitch.”


This is City A. Gao Yulan wanted to cry again. Before she had courageously come to City A, but who would’ve thought she would experience so much? She was too naive, thinking this city was beautiful.


“Should I take you to eat?” Yin Ze looked at his car and stole a look at her, seeing her wipe some tears away stealthily.


Gao Yulan shook her head and said in a raspy voice, “I don’t want to eat.”


“Should I take you around?” he asked. Gao Yulan nodded her head, she didn’t want to go home. Somebody to stay by her side and accompany her was good.


Yin Ze didn’t say anything, only driving his car. The scenery outside began to change. Gao Yulan stared blankly at the window for a long time before realizing that they had already left the city.


“Where are we going?”


“I’m taking to sell you,” Yin Ze said mischievously.


Gao Yulan rubbed her eyes: “Unbelievable.”


“Still crying, not being able to see anything? Can you not see my handsome face?”


Gao Yulan laughed and said, annoyed, “Yin Ze, you really are annoying.”


The car stopped and Yin Ze leaned over her, “Let me take a look, there are no tears coming out your eyes, hmm, your nose isn’t covered in tears, and your mouth also isn’t…”


Gao Yulan giggled with amusement, this guy really was annoying. She smiled incessantly and reached out to push him. Yin Ze was unwilling to look her in the eye and the two shoved each other. Gao Yulan used a little more strength to push and fell forward. Suddenly she felt something hot and soft touch her lips.


The two froze. Yin Ze suddenly drew back and covered his mouth with his hand, giving a bashful look. “Hateful, stealing my kiss.”


At that moment, Gao Yulan froze.

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