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☆Meeting a Beast


Gao Yulan quickly and simply described what was happening and asked Yin Ze, “Do you have time to go with me?”


Yin Ze angrily shouted through the phone, “What kind of broken company has such a lousy manager? Let’s not even talk about the fact that you aren’t even working there yet. Even if you were working there, how could they have a girl go out so late?”


“Maybe Manager Hu is a workaholic and maybe it’s something important? I used to go talk to my boss before talking to the client and the boss would hold a group meeting with some colleagues at a coffee shop in a hotel.”


Although Gao Yulan didn’t like this way of doing things, she also wasn’t very familiar with Hu Tian. Work at midnight was also really weird. So she was on guard, but the company was still good. She finally found work after so long, this pie fell from the sky. She really didn’t want to miss this opportunity because of some doubts.


Yin Ze didn’t reply over the phone for a while and Gao Yulan felt a little uncomfortable. She didn’t know if she should’ve asked him for help. She thought that because they were able to get along, their friendship wasn’t considered bad. But it looks like he didn’t really want to help her and was in a rush.


Gao Yulan carefully prodded, “Umm, if it’s an inconvenience… I’m so sorry, I didn’t consider your side…” She hadn’t finished and Yin Ze coldly said, “I’m very free right now!”


Gao Yulan closed her mouth, fuming with rage. Where does it look like you seem free right now?


Not waiting for her to say anything, Yin Ze continued, “You’re not allowed to go alone, I’m going to go with you. Wait for me, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” After he finished, he firmly ended the call.


Gao Yulan’s mouth twitched as she comically looked at the phone. She had a little trouble understanding Mr. Yin Ze’s trouble. If he was unhappy, why did he persist to go with her? She looked at the clock and thought she better comb her hair and change her clothes while she waited. After ten minutes, she walked outside.

A sedan then flew over, screeching to a halt in front of her.


The car door opened and Gao Yulan stared with big eyes, “Why are you going so fast? It’s dangerous, even if there aren’t a lot of cars at night. You can’t be careless. Just because everybody else thinks there isn’t a lot of cars, there will be more people going fast and it’s actually more dangerous.”


Yin Ze watched her, blinked, and didn’t speak a word. Gao Yulan looked at his facial expression and realized she looked like a nagging old lady, so she closed her mouth and sat in the car. Thinking for a moment, she couldn’t help but say again, “Really, even though there are fewer cars at night, you shouldn’t rush. It’s dangerous.”


“Okay, okay, I know. Auntie Lan Lan, please fasten your seatbelt. Then it also won’t be so dangerous.” Yin Ze smiled like he wasn’t smiling, making Gao Yulan feel a little embarrassed. “Don’t blame me for being long-winded, who let you be so careless?”


Yin Ze started the car and the car went slowly and steadily. After a moment, Gao Yulan couldn’t help but say again, “Um, you don’t need to be this slow.” Beside them, an electric bike sped past. Sitting in a four-wheeled car, Gao Yulan felt embarrassed for the driver Yin Ze.


“You don’t like it when it’s fast, you don’t like it when it’s slow, you’re so hard to satisfy, Auntie Lan Lan.”


Gao Yulan pinched her bag, remembering that she was one who had called for Yin Ze to accompany her so late at night. It indeed was troubling for other people, and to even make thoughtless remarks, it really would be frustrating. She whispered “I’m sorry” and then closed her mouth not saying anything.


Yin Ze deliberately drove the car slowly, who cares about that shitty manager? He didn’t want to deliver Gao Yulan to him so fast. But after teasing her a few words, she seemed to be unhappy? He carefully glanced at her and saw her seriously looking out at the road.


“Why did you say sorry?”

“For troubling you.”


“You’re trying to make me angry, aren’t you?”

“What?” Gao Yulan didn’t understand what she just heard.


“You’re kind to me, and I’m a stranger. Clearly our love is more solid than gold, and you’re deliberately pretending to be unfamiliar with me. If I’m not angry, what would I be?”


Gao Yulan opened her mouth widely, somewhat flabbergasted. Love is more solid than gold, where did this come from? This guy was saying rubbish again.


Yin Ze took note of her foolish expression. Feeling happy, he reached his hand out and rubbed her head. “When you had a problem, you thought of calling out to me first. Doing this really deepens our relationship, I have to applaud you for your action. After returning, I’ll take you out for a midnight snack.”


“I didn’t think of you first, I thought of Chen Ruoyu first, but she was also a girl. The second one I thought of was Mr. Guo, and then number three was you,” Gao Yulan honestly expressed.


Yin Ze looked blankly, his smile almost turning into a coughing fit, and then asked, “Then why did you finally choose me?” There was one more to pick from.


Gao Yulan bit her lip and didn’t want to trick him, so she quietly explained, “It seemed like, of all my friends, you’re the only one that seems to be able to fight.”


“So you knew the mountain had a tiger, and you were going to the tiger’s mountain? So you needed a bodyguard.”


“No. It’s just that I don’t know the manager that well and I can’t go alone. It’s better to be prepared so late at night. However, I don’t think there is any problem, it’s just working so late at night. Later on, it’ll be really exhausting.”


Yin Ze frowned as he listened. It’ll be really hard to be called out in the middle of the night for work, what are the chances of it happening? Seeing Gao Yulan look forward to the job, he couldn’t say something stupid and splash cold water on her lowering her spirits. In fact, the way he saw it, asking a girl to go out to a hotel, what else could it be?


Yin Ze thought and then said, “Which company did you have an interview for and who is the manager? Tell me about it.”


Gao Yulan talked about the interview for tonight and which company it was, what kind of work she was applying for, and how the Human Resources were, and Manager Hu’s attitude.


After she finished, they had arrived at the hotel. Yin Ze parked his car and Gao Yulan said, “I’ll go in and chat with Manager Hu about the matter. Maybe I’ll start work tomorrow. Why don’t you go to a nearby bar to get some stuff? I’ll treat. Then I’ll thank you properly after.”


“Then you have to thank me later, seriously thank me!” Yin Ze leaned forward and said “seriously thank” heavily.


Gao Yulan nodded her head, it was so late and somebody was willing to accompany her and didn’t complain. How could she not thank this person?


“Pinky promise.” Yin Ze poked out his pinkie, making Gao Yulan laugh. “You’re such a child.” Although she said this, she still stretched out her pinkie finger to his. Yin Ze laughed and said, “Promise.” They hooked their pinkies together and turned their hands so their thumbs pressed against each other.


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but smile, annoyed at him. “You’re such a child.”


After finishing with the promise, Yin Ze nodded his head in satisfaction. “You’re the child for being so foolish.” Even if somebody killed him, he wouldn’t believe there would be a man to invite her out to just talk about work, unless the man had some mental problems.


“Take out your cell phone.”


Gao Yulan didn’t understand but still gave Yin Ze her cell phone.


Yin Ze took her phone and fiddled around with it, put his own number in, and called himself. Then he made sure he was connected and returned the phone back to her. “It’s already connected, I’ll listen to what he has to say to you. If anything happens, don’t worry and beat him up, I’ll be there.”


Gao Yulan took her phone, somewhat moved. Yin Ze, you really are loyal. She agreed and prepared to go, then Yin Ze called out to her again and looked her up and down. Her hair had been combed into a pretty bun and she had a light blue dress on, fitting for the occasion. Coupled with her pretty collarbone and neck, it gave her a pretty feminine look.


Yin Ze frowned and undid her bun. “Hey, don’t act unruly,” he whispered to Gao Yulan, messing up her hair.  Her long hair draped over her shoulders and Yin Ze rearranged it to drape her shoulder and neck, covering the little scene of spring.


Gao Yulan looked down and her mouth twitched. Yin Ze knocked her head. “All done, now go.”


Gao Yulan mumbled, “This looks so unprofessional.”


“Unprofessional? Hurry and finish already. I’ll take you out somewhere to celebrate after.” Yin Ze paused and added,“You’re paying.”


Gao Yulan smiled in amusement, nodded her head, and took her purse to go in. Yin Ze watched her as she entered. She turned around and waved at him, Yin Ze waved back. Gao Yulan, feeling more at ease, entered confidently.


The coffee shop was quite large. The waiter came up to greet her. Gao Yulan told her a friend had already come and she was looking for him. The waiter nodded and withdrew. Then Gao Yulan saw a girl sitting off to the side. She looked familiar but she couldn’t recall who it was. Then she looked over again and found where Hu Tian was sitting.


Gao Yulan walked over hurriedly, feeling apologetic for being so late.


Hu Tian was very polite and said he was too abrupt and rude for asking her out so late at night. The two exchanged some polite words.


Hu Tian was a forty-year-old man and he was well-dressed and appeared to be successful. He was a very good speaker and left a deep impression on Gao Yulan.


The two finished their greetings and entered the topic of discussion. Hu Tian passed over a folder for Gao Yulan to look at. It was from when he finished talking to a client tonight. It was an important sale and was rushed.


Gao Yulan finished reading it. It would take a long time and had very high requirements but it needed a small budget. Gao Yulan estimated quickly that the budget wouldn’t be enough for the project.


Hu Tian nodded his head and spoke some of his ideas. Gao Yulan thought about the company’s marketing resources and other things before putting out her own ideas. After she’d finished, she added, “Currently, I don’t know much about the internal affairs of the company, but once I start working, I should be able to pick it up very fast.” She thought: this means I got the job, right?


Hu Tian wasn’t in a rush and drank some coffee. He praised Gao Yulan’s capabilities and then asked: “Miss Gao, do you have a boyfriend?”


Gao Yulan shook her head. “Manager, don’t worry, I won’t let personal matters delay work. I used to work at a company with long overtime, business trips, and so on. I’m already used to it.”


Hu Tian nodded. Apparently he was satisfied with Gao Yulan’s answer. He talked about the company’s employee benefits, including annual bonuses, department trips, etc. Gao Yulan listened and thought she had worried too soon as she swallowed her saliva. Subconsciously she turned to look for Yin Ze, feeling proud of herself, to tell him that her job was really good.


She turned her head and saw him. Yin Ze was sitting right behind her with the person she thought looked familiar. From Gao Yulan’s current position, she could see the girl’s face, she was young and beautiful, but Gao Yulan had never seen her before. Yin Ze was so fast to fool around a beautiful girl, Gao Yulan felt a little upset.


“Miss Gao.” In front of her, Hu Tian called out to her, making her turn back towards him.


“Miss Gao, how do you feel about the company?”


Gao Yulan hurriedly said, “I’m very much hoping to work there and learn more from Manager Hu. I hope that the company will give me a chance. Regarding the project from before, I have some confidence I could do it.”


Hu Tian nodded. “Miss Gao, I’m satisfied with your professional capabilities and experience. But after you left that day, there was another person who came for an interview. She was also pretty good, but took a smaller salary than Miss Gao.”


Gao Yulan’s heartbeat increased, “Manager Hu, the salary, um, I’m not dead set yet. I believe the company will choose what’s best for the company and if it’s the salary, I can also let the company make arrangements.”


Hu Tian laughed and patted the back of Gao Yulan’s hand. “Don’t be nervous, we aren’t a small company. We won’t care too much about the salary, the most important thing is a useful, energetic, and obedient employee.”


Gao Yulan nodded. “Manager Hu, I’ve been a project planner for many years. I have done some major projects such as marketing, natural resources integration, or manufacturing cost control. I am very experienced.” She used everything she had to sell herself out, hoping to get the job.


Hu Tian looked at her eagerness and patted the back of her hand again. “Don’t worry, between the two of us, I want to choose you. Tonight I called you out to discuss the project more but also to get to understand a little more about you, your capabilities, and how you would cooperate with us.”


After saying this, the way he talked was a little weird, but Gao Yulan didn’t think much of it. She nodded her head. “Manager Hu, don’t worry. I cooperate just fine, I promise to use my experience to work hard and gain some achievements so that it wouldn’t be embarrassing for the manager.”


Hu Tian laughed. He was satisfied with Gao Yulan’s response. He took a room card out of his pocket and placed it on the table. “Miss Gao, you’re very intelligent. I want to make sure that I’m not choosing the wrong person. This project is very important, and I think we can talk about this for a long time tonight, and then talk more and more. How about it?”


Gao Yulan nodded, while thinking on one side that it was good, and on the other side that it was weird. To talk about work, why would he take out a room card, what did it mean? She picked up her glass of water and drank some.


Hu Tuan watched her expression and then said, “The room number is 506, we should go up. We’ve been here for a while.”


Gao Yulan sat straight. She felt like she understood what was happening, but also didn’t understand. She was afraid that she was thinking too much of it and asked, “Manager Hu, do you stay here? Do you not have a house in the city?”


Hu Tian winked and smiled, “I have a house, but it’s more convenient at a hotel.”


These words didn’t undo Gao Yulan’s doubts. She didn’t know what to say, so she just sat there and didn’t move.


Hu Tian looked at her and calmly said, “You know that our company has occasional vacancies, and everybody thinks they can get in. Human Resources would receive many résumés every day. Miss Gao, your qualifications are very good and you also look very good. With this degree of cooperation, this job would surely be yours. There is plenty of promotions and raises, and they all go through me. The qualifications of the other person are also very good. Human Resources is thinking of cost to labor and I can only pick one. But you also know that the one I think of as more useful would be, in short, the one that I will pick,” he said while playing with the room card.


This time, Gao Yulan understood. The blood rushed to her head, and she felt humiliated and disgraced. In all her 25 years of being alive, she had experienced a lot of things: she had been accused wrongly, she had been framed, she had been sold out by her friend, she had been ridiculed by her colleagues, she had been cursed at.


But she never thought that she would one day have a man tell her to have sex with her so that she could get a job.


Gao Yulan’s face was flushed with anger. From Hu Tian’s hand was the silver color of a wedding ring. Like a needle, it stabbed into her eyes. This was a married man, this was a successful man, this was a….beast!


The worst thing that could have happened, she thought, was there were some clients and they pulled her out to drink, then took advantage of her and touched her a little while she was drunk, so she had brought Yin Ze. But she truly didn’t foresee that the company’s higher-ups would be the ones taking advantage and wanted her to do something so disgusting.

It was a dirty request.


No, this wasn’t a request, it was a threat.


Fuck this bastard!


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