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After seeing this dream, what would happen if she saw the leading role? Gao Yulan didn’t know, but she knew if she thought about it, she’d blush. Yin Ze made her embarrassed. So she had to hide.


Fortunately, the gods stood by her side and after two weeks, Yin Ze still hadn’t shown up.


Gao Yulan secretly rejoiced. Although there were no traces of the dream, if she saw him so soon, she was scared that she wouldn’t know what to do. Although there was nothing between them, she would feel guilty when she fell asleep.


On the other hand, she was worried about the Yin family, Lin Yuan, and what had happened afterwards. Would Yin Ze fight somebody again and get hurt? Would they really be sued by Lin Yuan? And…would he not look for her anymore?


Gao Yulan had these thoughts every day. Time flew by and two weeks passed.


In these two weeks, a lot had happened. For instance, Gao Yulan had a successful job interview and was waiting for the notice. Guo Qiuchen had also officially transferred to City A, and Papa Gao and Mama Gao specifically called her to take care of him. Heavens, Mr. Guo was already an adult man, why did her parents tell her to take care of him?


Gao Yulan had also gone out to eat with Chen Ruoyu and Guo Qiuchen a lot. She was pressed by Chen Ruoyu to help her scout out the two handsome men. Guo Qiuchen was asking about how the Yin family were doing nowadays. Gao Yulan was helpless, why had she all of a sudden become a representative of the Yin family now?


But she, as the Yin family representative, also didn’t know. Yin Ning’s restaurant hadn’t opened these last two weeks and Gao Yulan, embarrassed, went to “Food” to ask Yin Ze, but it was also closed.


Waiting for herself to adjust to her mood of the erotic dream, she finally couldn’t help but call Yin Ning to express her worry for her friend.


Yin Ning received the call and was happy to talk to her. She said that she and Niu Niu had gotten sick in alternate turns and were at home resting. Gao Yulan chatted with her and after a while, Yin Ning told her that Lin Yuan hadn’t disturbed them, Niu Niu was being well behaved, and Yin Ze was always running around doing something outside. In the end, she asked, “Has Yin Ze been looking for you?”


Gao Yulan turned red and her heart skipped a beat. “No, he hasn’t, there’s nothing between us, why would he look for me?” She finished speaking and realized that she had not asked her if they had something going on. “Eh, I mean he hasn’t come to find me.”


“Oh.” Yin Ning didn’t notice Gao Yulan’s slip up and said, “I thought he would invite you out for a meal as an apology because of that other day.”


“Oh, he hasn’t. Didn’t you say he was busy? Maybe in the future then. Actually, there’s no need to be so formal, Mr. Guo and Ruoyu don’t mind and the three of us already ate together. We’re all from the same area and it could be considered celebration for Mr. Guo transferring to City A.”


“Not bad, is it a promotion? A happy moment.”


“Yeah, it’s a promotion, he’s also very happy. Sis Yin Ning, I also have some good news.” Gao Yulan couldn’t help but announce the good news, “I went for my second interview and I feel I did pretty good. The manager seemed satisfied and I should be able to get the job. I’m still waiting for them to notify me.”


“Wow, then you’re going back to work soon?”


“Currently I still haven’t been notified, but I heard from the manager that it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“That’s great. I’ll make a cake in two days for you to celebrate.” Yin Ning knew that Gao Yulan was most worried about work. She was really happy that Gao Yulan had found a solution to it. The two chatted about Niu Niu and some funny things before reluctantly hanging up.


Gao Yulan talked about work and couldn’t help but be excited. After all, it was a good job. She was beyond satisfied and couldn’t wait to go to work. However, it had already been two days after the date of the interview and she still hadn’t been notified. Could it be that there was a last minute change?


Gao Yulan thought she was just nervous and comforted herself. The manager had already told her that she could get in and Human Resources even said that it was no problem.


Gao Yulan thought that and opened the company’s website. She seriously reviewed the company’s presentations and performance records, looking forward to a beautiful future.


The phone rang and she looked at who was calling. To her surprise, it was Yin Ze. Seeing that, her heart skipped a beat. She hesitated for a moment before taking the call.




“What are you doing?” As soon as Yin Ze opened his mouth, his voice made Gao Yulan turn red. She couldn’t think.


“Leave me alone.”


“I know what you want.”


“Want what?”


“You want me.”


“Ptooh.” Gao Yulan’s face turned red. Luckily they were talking on the phone and he couldn’t see her.


“If you don’t want me, why would you call my sister?” When he returned home, he heard her call Yin Ning. She unexpectedly called Yin Ning instead of him. It made him unhappy and he had to even the score somehow.


Calling his sister because of him?


Gao Yulan’s mouth twitched. “Mr. Yin, your logic is quite skewed. If I wanted you, I would have called you and not your sister. Don’t think so much about it.”


“My logic isn’t skewed, you do want me, but you’re just shy. You felt embarrassed to call me so you stealthily called my sister, isn’t that right?”


“Right, your ass, you just made up a story.”


“You’re blushing right now, aren’t you?”


“Ptooh, nope.”


“Take a look, what I’m saying is correct. I know what you’re thinking. We’re both on the same 0.2 frequency of logic, after all. A natural pairing.”


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but laugh. This annoying guy was always making jokes. Even though what he said made her happy, she deliberately refuted him. “So sorry, Mr. Yin, my logic system has been upgraded to 1.0 and seems to be different from yours.”


“Really?” Yin Ze raised his voice. Ga Yulan could just imagine his eyebrows going up in shock and she couldn’t help but grin.


“Oh, no wonder. Just a moment ago, my logic system went up. So it was a synchronized upgrade,” Yin Ze said with a ruffian tone. “What can be done? So vexing, but still a natural pair.”


“You’re really nonsense.” Gao Yulan’s mouth twitched, “Why did you call me?”  


“I’m nonsense, normal people can’t even follow my nonsense. I can only find you to do nonsense because you’re my close friend.”


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but laugh again. His nonsense level really was high. She had said it, but who would’ve expected him to say it too?


“Aren’t you busy?”


“After returning home, my family’s little spy said: Uncle, Uncle, just a moment ago, Mama received a called Big Sis, she’s about to have work. Mama is making a big cake…” Yin Ze copied the little girl’s voice. Hearing this, Gao Yulan burst out laughing.


“Niu Niu’s so cute.”


“Her uncle is also very good,” Yin Ze stealthily said.


Gao Yulan blushed again. “Alright, I won’t accompany you to talk anymore, it’s getting late. Sleep earlier.”


“Oh, you knew that I was tired? You’re so worried about me.”


“You’re covering up your words?”


“Sure enough, you really do understand me.”


“You really are nonsense.”


“You really understand me.”


Gao Yulan became annoyed, was this ever going to end? She firmly said, “Bye bye” and then hung up.


After finally hanging up, why did she feel like she hadn’t finished?


Gao Yulan blanked. Suddenly her cell phone rang and she pursed her lips. This Yin Ze really was annoying. She rapidly accepted the call and loudly said, “It’s so late, aren’t you busy?”


The phone was silent for a couple of seconds before a low male voice said, “Ms. Gao, I’m Hu Tian.”


Gao Yulan blanked out with her mouth open, Oh God. It was her interviewer and company manager. If she wanted the job, he would be her immediate superior.


Gao Yulan stuttered, “Manager, Manager Hu. I’m so sorry, I thought it was my friend playing a joke on me.”


On the other side, Hu Tian laughed. “It doesn’t matter, it is troublesome so late at night.”


“No, no, no trouble at all.” Gao Yulan’s heart was on edge. Was Manager Hu notifying her to go to work tomorrow?


“No trouble is the best. It’s like this, I want to talk to you about work, is this is a good time to come?”




“Yes, I’m in the cafe in the lobby of Qin Shan Lu Tai’an hotel. There’s a project that I want to talk to you about. It’s not too far from you, is it convenient for you to come?”


“Eh, it’s convenient.” Gao Yulan was a little confused and excited. It seemed she was definitely going to be able to work, but to meet some guy late at night put her on guard. However, she subconsciously agreed. //Think//Rabbit//Connect//Language//Wait//Continue//Continue//Do//


Hu Tian said that he would wait for her and then hung up.


Gao Yulan sat down to cool her head and let her brain work again. This is a work notification, right? They would discuss the job and then she would start work tomorrow. But why was it a notification in the middle of the night? And she hadn’t started yet, so why was it so urgent to discuss a new project?


Was Manager Hu a workaholic? Or was he trying to do something else?


Gao Yulan was somewhat disturbed. She didn’t dare to go, but she also didn’t dare to go. In case the other person was a workaholic, then it would just be talking about work in a coffee shop. Then she would have her work assignment and the work would be delivered to her. If she didn’t go, then it would be throwing the job away before even starting.


[TL: I didn’t repeat didn’t dare to go, it was put twice.]


Gao Yulan struggled for a while before finally deciding to find a companion.


Chen Ruoyu? Out of the question, it was so late and she was also a girl. That would be dangerous. Moreover, she was so carefree and if she said anything bad, it would be so embarrassing.


Guo Qiuchen? Out of the question. If something unlikely happens, there was no way for him to win in a fight.


Gao Yulan thought and thought, before clenching her teeth and calling Yin Ze.


“What’s up, you want me this time?” Yin Ze answered the phone quickly and said cheerfully.


“Yin Ze, I have a little matter and I want you to help me.”


“Okay,” Yin Ze laughed over the phone. “As long as it isn’t robbing and trampling my body, anything is fine. However, if it is robbing and trampling my body, I can also negotiate.”


“There’s a guy that invited me out to see him right now. It’s so late and I’m a little worried, do you have time to come with me?” Gao Yulan didn’t speak nonsense with him and delay any longer or let Manager Hu wait any longer.


The phone was quiet and an invisible pressure seemed to pass through the phone, making Gao Yulan nervous.


“What did you just say? What guy?”


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