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“Doctor Meng is humorous and charming. He talks a bit but he’s interesting. Officer Lei talks less and seems much more steady, polite, and elegant. The two are completely different. Give me your opinion, which one would suit me more? I’m serious, so pick carefully,” Chen Ruoyu said, apparently not joking.


Gao Yulan didn’t know which one was better. For her, if you fall in love then you’re in love. There’s nothing more to it, either you love or you don’t.


If you like him, you could ignore his weak points and you could wash his stinky socks while feeling happy. If you don’t like him and he even says just a little more, you would feel annoyed.


The topic of love was really mysterious.


She discussed this matter with Chen Ruoyu and Chen Ruoyu cried out, “We’ve only met one time, how could there be deep emotions? I just have a favorable opinion after meeting them. Of course, it also depends on the specific circumstances, and then it depends on who is pursuing who. Finally, you have to see what you can’t see with your eyes in case there is anything you dislike. I wish, but I am also useless.”


“Then why are you saying you’ve fallen in love?”


“Please, this is called reinforcing and strengthening your hand.” Chen Ruoyu on the phone said spiritedly, “Lan Lan, I’ve seriously thought about it. I’m an outsider, I’ve come from a different place, my family is ordinary, my work is ordinary, but I’m also pleasing to the eye. And my personality, not everybody can bear it. Yeah, what I just said isn’t just undervaluing myself. I’m just putting my current circumstances out there first. I’m just like this, I want to be able to chat and get along with him and for him to like me and I like him. After that, everybody can continue their lives peacefully. So I needed to make this clear early, I’m scouting out the situation before acting, or if the two know, I could be wrong and have wasted my chances. Help me ask Yin Ze about his two classmates, like if they have a girlfriend, or what they like.”


[TL: It’s a little unclear but the hand means a hand of cards. So she’s strengthening the moves that she could make.]


“Ah, you even know they were his classmates?”


“When Officer Lei was sending us back, I asked.”


“Then why didn’t you conveniently also scout it out then?”


“Hey, although I’m thick-skinned, I’m still a reserved woman.”


“So you, a reserved woman, can also pick up the two of them at the same time?”


Chen Ruoyu, in the middle of the call, became quiet, and suddenly asked, “Lan Lan, you’re actually in love with Boss Yin, right?”




“Tell me honestly, how far have you gone with Boss Yin?”


“Pffft, who would go how many steps with him?”


“Have you kissed?”


“What do you mean!” Gao Yulan stood up and exploded! “What do you mean? Where does it look like we’re a couple? How could I be with him?”


“It doesn’t matter whether it looks like it, is it?” Chen Ruoyu spoke righteously. “Take a look before you say anything, don’t you like Boss Yin a bit? People say that people who are dating will influence each other more, and then after a while of mixing saliva together, it will look more and more like….”


“Ptooh, ptooh, ptooh, that’s so nauseating.” Gao Yulan suddenly thought of Yin Ze pulling her into his embrace and leaning in to kiss her. She shook her head, shaking away the fantasy. What saliva, when he stretches out his tongue….Gao Yulan felt the blood rush up to her face and she pressed her face against her bed, loudly saying, “Ruoyu, you’ve beaten me, you’ve completely won. Are you a sick alien sent from space to Earth? You should quickly go back to your UFO and quickly leave, don’t you want to take some handsome guy? Then quickly take the quack doctor and Officer Lei Feng, no no, take Yin Ze too, three of them for a group: one to help you cook, one to protect you, and one to be your family doctor. Such perfection. Leave quickly.”


On the phone, Chen Ruoyu’s laughter could be heard. “That’s true, that really is the perfect combination. Okay, this is my dream from now on. Lan Lan, don’t you feel like how you speak has much more humor than before?”


Originally, the random blind chaos had made her nonsense seem humorous, but Gao Yulan powerlessly stroked her head. “I was originally clever, humorous, cute, and lovable, right?”


“What do you mean?” Chen Ruoyu laughed again, “When did you boast about yourself like this? Such a shameless self-compliment to secretly sneak in, that isn’t like you.”


Gao Yulan was speechless. She had just been really shameless, who calls themselves clever, humorous, cute, and loveable? She actually said that about herself?


Chen Ruoyu continued to say on the phone, “So it really is mutually influential. With the mixing of saliva, you start to change. Well, it’s getting late and I need to go take a shower. Remember to ask about the two guys for me. You must help me get information. I’m using all my courage to pursue them and I’m relying on you!”


Chen Ruoyu hung up and Gao Yulan stared at the ceiling blankly. Don’t tell me she had really changed? Was it Yin Ze’s influence? Did she become different?


“It can’t be!” She called out in her room, she’s only met him for a little bit and they couldn’t possibly have kissed. What saliva, ptooh ptooh ptooh!


Gao Yulan jumped out of bed to take a shower and brush her teeth, to find something to do and not think about this anymore.


Do not think about Yin Ze, don’t think about his sense of humor, don’t think about his bad smile, don’t think about his expressions, don’t think about when he’s acting pitiful….


After taking a bath and cleaning up, she was still thinking about Yin Ze. She poured a cup of water for herself, thinking about his slender fingers and when Yin Ze had given her a cup of water.


Gao Yulan blushed. She restlessly turned for a while, then began to roll her sleeves up to use a broom and clean the house. Then she took a mop to make every nook and cranny squeaky clean. After finishing, she was finally tired enough to quickly go to bed. She dazedly hummed a song.


I’m going crazy, I’m unable to sleep, my heart is beating crazily….


Humming, she fell asleep.


——-Dividing Line——–


The doorbell rang, and Gao Yulan opened the door to Yin Ze standing outside. He was wearing a white shirt, looked very tall, and had bright eyes. Seeing her, he laughed.


“Why are you here so late?” Gao Yulan looked at his bright eyes, feeling her heartbeat increase.


Yin Ze didn’t say anything. He smiled and closed the door. Gao Yulan took two steps back, not knowing what Yin Ze was doing.


Yin Ze slowly stepped towards her, and she stepped back.


He advanced towards her step by step until she was against the wall.


Yin Ze came over and held her face in his arms. She was trapped in the little world between his arms. Gao Yulan’s heart beat even faster as she looked at him, she couldn’t say anything, she couldn’t move.


He smiled and gently stroked her cheek, then held her cheek as he leaned down.


Gao Yulan froze as he gently kissed her. She wanted to push him away and shout out, but she couldn’t. She tried to speak but his tongue came out to explore.


His tongue swiftly entwined with her tongue, she wanted to refuse but she couldn’t breathe. He pressed his body to hers, hugging her and holding her hand while he kissed her on her neck, her mouth, even deeper.


Gao Yulan went soft as he pressed against her. She smelled his clear masculine scent on his body, mixed with a sweet lemony scent. Wasn’t the smell like a lemon cake? So sweet?


He was so gentle, she was intoxicated by his lips. She seized the bed sheets underneath her….wait a moment, she was unclear of this, but when did they go into a room with a bed?


He was kissing her the whole time, sucking on her lips, kissing the corner of her mouth, and entwining the tips of their tongues together. She felt a little dizzy like she was eating chocolate as his mouth melted in hers.


Then her clothes disappeared and he was also bare, the two’s skin rubbed against each other. Each time they touched, she felt like she was being burned. His hand reached down, rubbing her lower abdomen and he held her chest as it stood upright.


“No, don’t!” When he touched her, it hurt and she became afraid. She couldn’t do it anymore. They clearly didn’t have anything going between them, so how could they do something like this?


Her mouth opened again and she screamed.


After she screamed, she opened her eyes.



The room was still dark and the ceiling was still the same. There was only one person in her bed and her bedsheets were unchanged. Every button on her pajamas was still there and there wasn’t any naked Yin Ze. ⊿Think⊿Rabbit⊿Wrote⊿Wait⊿Combine⊿Enjoy⊿Combine⊿Give⊿Review⊿Read⊿


Gao Yulan panted as she woke up, her heart beating wildly. Her body felt hot and still intoxicated as her face became red.


How could she have this kind of dream?


Erotic dream?

And with Yin Ze?


No no, this erotic dream has to be a nightmare.

It’s an erotic nightmare!


The more Gao Yulan kept thinking, the more scared she got, the more she thought, the more afraid she became.


Oh God, strike me down with lightning!

No no, actually strike lightning onto Yin Ze!


No no, to put it this way, Yin Ze could be considered the victim.

This was Chen Ruoyu, yeah, it was all her fault!


Kiss who, mix with whose saliva, so nauseating, so nauseating, it was her nightmare.


Gao Yulan buried herself in her bedsheets, unwilling to face anything. She was getting more and more embarrassed, more and more shy, how could she have this kind of dream?


“Chen Ruoyu, I hate you!”

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