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Guo Qiuchen, who had been suddenly attacked in the face, froze without any reaction. He then stumbled, and almost couldn’t stand. He worried about the child in his arms and hurriedly put the little girl down. The elite-looking man swung his fist again, hitting Guo Qiuchen in the eye. Guo Qiuchen screamed and crouched down, holding his eye.


Then the three women finally reacted to come over. Yin Ning threw her purse and darted over to push the elite-looking man away. “Lin Yuan, you bastard, why are you hitting somebody, fuck off!”


Chen Ruoyu squatted next to Guo Qiuchen to check his wound and Gao Yulan held the scared Niu Niu in her embrace.


Lin Yuan looked deeply at Guo Qiuchen, then coldly looked at Yin Ning and said, “You won’t change your mind because of him?”


“You’re just so bad, nobody will want you,” Yin Ning shouted angrily with anger that could burn down a building.


Liu Yuan huffed angrily. After confronting Guo Qiuchen, his anger dispersed. Seeing Yin Ning and this man together, he suddenly realized that everything seemed to have turned grey.


Lin Yuan frowned rigidly and ruthlessly pushed his sunglasses up. He wanted Yin Ning to change how she looked at him. He wished that she could come back to his side, but he seemed to be getting farther and farther away from his wishes.


Lin Yuan silently took a breath to control himself and said, “In the past, I made a lot of mistakes. After experiencing so many things, I regret them so much now. I want you to believe that I have changed.”


Yin Ning stood up and laughed grimly. “You’re right, you have changed a lot. Before you were so affectionate and cool, and now you use your fist. Why did you hit my friend? What makes you think you can order me around? Why do you think you’ve changed? I’ll tell you, you have not changed, you are still so bad. I was blind and stupid before, how else do you think I fell in love with scum like you?”


Yin Ning’s words made Lin Yuan’s face turn pale. He bit his lip and looked at Yin Ning with tears in his eyes. He went over and pulled on Yin Ning’s and Niu Niu’s clothing to stop them. Finally, he whispered, “I’m sorry. I was wrong and you suffered. I know it’s my fault that you two are suffering. I will always, always be unable to forget about you. I promise I will treat you better, please come back, okay?”


He waited for Yin Ning’s reply and said, “Today isn’t a good time to have this conversation. Don’t rush to answer me, okay? I’ll give you time to think about it. I also need a little time to show my sincerity, I’ll come back in a few days.”


Yin Ning laughed and suddenly stepped forward and patted his shoulder. “Mr. Lin, you really are interesting. Have you not looked at yourself in the mirror today? Ah, right, you’re wearing sunglasses, of course you won’t be able to see clearly when you look in the mirror. So you probably don’t know, but when you look at your face, wow it’s so scary, there is no face! There’s so much blood, without any skin covering it! You should quickly go home so you don’t scare the children and adults might get sick and vomit from it.”


Lin Yuan, hearing her words, got angry and tore his sunglasses off, “Don’t you dare talk like Yin Ze! You weren’t like this before, what did he teach you!”


Yin Ning’s face stiffened and she angrily cursed, “You shameless, nauseating bastard. You don’t deserve to even be able to touch the shoes of my brother. You should be glad that Yin Ze isn’t here, or else he would beat the crap out of you!”


“For your face this last time, I won’t go bother him. We can have one more chance to get back together.”


[TL: The face part is like for your honor, glory, dignity, etc.]


“Looking at your performance, I won’t bother you about my life. Your black, repulsive heart has already been imprinted deep into my mind. I fundamentally cannot possibly forget. Lin Yuan, I’ll tell you that you’ve been brazen and shameless until now. Apparently, you don’t have a sense of fear or shame, so it looks like you do have a skill. Come back? When my belly was big, I went to find you. You told me you were just playing around, nothing more. Did you not want to be together with me? When you married somebody else, when did you want to come back to me? You had a family and a wife, I cut my wrist and had my little girl. At that time, did you ever want to find me again?” Yin Ning sneered, “Oh, that’s right, I never told you about it. Now that I’ve unfortunately run into you, I want to tell you. I knew you were never good. Nobody wants you, I truly feel happy for you.”


Lin Yuan was called repulsive several times by Yin Ning, and then couldn’t hold back and grabbed Yin Ning’s wrist, “Do you think that because I have a good temper now, I can tolerate you? It doesn’t mean you can insult me left and right.”


Yin Ning screamed out in pain, hitting his arm. Guo Qiuchen, who had been innocently beaten, called out after hearing the words between the two. Now that he knew that this man was so shamelessly heartless, he stood up for Yin Ning’s injustice again. Presently seeing him grabbing Yin Ning’s arm, he advanced forward to block him. “Let go of her.”


“It’s our problem, it doesn’t involve you. Fuck off.” Lin Yuan saw Guo Qiuchen come over.


Yin Ning called out loudly, “I already told you there’s no us, just get lost!”


“You listen to me.” Lin Yuan tightened his grip on Yin Ning. “I just want us to get back together. Niu Niu is my daughter, and nobody can change that.”


“In your dreams! Not in a thousand years! Let me go, you’re hurting me,” Yin Ning used some of her strength to hit Lin Yuan’s arm.


Guo Qiuchen helped and pulled on Lin Yuan. “Whatever words you say from your mouth, you treat women too roughly.”


Chen Ruoyu also rushed up and yelled, “Let go of Sister Yin Ning.”


Gao Yulan hurriedly pulled off the almost-crying Niu Niu off of Yin Ning’s clothes. She coaxed her, not letting her see the scene that was unfolding.


They were able to group up and Lin Yuan impatiently shook them off. He angrily swung once again at Guo Qiuchen. This time, Guo Qiuchen was able to guard against it, but he was an intellectual and hadn’t experienced fighting. In this situation, he could only protect his head and dodge.


“You dare to hit somebody!” Yin Ning angrily turned to grab her purse, looking for the pepper spray. Then she rushed up and sprayed it in his face.


Lin Yuan screamed out and subconsciously moved his arm to slap Yin Ning on the cheek. Chen Ruoyu screamed, taking off her high heels and hitting Lin Yuan in the head with them.


Niu Niu finally burst into tears, bawling and calling for her mother. Guo Qiuchen, rescued from Lin Yuan’s fist, was stunned by the two brave women in front of him.


In the distance, a siren rang out and a police car pulled over. Two police officers got out of the car and walked over.


“What’s happening, is it a robbery?”


“Robbery?” Everybody was stunned. There was only revenge and fighting, no robbery. Everyone here was well dressed, although there was some confusion from the fight. How can this police uncle have so much talent to see a robbery?


One of the police officers said, “There was somebody who reported a robbery around here? Who reported it?”


Gao Yulan looked at her cell phone, confused. “I didn’t call the police, I clearly called Yin Ze’s number. Did he report it?”


The police officer frowned. “Is there a robbery then?”


Nobody said anything and they looked at each other. All of them thinking, how were they supposed to explain this? In the end, didn’t they still have to sit at the police station?


The adults didn’t speak, but the child spoke. Niu Niu, while crying in Yin Ning’s embrace, told the police officers, “It’s a robbery.”


She pointed towards Lin Yuan on the ground with red eyes from the spray. Niu Niu, still crying, said, “It’s him, he was trying to rob women and children.”


Robbing women and children? The adults were surprised, digesting the new crime.


The police officer wanted to laugh but kept his poker face and looked at them, then asked again, “What happened? And who was the one who called the police?”


As before, Niu Niu rushed to answer. “It was me who called the police.”


The adults again blanked out, and Niu Niu cried, “Police Uncle, this is a bad person. He hit my mama and Uncle Guo, who wanted to protect us.”


Niu Niu seemed like a little adult and the police officers told her, “Little girl, calling the police is a serious matter, not a game.”


Niu Niu frowned. “He hit people and wanted to steal me. Isn’t the police uncle supposed to take care of it?”


Before the police officers could answer, Niu Niu continued, “Uncle said that policemen are good people. Uncle showed me the emergency number and said to call the number if we met a bad person. My mama was being bullied, so I called the number.”


Yin Ning rummaged through her purse and found that her cell phone had disappeared. The phone was tossed on the ground, it seemed like Niu Niu had thrown the phone away after finished her call. She sighed and picked the phone back up.


The police officer gave Niu Niu a lesson on the law. “Little girl, this kind of situation isn’t a robbery.”


Niu Niu didn’t stop crying but she clearly said, “Uncle said children can’t tell the situation properly and will think it’s a joke. To say this is a robbery because this person hit my mama and wanted to take me away.”


The police officer was dumbstruck. This home education was amazing. But it looked like the situation was just domestic violence and taking back children. He couldn’t help but sympathize with the mother and daughter. He looked at Yin Ning, the child’s mother, and asked, “What is happening right now? Do you want to sue him?”


Yin Ning thought twice. She wasn’t going to handle this matter like this since both sides were wounded and she was scared it would become troublesome. Therefore, she shook her head. “Not now, I won’t be suing.”


The police officer nodded and took out a notebook. “We still have to record your names. When we’re dispatched, we have to take a record.”


“She won’t sue? Then I’ll sue!”


Everybody turned towards Lin Yuan who was spitting in anger. “I want to sue them for injuring me.”


“Great!” Somebody loudly agreed. Everybody looked over and saw Yin Ze coming over in big strides, his face malevolent. He approached without saying anything and brandished his fist, knocking Lin Yuan down and scolding, “I didn’t hit you, really, I’m sorry. I just can’t let your lawyer easily earn his salary.”


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