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☆ Changing of Impressions?


Yin Ze didn’t answer frantically and calmly looked at Gao Yulan for a moment before he asked, “You haven’t asked her yourself?”


“Of course I haven’t.”


“What did she say?”


Gao Yulan was about to answer, but then glanced gave Yin Ze a watchful glance. “I asked you, what are you hiding?”


Yin Ze burst into laughter. “How am I hiding anything? It’s just you were wronged and then you hid from your troubles, not going to find her and calculating your grievances. Instead, you even drank to drown in your sorrows. You tell me, aren’t you a person running away from reality?”


Gao Yulan bit her lip and thought for a moment before mumbling, “What can I do? There’s a photo, and nobody believes me. Did you know, that photo of Wen Sha and a woman kissing, the woman’s figure looks like mine from the back. The photo was even sent to the company’s mailbox, so all of my colleagues have already seen it. They all look at me with uncomfortable gazes. You tell me, even if I did beat Wen Sha, will anything change? They would probably still think differently.”


She sounded so weak and pitiful. Yin Ze couldn’t help but pat her head. “You’re too concerned about how other people look at you.”


Gao Yulan bit her lip. She did worry a lot about how people saw her. In City C, when she was cheated, her heartless friends had looked down on her. Feeling that she had been criticized, she left and went to City A alone to try to make a living. She told herself she must return with triumph.


And then, on her first job, her superiors had falsely accused her of a huge blunder. Her colleague’s gazes had once again made her feel like an idiot. Then she thought she just had to find a better job at a better company so they wouldn’t look down on her.


So she did. The Hengyuan group: it was a strong company and her salary wasn’t bad. The job also let her show what she was good at, and over time she would have created a good reputation in the industry. But then this little affair happened…


Gao Yulan sighed, and laid on the table, dispirited. “If this happened to you, would you not care?”


Yin Ze laughed and patted her head again. “I care, but I learned long ago that caring about people you don’t know is useless.”


Gao Yulan rarely saw Yin Ze’s serious appearance and couldn’t help but ask, “You’ve had this happen to you?”


“Of course.” Yin Ze filled up Gao Yulan’s glass and then his before picking it up and taking a sip.


“How unique is it compared to mine?” Gao Yulan somewhat didn’t believe him, this kind of event wasn’t something you saw everyday.


“You probably think you’re the only one who has had a lot of unusual events happen to you? It’s only natural that I’ve experienced them.” Yin Ze then picked up his glass of water and drank from it again.


“So, a guy forced a kiss on you?”


“Puff…” Yin Ze quickly turned his head and water sprayed all over the ground.


The table top escaped danger, and Yin Ze turned and coughed violently. Gao Yulan somewhat happily pushed herself up from the table top and reached her hand over to pat his back. Using Yin Ze’s tone, she said, “This little brother, are you unwell?”


Hahaha, a small victory.


His embarrassed look made her smile. In one word, it was wonderful.


Yin Ze coughed and turned to look at her angrily, she laughed and his cheeks turned pink. He looked at her and felt slightly feverish, hurriedly coughed again. Regaining his composure, he asked, “You were kissed by a bad man?”


Gao Yulan shook her head and was about to speak, but her cell phone rang. After looking at her phone, she saw it was her dad. Giving Yin Ze a signal, she stood up to go take the call.


“Dad. Yes, I got it. You didn’t want to ask me about that, right? Yeah, I had dinner with Mr. Guo. He talked about home, and we only had a meal. You don’t have to care so much, nothing happened. I thanked him and nothing else…”


Papa Gao talked endlessly about what Guo Qiuchen’s family had asked Guo Qiuchen on the phone. They had said they heard his impression on Gao Yulan was okay, they had eaten together, and thought she was pretty good. Papa Gao spoke carefully, passing on the words of the other family without missing a word.


Yin Ze watched Gao Yulan for a short while, as she hadn’t hung up yet. He tapped his finger on the table somewhat impatiently, and then also picked up his phone.


Gao Yulan distractedly looked at him, and then answered into her phone, “How do I feel? How else, can you not guess? Mr. Guo is a good person, but only to an extent, not to what you think. Of course another person’s father is going to tell you that I’m okay, don’t tell me they’d say that they think I’m horrible? Okay, okay. You’re thinking too much. Even if there were feelings between us, it wouldn’t be so fast. Slowly, okay? You’re thinking too much. I haven’t even said I’ve fallen for him, just a moment ago there was no talk about anything further with him…”


Currently, Yin Ze was tapping his finger on the table and also tapping his foot on the ground.


“Alright, I won’t talk with you anymore. You’re just going to get more confused as you talk. You don’t have to think about it… him coming to City A has nothing to do with me. I probably didn’t say I wasn’t going back to City C back then because that thing made me forget to say it. If I like somebody, I would go on the offense, so don’t worry. No no no, I didn’t say anything, because Mr. Guo wanted to go back to City C. Don’t think about it, I promise that if there is anything, I will tell you, okay? Please let me off, I don’t know what to say to you. You’re thinking on 2.0, while I’m still on 0.2. We aren’t on the same frequency. Alright? Let’s talk some other time.”


Gao Yulan hung up and sighed deeply. “Talking to parents is such a dreadful thing to do.” She looked up at Yin Ze, “What’s with that wooden look? I didn’t deliberately play a joke on you, you’re the one that said you were like me.”


Yin Ze rubbed his face, relaxing it. “Who’s the bastard that bullied you?”


“You’ll help me get revenge?”




“It’s Wen Sha.” Gao Yulan saw Yin Ze’s expressions immediately distort, and she couldn’t help but keep pushing him. “How do you plan to get back at her? Give her a kiss back? Hmm, I don’t know if that is a loss or an advantage?”


Yin Ze knocked on her head. “What rotten ideas.”


“Oh, that’s right, you still haven’t told me what Wen Sha said. You almost made me forget.”


Behind them, an oven dinged. Yin Ze went inside and took out some baked shrimp. Then he went to the refrigerator to get some fruits, vegetables, and salad dressing, and set them in front of Gao Yulan.


Gao Yulan picked up her fork and began to eat, not forgetting Yin Ze. “Hurry and tell me.”


“Why’re you so anxious, I still haven’t even begun.” Yin Ze watched her eat with gusto and nodded his head, pleased. Getting another fork, he reached to take a shrimp and put it in his mouth. Then he began to calmly speak, “She said she wanted to protected her loved one.”


Gao Yulan ate a mouthful of salad and said, “Then why did she tell me she had also been set up.”


“There’s also that.” Yin Ze passed Gao Yulan’s fork and snatched some honey dew melons. He saw her lips curl and he couldn’t help but laugh and continue, “She’s been with her girlfriend in a secret affair which couldn’t see the light of day. Then, some mysterious person found out and called her and told her to break up with her girlfriend or else it will look ‘very good’. She didn’t agree and then the photo came out.”


“And how was this supposed to affect me?” Gao Yulan was upset, thinking about how she had been innocent.


“Wen Sha’s girlfriend’s mother saw the picture, and her girlfriend naturally denied it because her family didn’t accept this kind of relationship. If she hadn’t, she would’ve been sent out of the country. Wen Sha stepped back and stepped into a dead end, and then suddenly there was you. The rear view of the person looked like you and you were from the same company. Then the origin of her girlfriend was revealed.”


Gao Yulan stared blankly. “I was the perfect scapegoat? Is her mother stupid? She can’t tell? And does this mysterious person have any more photographs? Is there a picture of the face?”


“The figure seen is quite fuzzy, and the clothes can’t be seen that clearly. Not only that, with how it spread throughout the company, and their daughter wasn’t any different. Granted, if there was even some suspension of any differences, there was still work. As for other photos, there hasn’t been any. At the time, and in a moment of desperation, it was the best counter.”


“How are they now?”


Yin Ze shrugged his shoulders. “Wen Sha still goes to work and her girlfriend’s mother is actively introducing her to get a boyfriend, it should be like this?”


Gao Yulan thought for a moment and then sighed. “This kind of problem, there’s no way it will work out, right?”


Yin Ze shook his head, not knowing. He looked at the empty shrimp dish and asked, “Do you still want more? I can prepare some wontons, liu sha buns, or taro pudding. Or do you want to eat something else?”


[TL: If you want to find out what any of those foods are, just Google the name and you will find them.]


“I want taro pudding.” Gao Yulan ordered bluntly. It sounded delicious.


Yin Ze smiled, took something out of the refrigerator, and placed it in front of her. Gao Yulan, seeing his slender fingers holding the bowl, asked, “Yin Ze, it used to be hard on you, wasn’t it?”


An eighteen, nineteen-year-old schoolboy without an educational background, not from a well-off family, and had lost his parents. Then, while taking care of his sister, he had fight for inheritance. Then he started an empty business venture, traveling down a hard path.


Who knows, but right now the mood was just right between the two of them. Maybe it was because she had followed to chat with Yin Ze about some topics that would be kept down. Gao Yulan suddenly felt that Yin Ze, although he liked playing jokes and had a bad mouth, was still pretty good.


Yin Ze rested his head on his hand and bashfully said, “Hello, are you worrying about me?”


Gao Yulan’s face turned black. What was his objective? Or was he trying to go die? You can’t take these kind of people seriously.


“Hey, Lan Lan, that Mr. Guo won’t be suitable for you. You won’t like him.”


The subject changed so fast, but Gao Yulan continued with Yin Ze calmly.


Therefore, she calmly asked, “How do you know I don’t like him?”


“He smokes.”


Gao Yulan’s eyelid lifted up. “You know I don’t like the smell of cigarettes.”


“I also know when you’re drunk you like beating people up.”


Talking about beating somebody up and stealing their dog, it was an awkward incident for Gao Yulan and she stopped listening, instead digging into her midnight snack.


“Lan Lan, I don’t smoke and I can take a beating. I’m also thinking on 0.2, we’re on the same frequency, we’re like a match made in heaven. So how about becoming my girlfriend?”


Gao Yulan choked on her food, and tried to calm herself down.


She coughed for a while and then looked up at him.


She could only think of one thing, “Ptooh!”


[TL: Yin Ze being hella smooth. I wish I was that smooth…]

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