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☆Blind Date Affair


They didn’t run for long since it was only a couple of stores away.


Yin Ning stood at Sui Xin Park’s doorway, beckoning to them. The two people, child, and dog smoothly rushed in. Once Niu Niu was in, she shouted, “Mama, why didn’t you chat? Hanging up so fast?”


“How old are you to order me around? Playing this sort of game, so childish! Then hanging up the phone,” Yin Ning imitated Yin Ze and hung up the phone.


“Hmph, he’s talking about other people, but he’s the most childish,” Gao Yulan complained loudly.


Niu Niu ran to the door and looked around before voicing her thoughts. “Fortunately, Uncle didn’t chase after us.” She pounced on Mantou, then leapt into Gao Yulan’s embrace with Mantou in her arms, patting its little head. “Mantou, Uncle wants to kill you now, doesn’t he? Don’t worry, Niu Niu and Big Sis will protect you.”


Yin Ning asked, “What happened?” Gao Yulan passed the dog biscuits to Niu Niu and introduced Guo Qiuchen, saying that he was from the same city as her.


Guo Qiuchen introduced himself politely with a few words. Yin Ning’s phone rang and she went to receive it. Then she told Gao Yulan, “Yin Ze said he’s treating for dinner.”


“Great!” “No!” Niu Niu and Gao Yulan answered at the same time but they were completely opposite.


Watching the two, she shrugged with an unfortunate expression. “He wasn’t talking to you two.” She turned to Guo Qiuchen and said, “Sorry for what happened today at my brother’s restaurant. He said it was pretty uncourteous today and is inviting you to dinner.”


Eh? How did it turn to Guo Qiuchen? Gao Yulan looked at Guo Qiuchen in astonishment. Guo Qiuchen subconsciously waved his hand. “No need, no need. I just came to deliver some things for Ms. Gao. I have some other things to do, and was already planning to leave.”


“That so.” Yin Ning said into the phone to Yin Ze, “Mr. Guo said he had some other business and will be leaving now, and there’s no need to treat him.”


On the phone, Yin Ze asked why was he busy and Yin Ning asked Guo Qiuchen, “What’re you busy with?”


Guo Qiuchen opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. In fact, he didn’t have anything to do and he didn’t know what to say. He blankly stared, and seeing this, Yin Ning helped him out by replying to Yin Ze, “He didn’t answer. Either way, why are you asking? Why do people have to answer you, why don’t you come over yourself? Why? You’re also busy and can’t come over. Besides, I’m not your messenger…”


Gao Yulan and Guo Qiuchen looked at each other and awkwardly smiled. Finally, Guo Qiuchen scratched his head and said, “Do you live far? Do you want me to deliver it to your house, or just leave it with you here?”


“Here is fine, I shouldn’t delay you any longer. You should go do your business, I’m so sorry for troubling you,” Gao Yulan politely agreed. Guo Qiuchen smiled and nodded his head, going out to bring in the bag with Papa Gao’s things and coming back in.


He gave Gao Yulan her things and said some polite words to Ying Ning before he took his leave. As Gao Yulan and Yin Ning were sending him out, the door opened and Yin Ze came in with a box of food.


“Leaving so fast? Come, even if you’re busy, you should still eat. Unless Mr. Guo already has other dinner arrangements?” Yin Ze immediately said.


Guo Qiuchen subconsciously told the truth, “I don’t.” Then he regretted what he said and tried to say again, “But, I…”


Yin Ze didn’t give him a chance to continue and held onto Guo Qiuchen’s shoulder, taking him to a table. “No dinner plans, that’s great. I won’t be delaying Mr. Guo then. Come, come, I brought some appetizers over. In a moment, they’ll bring the main dishes over, but let’s finish these first. It won’t be too late to start those then. Mr. Guo, you’re a guest from so far away. My dog isn’t very smart, excuse him for what happened. Take this meal as an apology for the inconvenience. Even if you are busy, you must eat, it won’t be long before you leave.”


Saying this, Yin Ze had already put Guo Qiuchen into a chair. Then he took the cold dishes out of the box and said to Yin Ning, “Sis, can you bring some bowls and chopsticks?”


With Yin Ze like this, Guo Qiuchen didn’t know what to say. He looked at Gao Yulan for help. Gao Yulan’s mind went numb. She thought to leave Mr. Gao behind, but she couldn’t just leave him like this. She was about to say something but Yin Ze waved his hand, pushing her away. “Go, go take Niu Niu to the bathroom to wash her hands. After holding the dog, she’s not allowed at the table until she has washed her hands.” And then he told Niu Niu, “Hurry up Niu Niu, there’s your favorite food.”


Niu Niu, after hearing her favorite food, put Mantou into the dog kennel in the corner, gave it some biscuits, then practically flew to Gao Yulan, “Sister, let’s wash our hands.”


Gao Yulan was helplessly pulled away, Yin Ning brought out some tableware, and Guo Qiuchen sighed on the inside, sitting and waiting to eat. Yin Ze propped up his chin and watched Gao Yulan’s figure as he smiled.


The food really did come like Yin Ze said. Soon it was all delivered to the table. Yin Ze enthusiastically charmed Guo Qiuchen into eating and talked about a lot of topics.


“I was in City C for about three years and at Jiangbin Road, there was a really famous store that had Lucky Red Braised Pork. I don’t know how it’s doing nowadays.”


“Ha, I also know about this Lucky Red Braised Pork. We also know of this small shop, the meat is really delicious. It’s still there, but over the years, better restaurants have come and the store isn’t doing as well as before.” Hearing City C, Guo Qiuchen chatted with Yin Ze reservedly.


“Isn’t eating hot pot in City C popular now? Back then, I went to Stone Alley to eat—the street was really popular for its spicy hot pot, which was really good, but I heard last year the street was demolished.”


“Yeah, it was demolished. Now it’s a mall, and isn’t like the small street as before.”


“That really is a pity. Right, what is Mr. Guo doing in City A?”


“I work with communications and came to give a report to the main office, and I might be transferring over here for sometime…”


The two men talked very livelily. Gao Yulan didn’t speak, but she was feeling anxious. It seemed like Yin Ze’s communication skills had gotten Mr. Guo talking. Just like her father and his colleagues, they got cozy with each other and then, after drinking, everything will just spill out.


She focused on her meal, afraid the topic would shift to her. However, Yin Ze wouldn’t let her go, “When we’re finally able to get married, Uncle and Aunt really are anxious about our marriages. Your two families have a relationship with each other, have they arranged a blind date for you and so on yet?”


“Eh…” Guo Qiuchen’s face warmed up slightly and he glanced at Gao Yulan. He always said it was just the old people’s token of affection, so he always said it wasn’t something worth mentioning.


Unexpectantly, Gao Yulan ferociously glanced at Yin Ze. “It’s none of your business, you care too much.”


Yin Ze covered his heart, “Why wouldn’t I care? I fell in love with you at first sight, goodbye my love…”


Gao Yulan momentarily froze and Guo Qiuchen became stunned. The two had the exact same stiff expression.


Yin Ze kept acting sincere and honest, “If I don’t ask you clearly, what if others snatch you up? Where am I supposed to wipe away my tears then?”


Gao Yulan didn’t dare look at Guo Qiuchen. She already felt steaming. She was a steam bun, but she could still beat people up. With so many people, what could she do? Not daring to do it, she took a glass of water to drink. In her thoughts, she was just loathing Yin Ze, loathing him a lot.


Yin Ning helped them out by tilting her head, saying, “Speaking of that, Yin Ze, you’re also about thirty. As your older sister, I am also feeling anxious.”


“Why feeling anxious?” Niu Niu asked.


“Your Uncle needs to find a wife.”


“Me!” Niu Niu raised her hand excitedly. “I want to. I like Uncle, I want to marry Uncle.”


Gao Yulan smiled and laughed, choking. She laughed and sighed, Niu Niu really was an angel. Niu Niu had put down the evildoer.


Guo Qiuchen gave her a paper towel, while Yin Ning patted her back. Niu Niu just looked at her anxiously, looking like she wanted to help. Only Yin Ze supported his chin and laughed at her, “Look at you, can’t even have a calm meal. I won’t have Niu Niu our little beauty be swindled. Don’t you worry.”


Calm, your ass! Don’t be worried, you ass! Gao Yulan stared at him. If he didn’t play a trick on her every day, he just wouldn’t feel right. Isn’t that right?


Yin Ning smiled again. “Actually, Niu Niu doesn’t have bad taste. I don’t think he’s too bad. So, Lan Lan, you have to hurry up and snatch him away by starting with me.” She finished and said to Guo Qiuchen, “Aren’t I right, Mr. Guo?”


Guo Qiuchen was speechless. Either way, he was not familiar with Yin Ze or Gao Yulan. He understood that Uncle Gao wanted him to deliver some things from home, but he didn’t expect to end up in this situation. Yin Ze seemed to be pretending, but he didn’t know if he was joking. He thought that if he continued the joke, it would be rude to Gao Yulan and would just embarrass himself. He also didn’t want to break the mood and be rude to Yin Ze. He finally picked up a glass of water, at a loss for what to say.


Upon seeing this, Gao Yulan looked at Yin Ze. This guy really was a scoundrel. After this sensitive topic, the lively chat ended and the second half of the meal was much faster. Yin Ning didn’t open up the topic again. After eating, Guo Qiuchen hurriedly left. Yin Ze personally escorted him out, and watched as he drove away.


Gao Yulan was watching T.V. in the evening and suddenly recalled what had happened that afternoon. It felt like after Guo Qiuchen appeared, Yin Ze was always in the lead, dominating. This guy being a chef was such a waste of talent. He should be on stage representing the Chinese in showbiz and come back with an Oscar.


Yin Ze appeared in her mind, holding Niu Niu and a gold person, and then Mantou would take the gold person. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.


[TL: If anybody gets confused, the gold person is the Oscars’ award.]


Gao Yulan asked at the door, “Who is it?”


“It’s me.” Surprisingly, it was Yin Ze.


Gao Yulan got on her guard and carefully asked, “What for?”


“I came to apologize.”


“What kind of apology?”


“Well, from the beginning I’ve lied. I was upset this afternoon and I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t leave a bad impression on you.”


Suddenly being so good? Gao Yulan didn’t believe it.


“Are you sick?” Has a really high fever? Possessed? Or was he just playing another prank?


“You have to believe me, I come in good faith.” It seemed like he knew Gao Yulan’s thoughts. Yin Ze assumed a harmless, gentle smile, trying to win her trust.


“Where’s the sincerity?”


“Umm, I’ll take you out to a midnight snack, okay?”


Midnight snack? Gao Yulan blanked out. This line, where had she heard it before?

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