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☆Steam Bun Is Also Brave


Anyone seeing a huge dog like that barking madly while headed your direction would subconsciously want to escape, and Guo Qiuchen was no exception, choosing to run. Not only that—Gao Yulan had shouted loudly so he didn’t realize that the dog wasn’t chasing him. He followed Gao Yulan and ran down the street.


The two of them panted for breath after stealing the food, their sorry figures scaring the waiter. Yin Ze hurriedly came downstairs, and saw Gao Yulan and the dog with another man. Seeing the man, he felt a little angry. After hearing the two say that Mantou had stolen food from a dog and it had chased them, Yin Ze didn’t know what to say.


He looked at the two people and the dog for a moment before he pointed at Mantou and finally said, “I’m busy right now.”


Although he pointed at Mantou, Gao Yulan felt like she was part of it and didn’t dare to leave. Guo Qiuchen, not knowing what was happening, also didn’t dare to leave. He watched Yin Ze walk up the stairs and asked, “Is that your boyfriend?”


Gao Yulan shook her head: “No, I’m friends with his sister,” she said quietly, afraid that Yin Ze would hear from the second floor. This guy was so petty, not allowing others to say they didn’t know him. She really had to keep her guard up.


Guo Qiuchen stopped a waiter to get some water and then asked, “Whose dog?” He looked at Mantou curled up adorably in Gao Yulan’s arms.


“It’s his dog.” Gao Yulan went upstairs, thinking for a second before saying, “I’m just helping out, nothing else.”


Guo Qiuchen nodded his head, not knowing what to say. The two of them sat and Guo Qiuchen felt like he should leave. Then the waiter brought some light refreshments and told them the boss was greeting some people and they needed to wait.


[TL: The raws say that Gao Yulan walked upstairs and they both sat down, but later it says she sat on a sofa, so I’m guessing the author messed up and thought she was still on the first floor later on.]


Guo Qiuchen felt a little embarrassed, he hadn’t even said goodbye to the other person and wanted to leave already, it seemed a little rude. He followed Gao Yulan and didn’t say anything, nor did he stand up. He finally couldn’t stand it and said he was going to move his car and bring Papa Gao’s stuff to her.


Gao Yulan agreed. She couldn’t relax with this guy after the failed blind date and was overcautious of him. She then took a book and sat with Mantou.


After a moment, Yin Ze and a middle-aged man came down the stairs. The two men chatted and laughed in the doorway. The man thanked Yin Ze before leaving.


Yin Ze watched as the guest left. Then he turned his head to look at Gao Yulan and Mantou on the sofa and his smile disappeared. Gao Yulan and Mantou both seemed to shrink back.


Yin Ze didn’t speak. He picked up Mantou and walked over to a corner. Its two forepaws patted against the wall. Mantou wanted to get down, and Yin Ze made it stand on its hind legs.


Yin Ze watched it and said, “Aren’t you so daring, stealing food, isn’t that right?”


Mantou looked up and stared at him with its small face blinking innocently.


“Don’t look at me like that, looking cute is useless. I’ll have you stand for a half an hour.” Yin Ze said, watching it, then going upstairs.


After he left, Gao Yulan consoled it. “Mantou, don’t worry, it’s only a half an hour. It’ll pass by really fast, don’t worry, I’ll talk to him in a moment.”


Mantou gave her a grieving look, but still stood, not daring to move. Gao Yulan felt sorry for it and patted its little head. “Be good and bear with it.”


Then Yin Ze walked down the stairs with a big bowl of dog biscuits. He saw Gao Yulan crouched next to Mantou. Still not saying anything, he placed the bowl beside Mantou.


Gao Yulan said with fondness, “You see, there’s some treats to eat after you finish, persevere.”


Yin Ze shot her a glance. “Who says he could eat?”


“Can’t eat?” Gao Yulan stared at Mantou’s little body in confusion. It turned its little head towards the treats and she heard Yin Ze say, “You dare?”


Mantou shook and stood back up. Yin Ze said, “Every time you stop, there will be one less biscuit.”


Gao Yulan’s mouth fell open, looking at Yin Ze, the bowl, and then at Mantou again. So heartless, so cruel!


She tried to plead leniency for Mantou. “Why not use a gentler way to teach him? He won’t understand, it’ll be a waste of time to train him like this.”


“It doesn’t matter, I feel like it.” Yin Ze said, causing her to choke. Gao Yulan held it in and rolled her eyes, he really was too much.


“How about punishing him some other day, he’s still sick right now.”


“He still dares to take food from another dog. It seems like he’s already recovered, might he be an alien?” Yin Ze put on an astonished expression at Mantou’s innocent little face, and said, “Mantou, don’t lie, which planet did you come from?”


Mantou seemed to understand and gave Yin Ze a complex look, then looked back at the bowl of treats mournfully.


It hurt Gao Yulan’s heart. She turned and glared at Yin Ze. “You can’t do this to Mantou, he’s already so miserable.”


“He’s miserable, he ate something and got sick. I asked my grandfather and grandmother to take him to the hospital, but I had to have an idiot bring him instead. Give him a shot, coax him like a child to take his medicine, miserable?”


“Who’s an idiot?” Gao Yulan didn’t listen to anything else, who did you call an idiot?


“Not an idiot? If a big dog chases a small dog, let it chase. Even though Mantou has short legs, can’t it still run faster than you? Were you trying to be a hero? If it didn’t have its leash tied to the hospital door, it could have bitten you.”


Right, Gao Yulan was wondering how they had escaped. The whole time she hadn’t dared to look back and was thinking the dog was really slow—it seems that it had been on a leash.


“Either way, we’re alright, and Mantou knows he’s wrong. You don’t have to be so mean.”


“I’m not being mean, I’m clearly dealing this in gentle way.”


“Gentle? Is this what you consider gentle? Since you know there was a dog at the hospital, then you also know what it looks like, right? Doesn’t it look gentle? Mantou is willing to steal from the dog, but isn’t willing to take any of the treats in front of you, don’t you look gentle?”


“Hmph, so amazing, so bold, you finally learnt how to curse people.” Yin Ze crossed his arms across his chest and put on a smile that wasn’t a smile at Gao Yulan.


“How am I cursing people? Even aliens can be afraid, also isn’t it from Earth? Where’s your spaceship? You should really go back to where you came form.” Gao Yulan imitated him, folding her arms across her chest and speaking in a deadpan voice.


“Spaceship?” Yin Ze laughed loudly. “You really are interesting.” His smile disappeared completely. “You’re always getting bullied like a little steam bun, but you can still stand up to me.”


“Who’s a steam bun?”


“Always being bullied, and can’t fight back either. Even when you’re cursing, it’s not imposing. Then after getting fired, you run away like a fool. Aren’t you just like a soft steam bun?”


Gao Yulan blankly let Yin Ze hit her in her sore spot. Yes, she’s always lived life seriously—when she was betrayed by her friends, loved somebody seriously until she was dumped by her boyfriend, and seriously worked until she was fired as a sacrifice. After suffering so much, what else was she supposed to do?


She could only try, what else could she do?


Gao Yulan gnashed her teeth and shouted, “Do you think I’m so easy to bully? You call me like a free housekeeper. I don’t do what you say because I’m afraid of you, I do it because I’m just kind, seeing Niu Niu and Mantou having nobody to take care of them. It’s just my luck, meeting somebody like you who’s calling me a steam bun… even steam buns, steam buns can be brave.”


“A steamed bun on the surface, where’s the courage?”


“Steam buns are wrapped around meat, isn’t it dripping with blood?”


[TL: So it’s kind of a play on words… 血性 can mean brave etc. so I used courage on the first line and the paragraph before it I used brave, but on the second line 血淋淋 means dripping with blood. 血 means blood and he’s asking her how she’s brave, and she answers with she is brave…kinda…]


“What’s good about it dripping with blood? It sounds so miserable, a bloody steam bun.” Yin Ze glanced over Gao Yulan and smiled. “You’re just a steam bun filled with vegetables.”


“Meat, vegetables, I can’t say.” She pretended that she didn’t understand the joke, and decided that starting today, nobody can bully her!


[TL: If you can’t understand the joke, Yin Ze just made a joke saying she was made out of vegetables, since baozi/the steam bun has stuffing inside of it which can really be anything. He’s saying she’s weak while playing with words.]


She picked up Mantou, and loudly said, “Mantou ignore him and stop. Since he’s bullying you, I’ll take you in.”


“You’re stealing my dog again? Are you going to kick me again and beat me up so that I sit in a wheelchair all plastered up again?” Seeing her fuming while holding his dog, he felt pretty good.


At the doorway, Guo Qiuchen watched the two argue stiffly. He felt it was too awkward to sit so he deliberately went outside to take a stroll, and smoked two cigarettes before coming in. He hadn’t expected to walk into an even more awkward argument.


Guo Qiuchen hesitated and noticed the waiter was turning a blind eye towards their bickering. Shouldn’t he be going to mediate? Not knowing what to do, he felt a pull on his clothes. He looked down and saw a pretty, doll-like little girl.


The little girl sweetly smiled and asked him, “Uncle, can I use your phone?”


Guo Qiuchen didn’t know when she appeared, but a cute child was making a request. Unable to refuse, he passed over his cell phone.


Niu Niu held the phone and quickly put in a phone number. “Mama, I see Uncle and Sister fighting, quickly call Uncle.”


Guo Qiuchen thought this child’s mom was probably one of Gao Yulan’s friends. Children were so clever to know when to take charge.

“No, don’t come. If you come, you’d also be treading on dangerous ground. We’ll shift Uncle’s attention, then I’ll bring Sister to escape.”


Guo Qiuchen was astounded by this child who didn’t make a move, but was planning.

@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

Guo Qiuchen watched Niu Niu. She had just finished talking to Yin Ning and passed the phone over politely.


Yin Ze’s phone rang and he looked at it before answering, “Sis. What’s up?” Niu Niu took advantage of it and waved towards Gao Yulan. Yin Ze was on the phone and Gao Yulan understood Niu Niu’s idea. She grabbed Mantou holding the dog treat and ran past Yin Ze.


Niu Niu ran out of the door, and Gao Yulan shouted, “Mr. Guo, run!”


Running again?


Guo Qiuchen turned to see Yin Ze look at their sneaky move and, without another thought, ran to follow them.


Niu Niu hurriedly escaped while laughing and shouting, “Mama, Mama, save me!”


Gao Yulan carried Mantou running ahead while loudly saying, “Niu Niu, quickly.”


Guo Qiuchen ran after them and wondered why he was following them.


Author’s note: Today I have nothing to say, I’m going to sleep.

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