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☆ Mr. Guo



Yin Ze finished threateningly and hung up firmly.


Gao Yulan stared at her cell phone in shock—he was just too much. She threw her cell phone on the sofa and sulked, turning the situation in her head, not able to sit still.


Is Mantou really sick? If nobody was taking care of it, it really is pitiful. Yin Ze’s medical fees were really expensive. Although they were fake, he still had evidence. If he really did use it, wouldn’t it be troublesome for her?


Also, her image of her old friend was really bad. She really didn’t want Chen Ruoyu to find out about this all of a sudden. Not only was Chen Ruoyu’s mouth really lax—if she really did talk about it in City C, would she have any face to go back?


Gao Yulan really wanted to go, but she had to meet Yin Ze. At the restaurant, she saw that Mantou was sickly by the door in its dog kennel.


Gao Yulan’s heart immediately softened at seeing Mantou sick. She walked over quickly and rubbed Mantou’s head. It looked up and whimpered, nudging her hand with its head.


Gao Yulan asked one of the servers, “What’s wrong with Mantou?”


The server had seen Gao Yulan several times before and naturally recognized her, so they replied, “It seems it got sick from eating something yesterday, it’s actually already much better from seeing the vet. Yesterday it was even more miserable.”


“How miserable, ah.” Gao Yulan felt sorry for it, rubbing Mantou’s head. It stretched into her embrace, clawing like a spoiled child. She held it up like a child. “Aren’t you greedy? Now don’t eat random things you find.” Mantou put its head on her shoulder, embracing her like a child.


The server went upstairs to make a call then told Gao Yulan, “The boss is making a new dish. He’ll be down in a moment.”


“Okay.” Gao Yulan carried Mantou and sat on the sofa, flipping through a magazine while the server came back with a glass of water. Then the server went back to take care of customers and take orders on the phone.


After a while, Yin Ze came down. He was dressed in white chef’s clothes. Gao Yulan had never seen him like this and did a double take.


Gao Yulan had really seen many versions of him: when he was beaten up and in a wheelchair, when he was wearing a suit at the company, his casual clothes when he was carrying vegetables, and now the clothes he wore in the kitchen cooking.


Yin Ze didn’t joke with Gao Yulan at all this time and took out a card from his clothing. “The vet is just around the corner. This is Mantou’s medical card, he’s going back to get a shot.”


“Oh.” Gao Yulan picked up the card.


Seeing Yin Ze, Mantou shook its tail and withdrew from Gao Yulan’s embrace. Gao Yulan didn’t force him away and thought he should have learned now.


Sure enough, Yin Ze, seeing Mantou’s shaking tail, said: “Shaking your tail’s useless, I’m still angry.” His face was terrifying. Gao Yulan remembered Yin Ning saying that when she was about to commit suicide a few years ago, Yin Ze was terrifying. Currently, he was terrifying and Gao Yulan panicked. He was like a chameleon.


She held Mantou to leave. “We’re going then.” She’d better finish this task before Mr. Chameleon exploded.


“Good, be careful. Remember to put him on a leash. Remember to eat tonight.” Yin Ze instructed her like they were family. Hearing this tone, the server looked at Gao Yulan several times.


Gao Yulan unconsciously agreed, turned to leave, then heard her phone ring. She shifted her hand, searching for her phone.


“Hello, excuse me, is this Ms. Gao?” the other side said timidly.


“That’s me.” Gao Yulan felt like she had heard this voice before.


“Oh, I’m Guo Qiuchen. Your father told me to bring you some things from City C. Do you have time in the next two days? I can bring it over then.”


“My dad?” Gao Yulan was on guard. Why hadn’t her dad said anything about something being delivered to her?


“Yeah, today I had a business trip to come here, and Uncle Gao told me to bring some stuff for you. He gave me some stuff and your phone number. Do you have time either tomorrow or the day after so I can bring you the stuff?”


“My dad didn’t tell me about this.” Gao Yulan didn’t believe this stranger. Why would he deliver her things?


The person on the other side of the phone became worried. “Ms. Gao, I’m not a swindler, really. Uncle Gao told me to bring you some stuff. We’ve actually met in your house before, no, we heard each other’s voices… Uh, you’ve heard my voice before, right? I’m really not a swindler…”


Gao Yulan didn’t know who he was, so she interrupted him. “Alright, you don’t need to explain. I’ll ask my dad, I don’t know who you’re talking about.”


The other person hurriedly said, “Yeah, call Uncle Gao and ask him. My name’s Guo Qiuchen.”


“Guo Qiuchen?” Gao Yulan dialed her dad’s number while mumbling the name. She knew that hadn’t heard that name before, so why did it feel familiar?


After the phone connected, Papa Gao listened to Gao Yulan then hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, it was me who sent Little Guo to deliver something to you. I called you earlier but it didn’t connect. I was going to call again but I forgot. Hurry up and call Little Guo, it’s rude to ignore a person who’s helping you. If you have free time, invite him out to eat and show him around…”


Papa Gao talked endlessly and Gao Yulan finally realized. “Dad, you’re trying to introduce another one, aren’t you? I don’t want to talk about this again, so stop doing this.”


“What are you talking about again, you’ve met Little Guo before.” Papa Gao lost half of his momentum but still tried to keep going.


“I’ve met him?” Gao Yulan definitely didn’t remember meeting someone named Guo Qiuchen.


“It was the other day. I was with Little Guo when I had drunk too much that night. He brought me back home. You were in the bathroom. Even though you haven’t seen each other because of the door, it could still be considered as having met….”


“Dad!” Gao Yulan roared. She’d felt something was fishy. So it was this guy!


Guo Qiuchen, Little Guo? Guo Qiuchen was Little Guo!


Papa Gao withdrew the phone from his ear and stiffly said, “I’m not setting you up again. Little Guo is a son of a colleague. You’ve met and have an impression of who each other are. He was going to City A and I conveniently gave him some stuff to take to you.”


Gao Yulan ground her teeth. An impression, that impression really was too deep. The guy had heard her in the bathroom yelling ‘shit’ after her drunk dad brought him home.


Gao Yulan took a deep breath and told Papa Gao, “Dad, what is Little Guo bringing? Is it very important? Do you know how awkward it’d be for me to meet him?”


“Lan Lan, I know you have a very sensitive personality and you’ll be really embarrassed. So, I won’t help you at all. I’m teaching you how to deal with people. Invite him into your home to sit, get him some tea, and chat. Ask about City C and how it’s going, ask about his dad. You see, just have a chat?”


“Dad…” Gao Yulan’s voice dragged on as she rolled her eyes.


Papa Gao continued on, not letting her speak. “After that, take the last step and ask him what’s he’s doing in City A, and if he’s busy or not. If he’s busy, invite him out to dinner. If he’s not busy, even better, ask him to go out and eat.”


“In short, you keep saying go eat with him, but you really mean have a blind date.”


“No, no. This isn’t a blind date, but the first step to having a good understanding of each other. Having a meal with him is a way to see his character. If he’s not polite or if he’s a picky eater. If he only eats and doesn’t talk. You can see if he has the initiative to pay, to know if he’s stingy or not. If he’s willing to take you back home, to see how considerate he is. You see how much a meal can reveal about a person? Of course, I have utter confidence in Little Guo! And more so in you!”


“Dad, you’re too much!”


“Oh, that’s right. After eating you could have a little stroll with Little Guo and chat. If you feel like while walking is going by too fast, daddy will teach you. Go have a midnight snack and spend more time with him, well, go have a good time.


Gao Yulan sighed, and said powerlessly, “Dad, having a midnight snack after eating. Are you a pig?”


“Hey, I’m passing on experience.”


“I don’t need this kind of experience. Don’t worry, I’ll get whatever he’s getting me, but the rest of the things—don’t worry about looking for a guy. I can do that for myself, you don’t have to worry about that.”


Gao Yulan spoke to Papa Gao, making sure he understood while she pouted. Then she called back Guo Qiuchen. Turning her head, she saw Yin Ze’s insincere smile and drew back in fear.


“Looking for a guy, a blind date, meeting a man?” His voice was gentle, but his smile seemed very vengeful.

She hurriedly said, “No no, it’s my dad having somebody from the same city bring me some things.”


“No, that’s good then.” Yin Ze’s facial expression to Gao Yulan felt like a knife as he continued, “If… you’re going to see a man… you’ll delay going to the vet with Mantou…” He dragged out his sentence threateningly.


Gao Yulan felt guilty and carried Mantou as she got ready to go. “I’m going now, can’t delay anymore.”


‘Hmph, so frightening. I’m not even his dog’s nanny,’ Gao Yulan thought to herself as she went to the vet.


At the hospital, the vet already knew about Mantou and what was needed. After checking the medical record, he gave Mantou a shot. Mantou miserably yelped for Gao Yulan to hold him, and Gao Yulan didn’t have any choice other than to sit there and wait as they give him the shot. Then Guo Qiuchen called and she told him she was bringing a dog to see the vet, and he should bring the stuff later in the evening.


Guo Qiuchen said that since the dog was sick, he should go over since he was using the company car anyways. He asked for the address and said he was nearby. He said he was going to pick them up from the animal hospital and take them home.


Gao Yulan was too embarrassed to say she had been tricked into being the dog’s nanny and agreed, thinking this Little Guo really was a good person.


Not long after the shot was finished, Mantou was looking around in high spirits. Gao Yulan patted his head and got a call that Guo Qiuchen was just outside.


Gao Yulan took Mantou and saw a refined, educated, fair-skinned man outside waiting. He saw her and smiled, waving his hand.


Gao Yulan politely waved back to Guo Qiuchen and the two people exchanged polite greetings. Guo Qiuchen said his car was parked a little ways away, Papa Gao’s bag was in the car, and he was going to take Gao Yulan and the dog back to their home.


Gao Yulan thanked him, saying it would be too much trouble, and looked down at her dog leash to see that Mantou had already run away.


Gao Yulan panicked and Guo Qiuchen looked ahead saw a puppy. “Is it that one?”


Gao Yulan looked at where his finger was pointing and she was so frightened that her soul almost flew out of her body. She saw a huge dog, lying on the sidewalk in front of a bowl, and Mantou sticking its head into the bowl.


“Mantou!” Gao Yulan dashed towards it. Mantou, you shouldn’t take food from other people, won’t you get an upset stomach again? How do you not see the other side is two times bigger than you? You shouldn’t take other people’s food.


Unfortunately, Mantou couldn’t hear Gao Yulan—it was too busy taking the big dog’s treat from its bowl. The big dog stood up, and Mantou took the dog treat and ran away. The big dog angrily called out and ran after him.


Gao Yulan felt her scalp tingle seeing Mantou running towards her. She instinctively grabbed Mantou to run, while yelling at Guo Qiuchen’s lifeless face, “Mr. Guo, run!”


Author’s note: Today while typing at 12 o’clock I had written halfway through and my computer crashed. More than a thousand words disappeared and I almost cried. I rewrote everything, so unlucky!

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