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☆We Don’t Know Each Other


Yin Ze, while listening to his phone, walked to the side. Gao Yulan sighed, getting her breath back. She couldn’t hear him and didn’t know what he was saying. She could only look at his face to see if there were any changes in his expression. He hadn’t glanced at her, so there shouldn’t be a problem, right?


Then she seriously ate her meal. It was pretty delicious—eating less would be a loss. In case something happened, at least she had eaten till she was full.


Yin Ze soon came back to eat, laughing and smiling like nothing happened. He didn’t mention anything about insurance. Gao Yulan was relieved. From her guilty conscience, she couldn’t look Yin Ze in the eye. He teased her and she didn’t retaliate, and without any problems the food was eaten till there was none left.


After the meal, the staff went into the restaurant to work. Gao Yulan stayed and watched as they busied themselves in the “beautiful” kitchen. After a while, a customer came and sat in the restaurant. He had said he had specifically come here. Yin Ze gave him a seat next to the kitchen to see the chef working while they chatted. The atmosphere was extremely good.


Gao Yulan watched, thinking this shop really was special. The kitchen was bigger than her apartment, the chef and the guest were like friends, and even cooked in front of the customer. This business really was impressive.


After going home, Gao Yulan did some research online. Unexpectedly, Yin Ze’s restaurant was really well-known and recommended. It was recommended for its delicious food, because it was very fresh, you can eat what you want, and other restaurants were not as good; furthermore, it had a good atmosphere, good service, it was interesting, and you could be at their farm and go eat at the restaurant on the same day. The boss was very handsome, and chats with you.


Pfft, handsome? Where? Alright, he is pleasing to the eye, but good at chatting? He’s more likely to be teasing women.


Gao Yulan silently cursed while searching. Carefully reading every comment, there was even a comment with a customer taking a picture with Yin Ze. Of course it was a woman. Gao Yulan lost count but 99% of them were girls. Even the reply under it was from a girl. Gao Yulan cursed. Was Yin Ze trying to sell food, or his looks?


Gao Yulan looked again at several pages. Netizens said that “Food” was criticized for being too expensive and was highway robbery. To even have a meal, it took a few months in advance and hyped it up too much, tricking people. Gao Yulan finished reading and sighed. Yin Ze really was the selling point.


Gao Yulan had been a market planner and admired Yin Ze’s brain for business. This kind of restaurant concept was good—whether people praised it or criticized it, it left guests curious. With the farm and his restaurant, it was no wonder Yin Ze had so much success.


However, no matter how intelligent or how good, Gao Yulan still hated this man and every time she met him and his teasing. This kind of man was too frivolous.


A frivolous man was unreliable so being less close was better.


Gao Yulan made up her mind. Yin Ze wasn’t just going to let her go. No, the Yin family was not going to let her go.


Two days later, Gao Yulan received a call from Yin Ning. She asked if she was still busy trying to find work. Gao Yulan was unlikely to tell a lie and replied that she was still idle at home. Yin Ning then asked if she wanted to chat since there was no business today and she was bored.


Gao Yulan didn’t refuse and thought it was a good idea too, since she was bored and wanted to chat through the afternoon. Gao Yulan returned home, happily thinking, How could such a good sister have such a brother? Fortunately, at the shop the brother wasn’t there.


After two days, the brother came knocking on her door.


That day Gao Yulan was still wearing pajamas, with a big hairpin sandwiched in her hair. With a gloomy appearance, she sat in front of her computer sending out completed resumes. She had been thinking of finding Yin Ning to go out when she heard knocking at the door.


Outside the door, Niu Niu loudly yelled, ”Sister, I came.”


Gao Yulan was startled, how could Niu Niu be here? Yin Ning had certainly brought her along then. She ran to the door and opened it to see Yin Ze carrying Niu Niu, who was holding Mantou. The three smiled at her.


Yin Ze went in with big strides and put Niu Niu down, then like magic pulled out a pink bag and gave it to Niu Niu.


“My sister has something today and left Niu Niu to me, but I also have something to do today. You can take care of her, right?”


Gao Yulan was struck dumb. How had her friendship with the Yin family become so deep that she could be trusted this much? She looked down at Niu Niu and Mantou. They were both so cute and loveable. She couldn’t just say the word “no”.


Yin Ze had also planned that she wouldn’t refuse. He didn’t wait for Gao Yulan to look down at the two of them and make them behave; he was already leaving.


Gao Yulan cursed, while Mantou didn’t understand words, before following him and quietly saying: “Wait a moment, you can’t just bring them here in the future, what if I also can’t take care of them?”


“You have something today?”


“Ah, currently no.”


“Then there’s no problem. Take good care of the two of them,” Yin Ze said like an uncle.


“I’m not talking about now, I’m talking about in the future.” Gao Yulan felt like she needed to make it clear.


“Later, I would like to talk to you about this, but not right now. I don’t really have time right now.”


Pfft, again he’s not serious.


Gao Yulan glared at him. “When are you picking them up?”


“The earlier I finish, the earlier I come back.” Yin Ze finished speaking and eyed Gao Yulan from head to toe, laughed, and said, “You’re really pleasing to the eye.” He gave a coquettish glance and whistled before turning to go.


Gao Yulan looked at herself and realized she was still in her pajamas, and her hair wasn’t combed…


Pleasing to the eye? Pleasing to the eye, your ass!


Gao Yulan closed her door and saw the five-year-old child had opened the bag to reveal a toy. It was set up on the ground and she played house with Mantou.


Mantou sat on one side with its tongue sticking out foolishly, behaving fairly well. Gao Yulan went out with Niu Niu to go buy food for Mantou.


Gao Yulan found the child’s words funny and smiled. They had some fried rice and brought a small tray back for Mantou. Mantou sniffed the tray and ran away.


“Hey, don’t you dare! Come back!” Niu Niu ran after Mantou and Gao Yulan laughed till she fell to the ground.


Niu Niu, Mantou, and Gao Yulan were in her home for an afternoon, and had turned it upside down. The Gao Yulan that had been smiling before wasn’t smiling at all now. When Yin Ze came to pick them up, she looked at him like he was her savior.


The savior then rewarded her with a well-deserved dinner before leaving. After eating dinner, she thought it wasn’t okay. How was she supposed to keep her distance if Yin Ze kept coming?


Again several days later, Yin Ze called her, “Lan Lan, I’m taking care of Niu Niu and can’t take care of Mantou.”


Gao Yulan felt resentment bubble inside her as she refused. “Mr. Yin, I’m occupied, I’m sure your employees can take care of it at the restaurant? And I don’t know you well enough to take care of your pets.”


“You’re rejecting me?” Yin Ze’s voice sounded terrible.


Gao Yulan loudly said, “Yeah!”




“I’ve already said, we don’t know each other that well!”


“You don’t know me that well?” Yin Ze reopened old wounds: “You stole my Mantou and went home with him. Now you don’t know me that well?”


“That was a long time ago and I was drunk. We are not familiar with each other.”


“Alright, a new thing: A long time ago, you gave my phone number to a friend so she could sell me insurance. Now we’re unexpectedly unfamiliar with each other?”


Gao Yulan choked. What, he actually knew that it was me?


“Your cough is useless. I’ll tell you Mantou is sick. if you abandon it, I’d like to ask you for my medical fees. I have evidence against you. If you don’t get here in 30 minutes, I’m calling your friend, and having you held accountable for crippling me.”


Gao Yulan sighed. This rogue. In the end, Mantou was a dog, how could she ignore it? Also that medical bill, how was she supposed to pay it! Furthermore, robbing a man till he was lame, didn’t it sound ambiguous?


Gao Yulan now wanted to just talk, but Yin Ze didn’t give her the opportunity, “humphed” loudly, and said, “Daring to not know me, just you try!”

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