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☆Yin Ze’s Image


The pumpkin ultimately didn’t hit him, and Yin Ze finally chose a place.


Gao Yulan wanted to hit him but her two hands were holding things and there was a child watching. Yin Ze went to make dinner, and Yin Ning decided to invite Gao Yulan to dinner as an apology and thanks. She even said to Gao Yulan that meeting kindred spirits nowadays was not easy and that she must stay for a meal. However, because her little kitchen at home was not equal to the kitchen here, it was better.


Gao Yulan finally agreed. First of all, it wasn’t good to refuse; secondly, it was a free meal. And it wasn’t like she didn’t want to eat with Yin Ning and Niu Niu. It was just Yin Ze was scum.


Then Yin Ning divided Niu Niu and Mantou, picked up her cake, and went to close up the shop.


Niu Niu came over, holding her mother’s hand. Gao Yulan and Yin Ze were carrying the vegetables, meat, and fruits, walking to the store’s door. Mantou appeared from underneath a table holding something in his mouth.


“Mantou, what did you get?” Following Niu Niu’s childlike line, Gao Yulan turned to look, as he threateningly strode forward and said loudly: “Mantou!” -File-Write-Judge-Leave-Consider-Rabbit-Do-Line-Review-Read-Connect-Friend-Edit-Fix-First-


Her hands loosened up and the vegetables and fruits fell onto Mantou.


Mantou made a innocent ”boo hoo” noise, dropping the thing in its mouth. It tried to search for the thing it dropped, but Gao Yulan stepped on the thing and picked it up, saying to Mantou, “You shouldn’t pick up garbage.”


Mantou looked at the ground. Seeing nothing to pick up, it innocently looked up with shiny eyes, watching Gao Yulan. Gao Yulan blushed and said awkwardly, “Go, go, follow Sister to go eat something delicious, go.” Finished speaking, she didn’t look at the other’s reactions and walked out.


Niu Niu went over and held Mantou, training it. “Mantou, you’ve been bad, stupid.”


Gao Yulan blushed as she walked out. She heard Niu Niu say to Yin Ning, “Mama, Mantou is heavy, help me,” and not much later, “Mama, carry me.”


Gao Yulan turned around, and Yin Ze skillfully picked up everything, went over, and said, “Hey, are you Mantou’s sister? I’m its dad!”


Gao Yulan glared at him. Yin Ze patted her shoulder and smiled. “So we’re family!” Finished talking, he turned away to leave and laughed.


Gao Yulan gnashed her teeth, really wanting to bash his head in with a pumpkin, but couldn’t. She also held onto Chen Ruoyu’s “box of insurance”. It had fallen on the ground when they were fighting over the cake. She happily chatted with Yin Ning, trying to forget. The thing in Mantou’s mouth really was embarrassing.


Fortunately Yin Ze hasn’t seen it, hasn’t seen it, hasn’t seen it!


Gao Yulan held in her embarrassment, trying to find a place to throw it away.


A group of three adults, a child, and a dog quickly arrived at Yin Ze’s house. Gao Yulan finally found out that Yin Ze also had a restaurant five stores away from Sui Xin Park. The storefront wasn’t very large or very eye-catching. Even the name was arrogantly one word: ‘Food’.


The store was exactly like its name; it wasn’t very big, and it was barely decorated with a refined taste. For a restaurant, it was impractical.


The lobby actually had no dining tables, and only exhibited beautiful showcases of cabinets with high quality ingredients and brands that Gao Yulan, as a country bumpkin, would never know of. Along the walls were bookshelves—Gao Yulan went over to look and saw they were lined from top to bottom with magazines and books. In the middle of the store was a comfortable sofa, and a beautiful, clean coffee table with no decorations.


Yin Ning told Gao Yulan that this floor was for people to order or chat and upstairs was where people would eat.


Gao Yulan thought it was a bizarre restaurant. To not have anybody eat on this floor was so wasteful. After going up, other than the first floor, the whole restaurant was a waste.


The second and third floor were places to eat, but the huge space only had five tables. The second floor had three tables and the third floor had two. A table for each room. In other words, the restaurant had a total of five rooms with five tables. Then on the third floor was a gorgeous kitchen.


Such a waste made Gao Yulan speechless. The decorations were super expensive, and the three-story restaurant only had five tables. Was there a mistake?


And, surprisingly, it was noon and there was nobody there. Apart from the first floor and kitchen, no other lights were on.


Business couldn’t be this poor, right?


Seeing Gao Yulan’s look of surprise as she looked around, Yin Ze said, “Don’t look down on me. Don’t look down on my store. Business is good here, there’s reservations for 3 months later.”


“Then why is there nobody? Is there nobody to book the place? “ Gao Yulan emphasized, not convinced.


“My business is dinner only, I don’t open up at noon.” Yin Ze replied, unperturbed.




“I don’t feel like it, tired.”


“What?” Gao Yulan couldn’t help but raise her voice. What kind of business owner is this? “The rent for the property, the plumbing, electricity, staff wages, decorations and maintenance. Relying on five tables a day, can you even make a profit?”


“Dear, you’re worrying about me.” Yin Ze’s eye twinkled and his mouth curled up shyly.


Gao Yulan pursed her lips, trying to ignore him, then suddenly turned around, ignoring him to go chat with Yin Ning.


Yin Ze, not letting go of her, shouted, “Dear, I’m going to cook for you. Wait a moment, I’ll be really quick.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned dark. He went to the kitchen as she sat at the table with Yin Ning, who was teaching Niu Niu how to prepare vegetables.


Gao Yulan quickly joined in. Yin Ning looked at her face, secretly smiled, and said, “Yin Ze is fond of playing jokes, don’t mind him. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand him and I beat him up till he couldn’t make a sound!”


“Right!” Gao Yulan nodded her head. That man’s mouth was as rare as a national treasure. Put him in a zoo; then he could act every day.


Niu Niu listened to her mother talk badly about her uncle and she hurriedly went to tattle. “Uncle, Mama and Sister said you’re inadequate, Sister said right.” On one side she was talking and the other she was nodding her head towards Gao Yulan.


Gao Yulan blushed, not daring to look at Yin Ze. Yin Ze said, “Auntie didn’t say she liked Uncle?”


“Nope.” Niu Niu seriously answered.


Gao Yulan didn’t blush anymore. Her face turned dark as she turned around at Yin Ze. Yin Ze laughed and Niu Niu asked, “Uncle, Sister doesn’t like you. You’re really happy.”


“Uncle is really sad.” Yin Ze wasn’t serious, and Gao Yulan glared at him. Yin Ning glared too. He carried Niu Niu and said, “Niu Niu help Uncle cook, we’ll make what Niu Niu likes to eat.”


Niu Niu nodded her head, staying and not returning.


Yin Ning turned to Gao Yulan and said, “You see, even though he wasn’t very serious, he was still very thoughtful. Knowing that we were chatting, he took the child with him. He’s just playing a joke with no malice. Besides, according to my experience, the more angry you are, the more fun it is for him.”


The two people sat and chatted. Gao Yulan said a lot about her things, and Ying Ning also said a lot. “When he was younger, he was like a egg about to break. But now that he’s grown up, he takes care of me. My mother and father have divorced. My father remarried and had another daughter 5 years younger than Yin Ze. Remarried, he came back to see my mother. Afterwards, he drove out with her and they had a traffic accident. They both passed away. At the time I still hadn’t graduated from college, and Yin Ze had just become a freshman. My dad’s will was split into two parts, most of which was left with us. The small half was left for his wife and daughter. Of course his wife hates us to the bone and wishes we were dead. Yin Ze quit school and I graduated, but because I was a girl he had to take care of the household.”


Hearing this, Gao Yulan turned around and looked at Yin Ze in his apron, cooking. With Niu Niu following him happily smiling and seriously helping him.


Yin Ning also watched them, and continued, “He didn’t have the education, and couldn’t find work. He had some odd jobs at restaurants washing dishes, a shop assistant at a supermarket, and even more bitter work. Actually, as his older sister, I couldn’t help him at all. My dad’s wife’s family was rich and powerful, and we only had the little chance to get the inheritance. But Yin Ze didn’t give up. He found a lawyer, and after five years, the inheritance matter was resolved.”


“You’re doing pretty well now.”


Yin Ning nodded. “In fact, my dad didn’t have a lot of money; it was his wife that was rich. My dad couldn’t leave us a lot. Yin Ze took the money and went to buy a farm. He always thought farther than I did. I was still thinking of how to start a business with no money.”


Gao Yulan thought it was really daring to have a farm and a restaurant.


“He made a organic farm to sell vegetables and even opened it up to tourism. The white collar workers that want to experience a life of green would go there for a couple days, picking their own vegetables, fishing some fish to barbecue while looking at the night sky. I don’t know how it’s fun, but it’s always sold out. Then he opened up the restaurant he earned. Don’t look at how deserted it is now, it can be very busy. He only uses organic food, but there isn’t a menu. The customers schedule what they would eat in advance.”


Yin Ning then mentioned in a small voice, “But it’s really expensive. It’s dark, but Yin Ze truly is worth the price. Those who come to eat without thinking would be waiting for days outside, but it’s why people like it. It’s the specialty that garners the self respect.”


“It isn’t the food but how particular it is that makes people come here.” Gao Yulan had been in market planning before, and understood. Yin Ze really did have a mind for business.


Yin Ning sighed. “Anyways, I don’t understand how my brother thinks of these things. I’m just happy that my daughter and I don’t have to go cold and hungry.”


“You haven’t thought about finding a good man to marry?” To Gao Yulan, even though it seemed that the brother was good, wouldn’t it be better to have a husband?


“I’ve been cheated by a man already, why would I go find another one? I already have a little girl. What kind of man would be reliable?” Yin Ning didn’t realize in her boasting that her brother was also a man.


Gao Yulan propped up her chin. “Although I’ve also been abandoned by a man, my heart is still shining. I think that there’s a good man out there and I just haven’t found him yet. I still want to get married.”


“So, what are you looking for? I can help you.”


Gao Yulan hadn’t said anything and Yin Ze called over to her: “It’s time to eat, I heard your topic of men, so very interesting. However, I’m hungry and will eat first.”


Niu Niu ran over and imitated Yin Ze. “I am also very interested in this topic, but let’s eat.”


Yin Ze laughed, lifting her onto a chair. “How old are you? This topic is not for you.”


Yin Ze came over closer. Gao Yulan immediately thought men really were a problem and quickly found ways to make people embarrassed. But seeing how quickly he came out with so many different kinds of food, he really did have some skill.


After some time, Gao Yulan thought of the past. Yin Ze changed in her eyes after she took one bite. The flavor of the dish made her feel like Yin Ze was tall and handsome.


Of course, this image was only for a minute.


Because Yin Ze, seeing her eat happily, decided to play some tricks on her. “What do you think? Have I conquered you through your stomach yet?”


Although it was true, in a way, the morality of this person was unrecognizable. Thus, Gao Yulan tried hard to compliment him. “It’s not bad.”


“So cold!” Yin Ze covered his heart. “Sis I’m hurt, Niu Niu I’m hurt, Mantou I’m hurt!”


Yin Ning calmly continued to eat, and Mantou buried his head in his dog dish. Only Niu Niu was expressing her thoughts. “Uncle, you said earlier that we’re eating, Niu Niu also wants to eat.”




This family’s reaction made Gao Yulan almost spit out her food as she smiled and turned away, choking. Yin Ze patted her back, gave her a glass of water, and said, “How funny, you’re too easy.”


Gao Yulan coughed, tearing up. Is it too much to ask for a proper meal?


Gao Yulan tried to drink water through her coughing, and Yin Ze’s phone rang. He picked it up and listened for a few moments before asking, “You’re selling insurance? How did you get my number?”




She couldn’t calm down. Sinful. Fortunately, she had turned away from the table. Was it not a loss of face?


Chen Ruoyu, Chen Ruoyu, Don’t you dare sell me out!!!

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