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☆See the Whole Family


Niu Niu chased Mantou towards Yin Ning beside Gao Yulan. Seeing the cheesecake, she called out, “Wa.” She threw herself at her mother’s leg and crawled up, yelling, “I want to eat, I want to eat cake.”


Mantou had lost the opportunity of hugging onto the thigh of the person with cake. It turned towards the cake, hugged Gao Yulan’s leg, and rubbed it, also wanting to eat.


Gao Yulan was depressed, not knowing what to do. Mantou was hugging her leg impatiently with small, curious, cute eyes.


Gao Yulan watched Yin Ze as he put stuff down on the bar and walk over. He saw her and stopped in astonishment, then smiled and walked over.


Gao Yulan sighed. It looked like she wouldn’t be able to leave quietly. She picked up Mantou and it impatiently went towards the cake. She cut the cake with her fork and fed Mantou.


Mantou swallowed it in one bite and almost bit onto Gao Yulan’s fingers. It became obedient and sat on Gao Yulan’s lap, shaking its tail as its eyes sparkled, waiting for her to feed him again.


Niu Niu, seeing that she was falling behind, called, “Mama, Mantou is eating. I want to eat too, feed me.”


Yin Ning had no choice other than to feed her. Seeing Gao Yulan, she smiled sweetly and said, “Sister.”


Yin Ning patted her head and said to Gao Yulan, “This is my daughter, Niu Niu.” She then nodded toward Mantou and said, “That is my brother’s dog, Mantou.”


“Mantou is my dog.” Niu Niu stated.


Then Yin Ze arrived and Yin Ning introduced him. “This is my brother, he’s Yin Ze.”


Gao Yulan awkwardly laughed while nodding her head. Yin Ning sensed that something wasn’t right, and said to Yin Ze, “Are you ready yet? I made a cake that you can bring.”


Yin Ze watched Gao Yulan and smiled. “Alright.” Seeing the smile, Gao Yulan couldn’t help but glare at him.


Niu Niu loudly said to Gao Yulan, “Sister, today Niu Niu got up very early. Uncle took me to the farm to pick up vegetables to give to Sister to apologize. Niu Niu was wrong, don’t get mad Sister.”


Yin Ning was surprised. “Ah, what?”


Gao Yulan laughed awkwardly. “This is a little embarrassing, I already know what happened. I was the person who picked up Niu Niu and bought her McDonald’s.”


Niu Niu listened and hurriedly corrected her. “No, no, It should be yesterday you knew. How do you know now? Obviously you picked up Niu Niu yesterday to eat at McDonald’s. So you knew yesterday, not now.”


“Ah?” Gao Yulan avoided Mantou’s small paw as it pushed while eating loudly. Niu Niu talked about yesterday. Gao Yulan grabbed a hold of Mantou, not letting it go on the table to take the cake. She didn’t pay attention to Niu Niu’s words and absentmindedly agreed. “Oh oh, yes, it was yesterday, yesterday.”


Yin Ning had a surprised expression, and Yin Ze covered up his thoughts. “Great luck, it’s really moving.”


It had started again!


Gao Yulan was suddenly shocked into letting go. Mantou jumped on the table and dug into her cake. Niu Niu, not to be outdone, quickly did the same, jumping onto the table and eating the cake.


Yin Ze pointed at the two and bitterly said, “Just look at those two foodies. You came to visit, but why did you even come?”


Gao Yulan looked at the devastation of the table, too stupefied to react, but then replied, “I don’t owe you anything, you’ve come back twice. You pretended to be handicapped, trying to extort money from me. You created a worse situation for me. Now, you’re still acting.” She looked at him in disdain. “Step back!”


“Oh, step back, how could such a thing happen?” Yin Ze was going to continue acting, but seeing the outrageous two, he stopped. Yin Ning grabbed the kettle and tea set to avoid a tragedy. She tried to say something but pulled away the cake from Niu Niu. Yin Ze then suddenly stepped forward and grabbed the two from the table.


Niu Niu, now on the floor, challenged Mantou. “This time you won’t get it, you won’t get it this time!” Mantou looked at her and at the mess with no cake, then licked its lips and sat on the ground, assuming a cute, adorable look.


Niu Niu was proud of herself until she saw the three adults looking at her. She looked them over, then picked the safest one. “Sister, come and look at the vegetables Niu Niu got for you from Uncle’s farm. You can’t buy them anywhere.” The little girl was trying to kiss up to her, bringing Gao Yulan to the bar without seeing Yin Ning and Yin Ze’s expressions. Mantou was also smart, following behind her and away from the two owners with poor complexions.


Niu Niu climbed up onto a chair, and presented to Gao Yulan a small pumpkin, white radish, a cucumber which her uncle had picked her up to pick, and so on. Gao Yulan listened while secretly looking at Yin Ning. The two were tidying up the table and muttering to each other. Yin Ze was also looking over.


The one look met with Gao Yulan’s gaze. Frightened, she quickly turned around. After a while, Yin Ze walked over and said to Niu Niu, “Your mother told you to come over.”


Niu Niu’s little face wrinkled up like a wronged steam bun. She pitifully, quietly asked, “Why is she calling me?”


“You know.” Yin Ze pulled her off the chair and patted her towards Yin Ning’s direction.


Niu Niu looked at her mom and took her sweet time walking over. Then she stopped and went back to pick up Mantou. “Mantou also did it, blame it on Mantou too. I wasn’t the only one.” The child finished speaking and held Mantou to leave.


Gao Yulan watched her, curious what Yin Ning was going to do. Yin Ze then said to her, “What’re you going to do next?”


“What next?” Gao Yulan didn’t look at him. How was she supposed to go on without finding a job, so that she could have food, clothes, money to live in this city? Gao Yulan was thinking while looking at Niu Niu. Yin Ning was holding Niu Niu in her arms and Niu Niu was holding the dog. Its head was tilted in discomfort.


“First you rob my dog, pick up my sister’s child, then you subdue my sister. What’s your next step? You’re gonna start with me now?”


Gao Yulan was stunned. She caught Yin Ze winking, and shyly saying, “How are you going to start with me?”


Start? Him?


Gao Yulan opened her mouth and blinked. To think this type of person could show such a diverse expression.


“Or do you think I should be the one starting?” Yin Ze rested his chin on his hand and his eyes twinkled.


“Great actor, I was wrong.” Gao Yulan very sincerely said. “I shouldn’t denounce you, really. What I said was wrong, you’re an adult with a forgiving heart.”


Yin Ze laughed, and was about to say something, but heard Niu Niu speak, on the verge of tears. “Mama, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have gone onto the table to get cake. I won’t climb on the table again, Mama, I’m sorry…”


Yin Ze and Gao Yulan looked to see Niu Niu lying miserably on the table, wiping her tears. Mantou also laid on the table, unsure of what to do. It stuck out its tongue and looked at her.


Yin Ning sternly said, “You like climbing on tables so much. Did I not say last time that if you climbed up again, I wouldn’t let you go down?”


Niu Niu, hearing her, cried out loud. Yin Ning was unmoved and calm.


“Such a pity.” Gao Yulan thought the way Yin Ning was teaching her child was good, but seeing the child almost cry made her feel a little distressed. Yin Ze then said, “Don’t look at her. The more you look, the more it looks like she’s going to cry.”


“Ah?” Gao Yulan was astonished.


“Try not to believe it, she won’t cry.” Yin Ze quietly said, and finished loudly to Yin Ning. “Sis, we’re going to go cook. You punish Niu Niu.” He picked up the dishes, motioning for Gao Yulan to leave.


Niu Niu didn’t cry and her big eyes kept going to Yin Ze and Gao Yulan. Seeing this, Gao Yulan sighed. “She must’ve learned from you. A good child taught badly by you.”


“Wrong.” Yin Ze smiled. Gao Yulan was powerless in this situation and thought she should probably leave.


Suddenly her forehead felt a pain—Yin Ze had flicked it. “What are you doing? Stay and help me cook so we can eat.” Gao Yulan didn’t react as her hands were stuffed with vegetables.


“Go where?” Gao Yulan was vigilant, and couldn’t be lead into the house of the wolf.


“Shall we go to your place or mine?” Yin Ze’s voice was soft and ambiguous, drawing wild and fanciful thoughts.


Gao Yulan looked at her arms filled with radish, cabbage, leek, and cucumber, and he was still trying to be a playboy. Using a pumpkin to hit him doesn’t mean she really hit him, right? It’s not a bad demonstration to children, right?


Author’s note: Racking my brains, kakaka. God I see, you see what I’m doing? Quickly come!

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