Before boarding the plane, Shen Chuchu received a phone call from Chen Xili.

“Remember to not say those things again in front of the media. Even if you explain after, the media will only believe what they want to hear. If it is true about the divorce between Chen Xiao and Yang Kai then it’s salvageable but if they aren’t then your remarks will be very disliked. Although you were helping a fellow artist in your company, you should think about yourself first and don’t urgently jump out.”

The divorce between Chen Xiao and Yang Kai was a fact which Shen Chuchu clearly knew. However, she could not explain it to Chen Xili. Otherwise, how could she explain the source of the information? Additionally, what Chen Xili said was very reasonable because she would not have said those things in front of the media had she not been so sure about the situation.

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