Chen Xiao’s face displayed the perfect amount of shock but who knew whether this came from her heart or if it was an act. 

After the shock, Chen Xiao’s expression changed and asked in disbelief as if they were teasing her, “You guys are definitely joking. We had just called each other.”

If Shen Chuchu was unsure whether Chen Xiao was acting before, she now knew clearly that Chen Xiao was acting.

The couple had already been divorced for half a year, so how could it be like what Chen Xiao was trying to portray.

Some reporters did not let go and continued to ask, “You guys just talked to each other? But we just had people take photos of Yang Kai and Feng Ziqing together. What are your views on that?”

Chen Xiao’s smile slightly changed but continued to say, “I believe in my dear Yang. He would never do something like that. If you don’t have any evidence then you should not casually start rumours. Be careful or we will sue you guys!”

When the reporters heard this, they still did not give up, “Looks like you are unaware of this?”

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