Hi everyone.

I’ve been getting really busy IRL, and the revenue for TOTY just isn’t enough for the series to support itself anymore.

I have decided to “drop” The Taming of the Yandere, but with a special circumstance.

If someone donates a minimum of $5 for one chapter into my PayPal, I will translate that finite amount of TOTY. But until then, the series is free for any group to pick up.

I know that this sound greedy, but the site will be losing money if I continue TLing it for free.

As for the people who want to try and MTL the raws, forget it. TOTY is a VIP series, and SFACG has watermarks on their VIP chapters specifically to prevent people from scanning them.



Thanks, everyone.

P.S. A few weeks ago, the TOTY rating for NU was 4.1. But one morning, I saw that it had turned to 3.7 almost overnight.